Fighting the Post-Disney Blues

Hey howdy hey folks!! I just got back from a week-long Disney land and sea vacation and like most Disney vacation fans, I’m experiencing the post-Disney Blues. But worry not!! I’ve got a bag of tricks to help me cope and I’m here to share it all with you.

Post Disney blues

From the amazing entertainment, attractions, destinations, FOOD, and most of all, customer service when on a Disney vacation, it’s often an abrupt reality check when you finally arrive home. But there are plenty of ways to help you enjoy your recent trip and appreciate it. Here’s six ways I’ve found to help you cope with the post-Disney vacation blues.

  1. Listen to Disney music/radio/podcasts. This is something that you can do right from the minute you hop in the car or set foot in the airport. First off, be sure to follow us in your favorite podcast app! We love discussing all things Disney and have a variety of topics to choose from. Just scroll through our feed and choose which episodes most appeal to you. You can even select episodes you know you’ll want to listen to and download them to your device in case you don’t have service when you want to listen. disney bluesMy family loves listening to Disney music on Spotify (and don’t worry, you can totally listen for free!) and they’ve got lots of Disney music to choose from. You can also purchase the Official Parks Music Album from the Disney Music Store. If you want something more like online radio however, a great app for parks music is the DPARKRADIO app. They broadcast all sorts of great parks attractions music and since music has a way of transporting you back, you won’t have to jump back into reality cold turkey. Heck, with these options, you don’t ever have to leave!!!disney blues2. Watch your favorite Disney parks shows, parades, and more live on social media. Searching and following other accounts that frequently broadcast live from the parks is a great way to get started. If you search @Disney in the app, you can find several verified Disney accounts to follow. Most social media apps will allow you to turn on notifications for when people go live at Disney locations.disney blues

3. Watch a Disney movie that was referenced while you were at Disney and haven’t seen before. It’ll make you appreciate that moment more even if you’re not actually there. We hadn’t seen The Emperor’s New Groove, and there was a bit in the Disney Dream’s Villains Tonight! show where Yzma and Kronk ride an attraction car and it even has the whole “. ¡Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas! ” bit. I chuckled because of that, but when I watched the movie Saturday night after we returned home, it was much funnier upon seeing that there’s actually a scene where they do the whole ride bit! Love it and totally made me enjoy that little scene even more. The cruise shows were FANTASTIC! image

4. Sort through and process your photos and videos. Go through your MDE account and review all of your Photopass photos your purchased with your memory maker. If you pre-purchase Memory Maker at least 3 days before your first day there, you can access your photos either through the app, or by logging in to your MDE account online and clicking on Photopass. I found that if you click Memory Maker, it just takes you to the page to buy Memory Maker. Your purchased photos through your Memory Maker are actually found by clicking the Photopass link. I also found that our iPhone apps had more trouble loading our photos than our android-based counterparts did. disney bluesMy app still hasn’t loaded any photos beyond the first hour of our MK day even though A) It’s been more the the 24-48hrs they suggest it will take for them to all appear, and B) They all show if I login to MDE through a web browser. So just a heads up, don’t panic (as I did) if they don’t show up in your app! They were all there when I logged in via desktop browser. ? Create vacation videos to share and enjoy. A great vacation video can not only help you remember and appreciate your favorite Disney moments, but it can also make a great gift for family members. We created a fun video of our 2014 trip and my 4yo asks to watch it all the time. It’s a great way for kids to remember and appreciate what they were able to experience as well! And don’t forget to get them printed!! You can even create a fun Disney photo wall in your home!disney blues

5. Don’t be afraid to browse future Disney vacation options. Just “window shopping” can help ? And who’s gonna know anyway? Heck, go all out and have your Disney travel agent price out the most extravagant trip you can think of. Bucket list kind of stuff. Seeing those numbers could be sobering but also make you appreciate the amount of money you just spent and what you got for it on your most recent vacation. You don’t always have to spend a lot to have an amazing time! And no matter how much or little you spend, a Disney vacation will always have magical moments. They’re not using the hashtag #powerofmagic for nothing after all! Disney blues 6. Share your favorite memories with us! We’d love to publish your stories on our blog. You can also share by posting on our fb page,, tweet us @mouse_monorail, or tag us on Instagram @Mouseandmonorail!image

So that’s how I usually cope with the post-Disney Blues. What are some of the ways you cope? ~Meredith °o°