Where To Find the Perfect Disney T-Shirt

Ways to Score the Perfect Disney T-Shirt

Let’s be honest here, no Disney vacation is complete without some sort of Disney-inspired fashion. Whether you’re subtly rocking your inner geek with light saber earrings or boldly proclaiming you’re one of 57 other family members on a reunion vacation, the chances are pretty likely you’re going to give your travel attire that special Disney flair. And what better way for us to share all this Disney t-shirt acquisition knowledge, than by giving you a list of our favorites?! Before you get going with this post, be sure you’re read the first part of this post over here. Well, go on. I’ll wait.

Meredith Sarah

Now that you’ve read the 4 ways to find cute Disney shirts, let’s get on with the update! I’m going to start by adding to what we mentioned in that first blog post.

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Shops Sarah mentioned above:

A few more worthy of noting are:


Wait, don’t go running and screaming just yet! There are LOTS of way to make a super cute Disney t-shirt and most of them can save you some money. Saving money is great if you’re planning a trip to any Disney destination! The wonderful thing about making shirts for yourself and your family/friends is that it’s so customizable. Everyone can have their favorite characters and colors, and Uncle Jerry can have his moisture-wicking active wear too! Seriously though, making shirts on your own is a great way to really show off your Disney favorites.

The Mouse and the Monorail team

Don’t just limit yourself to favorite characters either! Maybe your kiddo loves Space Mountain? Why not make a super fun Space Mountain shirt?! Another great thing about DIY Disney shirts, is that there are so many different ways to make them.

The Pirates League Disney T-shirt at Magic Kingdom

Here are a few of my favorite ways to make Disney shirts and all of these techniques can be easily searched on pinterest with countless results:

  • Silhouette Cameo (or Cricut if that’s your jam!) and siser easyweed and glitter htv
  • Screen Printing
  • Freezer Paper
  • Tie-Dye
  • Fabric Paints/Markers
  • Bleach/Bleach PensTie Dye Disney T-shirts

Be sure to check out our pinterest boards for more fun DIY ideas. Check back with us here for another fabulous DIY shirt tutorial soon!

5 Things Not to Miss in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

5 Things Not to Miss in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Earlier in March, I had the incredible privilege of attending the world premiere, red-carpet celebration and screening of “Beauty and the Beast” in Hollywood. It was fabulous, and we can’t thank Disney Music enough for affording us such an amazing opportunity! If you’d like to hear more about my actual experience, check out our Beauty and the Beast premiere podcast episode. For now, here are five things not to miss in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.”

The New Songs

Although this movie stays very true to the original animated version, there are some beautiful songs that Alan Menken has put together that you don’t want to miss! Because the filmmakers wanted to further enhance the characters’ stories and is, after all, a musical, there are several new songs that are sure to delight. My two particular favorites are Days in the Sun and Evermore since they explore the cruel reality of the enchantment under which they live.

Disney's Beauty and the Beast is a Disney event in 2017. It releases in March.I’m also happy to see that they opted for Days in the Sun versus the song Human Again that was cut from the original version. Each character gets their turn to sing about life before enchantment. Although the pop versions of Beauty and the Beast (Ariana Grande & John Legend), How Does a Moment Last Forever (Celine Dion), and Evermore (Josh Groban) are fantastic, the more heartfelt and real performances of these songs within the movie, performed by a most fantastically-talented cast, are so much better. (Sorry Celine! You looked lovely at the premiere!) Finally, Evermore is a great way to truly show the Beast’s feelings. It makes the Beast relatable, and we all appreciate it much more from Dan Stevens who brings the Beast to life.

If you’d like to check out the music before you catch the movie, you can find it on iTunesAmazon, YouTube, and Spotify.

The Old Songs

The old songs do not disappoint; most notably the title song performed by Emma Thompson. She delivers a wonderfully heartfelt performance that brings to life one of this franchise’s most beloved characters. Prepare to be dazzled and charmed! The Gaston number performed by LeFou (Josh Gad) and Gaston (Luke Evans) is just as fun and over the top as the original.Disney's Beauty and the BeastDon’t get me started on the Be Our Guest scene. It’s gorgeous! So many more colors than I dreamed we being seeing and no worries, the dishes can still sing and dance! Something There and Belle are also very good and deliver all the heart that the originals did so many years ago. I’ll go ahead and answer your question, you wanna know if Emma is any good, right? Well, I say yes! She’s not an operatic vocalist and she’s not here to trample you with tons of runs like a certain genie in a bottle, but Watson delivers a solid, and very real-life, Belle. It’s evident that this is her singing voice which adds to her own character depth. It would not have been as likable if they had used someone else’s singing voice for her.

The French Opulence

This story takes place in France. The decor and level of opulence, stemming from the young Prince’s desire to collect all things beautiful, is over the top. The castle, in it’s enchanted and regular form, is magnificent to behold. I really appreciated the level of detail. Disney hasn’t cut any corners to make this a beautiful movie! From the opening scenes, they show off the grandeur that was the lifestyle for French royalty. The costumes are beautifully designed! Check them out both in the beginning as well as the end of the movie!Disney's Beauty and the BeastThe most fantastic bit of opulence is the design and detail of the everyday objects. Yes, I’m talking about Lumieré and Cogsworth. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill candlestick (he’s sure to point that out to you!) and Cogsworth definitely isn’t a Timex hopping around! Design plays a huge role in how the objects are animated. I particularly enjoyed how they made Cogsworth’s face appear and disappear with his gears. With Lumiere, he twirls around to “hide” and become inanimate again which further emphasizes the curved design of his body. It’s all lovely, all of it! Don’t miss it!


This character is so good, he deserves his own spot on this list! And I can’t mention this new character without first mentioning Madame Garderobe since she is his love interest. Their beautiful duets both in dance and song, make this pair of lovebirds a pleasure to watch. To fill you in here, Cadenza (Stanley Tucci) is a musician/harpsichord and accompanies Madame Garderobe (Audra McDonald) during her aria. He also provides accompaniment for big numbers like Be Our Guest and Beauty and the Beast, with a notable touch of comedic timing in the former. His comedic value throughout can’t be beat and kids as well as adults are sure to love him. Stanley Tucci, you are awesome!Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens

Emma is lovely and brings more warmth and charm to Belle than she ever did as Hermione. That’s totally okay because Hermione is not Belle, and she shouldn’t be. She was the perfect Hermione, and she’s really going to shine as Belle too!Disney's Beauty and the BeastThere’s something to be said for the natural chemistry that she has with her Beast co-star, Dan Stevens. Although the look of the Beast is somewhat off-putting, it works well because it forces the audience to dislike him first just as Belle does, as well as subsequently fall in love with him too.

In short, this movie is a delight sure to please audiences regardless if they’ve seen the original or not. It’s truly a tale as old as time. I’ve got my tickets. Have you gotten yours?

~Meredith ºoº

Handicap Accessible Stateroom Review

handicap accessible

Meredith here, checking in to give you the lowdown on what it’s like to stay in a Disney Cruise Line’s handicap accessible stateroom.

Disney Cruise Line has great staterooms, but what if you need a special one? We've stayed in a handicap accessible stateroom onboard Disney Cruise Line and enjoyed the experience. Check out our review before you plan your next trip!

First things first, I sailed with my family on the Dream and boy was it! Disney cruise line is a great choice for families to looking to get out and explore the world while enjoying not only the wonderful Disney characters we’ve come to know and love, but the amazing customer service they provide. It’s great for all ages! And while some may be skeptical, it’s actually fantastic for those requiring handicap accessible accommodations as well!


My grandmother, who uses a power chair as she can no longer walk, sailed with us and she had the most wonderful time! For someone who had never even left the country before, this was a HUGE trip her her. I’m pretty sure her favorite part was getting to know and appreciate how amazing the wait staffs are aboard DCL. She loved our servers, and so did we!

Because she was sailing with us, we knew we’d need a handicap accessible room. If you’re unsure how to begin researching and pricing out your own trip to include handicap accessible accommodations, try contacting a Disney travel planner. They’ll be able to help assist you with everything you’ll need.

For those who want to go ahead and check out the staterooms and what they offer, let’s get to it then!

Handicap Accessible Stateroom

Disney Dream Stateroom 6088- The Room itself

Stateroom 6088 is located on the 6th deck port side, midship. It’s very close and convenient to the elevators.

handicap accessible

Although I didn’t stay in the handicap accessible stateroom with my grandmother, the room is much larger than most of the staterooms. And we often found ourselves using the room as a meeting place. We had a group of 10 and though some of us sat on the floor, there was plenty of space for all of us.

Your Key to the World card opens the door and it closes on its own after you enter. To exit, all you need to do is hit the button and the door opens for you. The doorways themselves were nice and smooth and she didn’t have trouble getting around through doorways, and even out onto the verandah where her scooter fit comfortably. She loved the verandah!

The Bathroom

The bathroom is fantastic. Unlike most of the staterooms aboard the Dream which feature a split bath design, 6088’s bathroom is a single room. It’s very open and has plenty of space to move around . It’s also got handlebars for support around both the toilet area as well as the shower. The floor is completely tiled and the shower stall actually has drains flush with the floor surrounding it to minimize the amount of water collecting on the rest of the bathroom floor. You can see this on the floor in the bottom photo. There’s a seat for the shower that folds down and the shower head is hand-held.

The Closet

The closet features plenty of storage including a rack with a handle that allows you to pull it down to your level!

And Mom only had one complaint about the entire cruise. My Grandmother preferred to keep her things in her suitcase. She said that the stateroom host would clean and then place the suitcase under the bed. My grandmother couldn’t get to it easily and my Mom had to continually retrieve it for her. However, if she had only left a note to their stateroom host, I’m most positive he would’ve been happy to accommodate them. Likewise, if there’s something you need, don’t hesitate to ask or leave a note! Disney Cruise Line has some of the most amazing people you will ever meet working for them and are always so helpful. Just ask!

The overall experience was fantastic! So if you’re considering a cruise but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, then don’t worry!! Disney has you covered! ~Meredith ºoº

P.S. They even have free to use wheelchairs made to go in the sand on Castaway Cay! More on that later over on Instagram. Be sure to come follow me so you won’t miss out!

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Glitter Mickey Ornaments: A DIY Project

Hey howdy hey, it’s time for a DIY! A DIY featuring Glitter Mickey Ornaments, that is! Today we’ve teamed up with Beth and her kids over at Paper Angels Vlog to bring you this super fun and simple Christmas ornament craft. All you’ll need is some ornament bulbs, mop ‘n glo, extra fine glitter, and paint pens. And if you want to get fancy, you can add Mickey ears vinyl stickers and glitter blast them! This craft is great for kids and adults alike. Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe to Paper Angels Vlog because I have a feeling we’ll be teaming up more in the future!

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Guest Post: Moana Soundtrack Music Review

It’s time for a new guest post and I’m excited to say that my husband and blogger over on his own music review blog is today’s guest! If you’ve been listening to our podcast, then you’re probably aware that I really enjoyed the Moana soundtrack. I realize that’s not saying much as I love lots of Disney music, but this album in particular is beautiful for so many reasons. And I’m happy to have Tim share his review as he is able to express with words much better than I can the many reasons why this soundtrack is destined to be a classic Disney soundtrack. Take it away Tim!

Welcome, welcome. Let’s start this post off with a little introduction. I’m Tim Cooper, Meredith’s other half. I am a software developer by day and music appreciator, father and amateur handyman by night. I run a blog over at Bearded Music Reviews, where I review albums on a weekly basis and then compile it all at year’s end to create a Top Albums of the Year list.

Meredith asked if I would write a post about the Moana soundtrack, so here we are. I did review the deluxe version, just to make sure we’re all talking about the same thing. I did give this album five full listens, two of which came back to back. On top of that, I have three kids so I’ve listened to handfuls of these tracks many, many times.

This is the soundtrack to the newest Disney movie, Moana. The music was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa’i and Mark Mancina. Miranda is coming off his award winning run as writer and performer in Hamilton on Broadway and if you haven’t listened to the soundtrack to that by now, please do so. And just recently released, he has signed on as Executive Producer for the Kingkiller Chronicles, excitement level 100! Opetaia has been writing Pacific flavored music with his group Te Vaka since the mid 90’s. Mark Mancina has worked on many soundtracks from The Lion King and Con Air to Speed and Tarzan.

The deluxe version of this soundtrack breaks into three sections: songs from the movie, score, and demos and outtakes. The first section contains all of the lyrical songs that appear throughout the movie, most of which were written by Miranda and Foa’i. These songs have some really strong melodies and their instrumental backing has a nice touch of Pacific sounds. I found that all the tribal drumming and choral voices really tie the music to its location and pull you deeper into the film. And all of the performers from the movie do a really great job of bringing these songs to life. The songs flow well and do a great job of telling the story. This first section ends with the two pop versions of How Far I’ll Go and You’re Welcome by Alessia Cara and Jordan Fisher/Miranda respectively.

This movie captured some really catchy songs. If you’ve heard them enough times, it is hard not to sing (or at least hum) along. Miranda has a real talent for telling stories in his lyrics that I just can’t get enough of. His work on Hamilton, with its base in Hip-Hop, paid off here as he can pack a lot of story elements into one song. Furthermore, he doesn’t force a song to rhyme A to B, crafting some really memorable rhyme schemes. This has a slight trade off though, as all the words can make the songs harder to sing on first listen. I found that if you put in the time, they are just as catchy though and are much more fun to sing.

The second section also does a great job of taking you through the movie. I’m reminded of scenes and emotions that arose while I watched the movie. Again, they did a great job of coming up with solid melodies in these tunes. They bring them back throughout, as any good soundtrack should, and their attachment to the characters and themes brings you deeper into the movie. I get a bit of a Peter and the Wolf feel from this soundtrack, where certain sounds and melodies are attached to characters. So when I hear the airy, almost wind chime sounds, I know that Moana’s Grandmother is the focus. There are some majestic moments balanced well with the wayfaring tunes that have a softness to them that was nice to hear.

The deluxe version rounds out with some demos and outtakes. The outtakes were nice to hear and there was one that was so strong (More), I’m surprised it didn’t make it into the movie.

The demos for the songs might have been my favorite portion as it allowed a little peak behind the curtain. Hearing the demo for Shiny, you get a touch of a David Bowie sound in Miranda’s voice. But then listening to the movie version, performed by Jemaine Clement (from The Flight of the Conchords fame), you hear how much more he brought to the performance. And I do have to disagree with the ladies on this one. If you haven’t listened to their podcast on Moana, please go do that, I’ll wait.


Lots of homework on this post, I know, but if you aren’t listening to their podcast, you should make that a part of your week as they can be a real treat. Unfortunately, on the podcast they said they didn’t really enjoy Shiny. Most of the movie takes place in the sunny atmosphere of the Pacific and when they travel to Lalotai, the Realm of Monsters, the movie needed a sonic shift, which this song brought. You get the skeletal marimba sounds and the slow lurching bass, I mean, when I hear it, I’m right back with Tamatoa. 

moana soundtrack

The more I listen to this album the more of the tiny elements peek out of the compositions, you get a grunt here that really ties the song together or that pulling bass line that comes in after the hook joke in Shiny. It really seemed like everyone brought their A-game to this music/soundtrack and I think it really paid off. I’ve already heard many of these songs hundreds of times (again, I do have three young kids that love this album) and probably will hear them many many more. And thankfully, they are solid songs that don’t get old (at least not yet).

I hoped you enjoyed my guest post. Thanks to The Mouse and the Monorail for having me. If you did, please check out my blog Bearded Music Reviews. Hopefully you’ll find your new favorite album. I’ll even give you a sneak peek at my not-yet-released Top Albums list for 2016. Spoiler: The Moana Soundtrack lands at #44 out of 61!

Thanks Tim and I agree with so many of your assessments, especially the bits about Shiny and More. Can’t wait to have you back to review more Disney music!

If you’d like to hear the entire Moana soundtrack, it’s available for purchase via iTunes and Amazon as well as in most stores. If streaming is more your style, then you can find the deluxe version on Spotify (my preferred choice) or visit the DisneyMusicVevo YouTube channel. They have the complete soundtrack including select songs with the video too! (That’s where the above videos came from). You can even test out your karaoke skills with karaoke versions of How Far I’ll Go and You’re Welcome! What did you think of the Moana soundtrack? ~Meredith ºoº

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Disney Park Maps Video Tutorial

Remember that time I made a tutorial about how to make a Disney park maps ornament?! Well, our good friend Beth over at the PaperAngelsVlog has given us a little video about how they made their own version. I’ll let Beth explain better:

New #phototutorial up over in the blog! Check it out at www.mouseandmonorail.com/parkmapornament ~Meredith °o° #diy #handmade #howto #modpodge #glitter #disneyparks #disneyparkmap #ornament #handmadeornaments

Hi guys!

When I saw Meredith’s tutorial about the park maps ornament, I immediately added it to my to-do list and got the supplies. That was last year. Ha! We finally got around to making our own this year! We did our ears a little different. I wanted the sparkle of glitter without the mess so we used glitter paint. We painted the ears black and then added the glitter paint over it. The paint gave it a nice little shine.

Watch the video below to see how we did ours!

This was such a fun project. It looks amazing on the tree and reminds us of the special memories from the parks.

Thanks for watching and thanks to Meredith for the awesome tutorial!

And thank you Beth for that shout-out! You all did a fantastic job and they look amazing. If you want to see more of their Vlogmas 2016, be sure to find them on youtube here and subscribe!

Liked this post? You can find my original tutorial here and make your own! There’s also loads more Mouse and Monorail Christmas fun here, here, here,and here!

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DIY Wreath: Inspired by Starbucks and Disney

DIY Wreath

It’s finally time to deck the halls and trim the trees, and have we got a treat for you! My DIY Sirenbucks Ornament Wreath will help you celebrate with two of our favorite things; Disney and Starbucks!

While perusing the facebook one day, I came across a cute collection of Disney characters as Starbucks logos and have since wanted to find something crafty to make with them. And I’ve finally found the perfect fit! You see, I’d been collecting these little coffee cup stoppers for quite some time and had the idea to make some sort of wreath. I knew I wanted to incorporate candy canes (because naturally my favorite Starbucks drink is a peppermint mocha), but didn’t really have any clear direction until I saw that fb post. It was like a light bulb going off! I can make a Sirenbucks wreath!! “I’ll use an ornament to display the logo and fill it with real coffee beans,” I thought. And after finding the wired ribbon for 70% off at Michael’s I was ready to get this project going.



  • Wire Wreath Form
  • 25 ft Wired Ribbon
  • 12 Candy Canes
  • 18 Starbucks Coffee Cup Stoppers
  • Washi Tapes in Coordinating Colors
  • Clear Ornament Bulb with Flat Back
  • Decorative Ribbon for Bow
  • Small Wired String Lights*
  • Small Amount of Coffee Beans
  • Print Out of your Favorite Starbucks/Disney Mashup (not my original design but it’s available to print here)
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • *Golden Mickeys confetti saved from our Disney Cruise (Don’t worry, if you haven’t cruised! You can use whatever here!)

*Optional: These items aren’t necessary, but definitely add to the overall look.



Step One: Start by tying a knot securing the wired ribbon to the wreath frame. Create loops with the ribbon by pushing the wired ribbon in-between the wreath frame. Continue creating loops to fluff out until the entire frame is covered. If you aren’t sure how this works, you can refer to this tutorial I found on pinterest.

sirenbucks sirenbucks sirenbucks sirenbucks sirenbucks

Step Two: Use a glue gun to secure a coffee stopper to the bottom of each candy cane heart. You’ll be gluing and working from the back until the entire candycane/stopper “snowflake” is secured together. So, once you glue it, be sure to leave it facing down and try not to move them around too much for best results. Continue until you have 6 candy cane hearts.

sirenbucks sirenbucks sirenbucks

Step Three: Lay the candy cane hearts together and position stoppers inside the top of the heart so that the ends of the stoppers point inward towards the center of the wreath. Glue and secure the stoppers to the candy canes and the points where the candy cane hearts touch one another. Once dry, you can also add washi tape around where the candy canes touch for a little more security and p’zazz.

sirenbucks sirenbucks

Step Four: Find your favorite Disney/Starbucks mashup logo online and print out so that it’s the same diameter as the flat circle on the back of your ornament. Also, my ornament has a diameter of 2.5″.  I liked the Sirenbucks best because Ariel is my girl, but go with whatever is your fav! Then, cut out and glue or mod podge the logo to the back of your ornament. You could also coat the back with some glue from a glue stick and roll it slightly to insert it into the ornament.

sirenbucks sirenbucks

Step Five: Add some real coffee beans into your ornament stopping just before the word “coffee” on your logo is covered. Remove the wire hook portion from the ornament top (it won’t be hanging so this is just in the way). With the hook gone, the cap won’t stay on by itself, so add some glue and secure it to the ornament. Add some coordinating washi tape around the top and a cute little bow atop and the ornament is done!

sirenbucks sirenbucks

Step Six: Secure the ornament to the ends of the coffee stoppers centering the ornament the way you like it best. Then glue everything down to the ribbon-covered wreath frame. I glued all of the candy canes as well as the stoppers so I wouldn’t have to worry about anything falling off.

sirenbucks sirenbucks sirenbucks

Step Seven (optional): Use a glue stick (NOT a hot glue gun!) to glue the Golden Mickeys to the inside of your hearts. Then string the wired lights through and around the wreath. There’s really no set way to do this. Just eyeball it! 🙂 I used the washi tape to secure the little battery pack to the wreath frame. And no one says you have to stop here either! If you’ve got other little knick-knacks that may relate to your design, then add them too! This one would look great with a few little dinglehoppers, a couple of thing-a-ma-bobs, and maybe even a snarfblat!

sirenbucks sirenbucks sirenbucks

Step Eight: Hang and enjoy!


Happy Holidays

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tutorial because I really do love sharing my crafty adventures. Please help us share this with as many Disney folks as we possibly can! You can find us on the following socials: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, & YouTube.



Turkey Leg Treats

Turkey leg treats are fun to make and eat.

Turkey Leg Treats

Turkey leg

Need a last minute treat to make for Thanksgiving? Or maybe you just need something cute for a Disney party you’re planning? Either way, I’ve got the perfect treat for you! I can’t even begin to say how amazingly easy and cute these little turkey leg treats are. It all started when I was browsing facebook a few weeks back and noticed a video detailing how to make them thought, “hey, I could actually make those!” And not only were they easy to make,  they’re PERFECT for those who may not like turkey this Thanksgiving! If you can make rice krispy treats and dip pretzels in chocolate, then you can totally make these!

Turkey leg

How to Make Your Own Turkey Leg Treats

I used  smaller pretzels and made mini legs since they’re better portioned for my kids, but the larger pretzels and legs would be perfect for recreating those giant Disney parks turkey legs we all know and love. You can make your own treats too by checking out this video from Southern Living. I’d definitely suggest keeping your hands coated in butter or cooking spray if you don’t want to get frustrated. And to make them even more Disney-like, you could make some chocolate-dipped rice krispy Mickey pops to go with them! The sky’s the limit so be creative and have fun!!

Check out this Turkey Leg Treats Video

From all of us here at the Mouse and the Monorail,  we hope you have a happy Thanksgiving! ~Meredith °o°

Meet Noelle


Meet Noelle! She’s the newest Mouse and Monorail contributor. She’s my bestie and we’ve both done Disney together and are planning to do it again together very soon. I’m also happy to have her joining our little Disney family because I believe she has a great perspective to share with our readers. Here, she can explain a little better than I can:


Hi!  My name is Noelle Wright. I’m a single 30-something and my bestie is Meredith, the co-creator of The Mouse and Monorail. While I have loved Disney all of my life, Meredith introduced me to the wonders of Disney World six years ago, and it has become my most favorite place on Earth.  


I’ve been asked if I could share with you a different perspective of Disney World as I am not only single and childless, I am also disabled, suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. I am planning to return to Disney World next May with Meredith and her family and I hope that through my posts, you will take away that Disney World is not only for those with children.  I hope to show you that Disney World is a place for everyone, including single adults and also those with disabilities. I have found that no matter your age or ability, the cast members at Disney sure do try their hardest to ensure that ALL people are able to have a magical time. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and preparations with you and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them.


“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

Until next time,



Sssshhhh!! We’ve totally done those other parks that must not be named together too! (And you can even hear us talk about it in episode 29 and 3/4 of our podcast!)


It’s great to have you Noelle as our newest contributor and we can’t wait to see what all you have to share with us! ~Meredith ºoº

Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes!

It’s almost Halloween and you still haven’t got a costume. Your kids aren’t helping because they can’t make up their minds either. Fear not! Our newest Mouse and Monorail contributor has the perfect DIY Halloween costumes for you.  Thanks to Beth (Paper Angels Vlog) for this super cute tutorial!

DIY Halloween Costumes

Paper angels vlog

Hi guys! I’m Beth from Paper Angels Vlog. I am so excited to be guest posting on the Mouse and the Monorail. If you watch our channel, then you know that we are HUGE Disney lovers.
Recently we shared how we made our Incredibles Halloween costumes. When the kids were trying to decide on what they wanted to be for Halloween, I figured it would be a princess, pokemon, or maybe someone from Star Wars. I have a 8 year old boy, 7 year old girl, and 5 month old boy for those that don’t know. The whole Incredibles set, right?! When I made that remark to the kids, they were on board to be the Incredibles for Halloween. Yay!

This is a perfect last minute costume idea. Head on over to Walmart (or a local thrift store) to pick up your red shirt. You will also need some felt. That is it! You can keep it simple with just the shirt or go all out with red pants/leggings, black shorts, black boots, black masks, and yellow ribbon around the waist. We are keeping it simple with just the shirts and masks. Walmart has the masks for around $2.

Watch the video to see exactly how we made ours. Enjoy!

Let us know if you are making an Incredibles costume, and look for more guest posts from us in the future! Thanks for watching! ~Beth ºoº

Thanks again, Beth, for contributing your awesome talents! Stay tuned for more new contributors to the Mouse and the Monorail!

Meredith’s Favorite Disney Games


Disney Games

So it’s mid-July now and with school starting back in less than a month, I’m trying to squeeze in all the summer fun I can. Finding good games that your family can enjoy together can sometimes seem difficult when there’s SO many choices out there. Today I’ve got a list of my favorite Disney games. Whether you’re looking to find that perfect new board game for family game night or wondering what gaming options are available in the Disney parks, this post is for you!


In-Park Games 

Most people wouldn’t think too much about playing games while on vacation, especially at theme parks because they’re always rushing to their next favorite ride. In reality, there are quite a few super-fun interactive games within the parks (beyond the game-based rides like Toy Story Midway Mania and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin) that’ll keep you having fun and give you something new to try. Note: Games marked with an * require an additional fee to play. All other games listed here are included with your park admission ticket.

Walt Disney World

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom – This one is a fav of mine and allows you to experience the park in a way you’ve never imagined, all while enjoying little to no wait lines!! Best yet, you can bring the cards home with you and play the card game while note at the parks! To play, stop by the Firehouse on Main Street to get started.

A Pirate’s Adventure – Like the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, this pirate adventure has loads of fun within the Magic Kingdom and allows you to start and stop at your leisure. You can get your own pirate adventure started by finding the kiosk located just past the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and Pirates League.

*Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade – What better way to immerse yourself in frontierland than to take your best shot at the rootin’ tootinest shooting gallery west of the castle.

Advanced Training LabLocated next to Mission:SPACE in Epcot, this interactive game area lets you “further your astronaut training and even create a space-age postcard”!

Disney Phineas and Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure – Save the countries located in Epcot’s World Showcase from the evil Dr. Doofenschmirtz in this secret spy scavenger hunt. I personally loved this one as it made the countries come alive in a completely new way I had never experienced before. Don’t miss this one whether you have kids or not! You can begin your adventure at the entrance to the World Showcase or at any of the Agent P kiosks throughout the World Showcase.

ImageWorksLocated just after you take a Journey Into Imagination, you’ll find the ImageWorks “What If” labs. From conducting an orchestra to creating your own dragon, this interactive game area is perfect for little ones!

Innoventions – You’ll be surprised at how well you and your family enjoy the interactive fun within this Epcot attraction located in Future world. From getting caught in a storm or designing your own thrill ride, to learning how the colors of the rainbow brighten our world, there’s something fun to learn for everyone! You can even download the Colortopia app (iOS/android) to unlock even more fun! Find out more about Colortopia here.

Kidcot Fun Stops – While not really a game, this fun adventure is like letting your little ones take a Grand Tour (if people still did those) with Disney’s cuddly and well-traveled Duffy Bear. Just look for the Kidcot signs within the showcase pavilions.

Star Wars Launch Bay – While this stop in Disney’s Hollywood Studios isn’t just a game, you can try out the Star Wars portion of Disney Infinity here!

*Fossil Games – What roadside carnival would be complete without midway style games? These fun-for-the-kids games are located in DinoLand USA within Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Wilderness Explorers – This conservation and culture learning game lets you explore Disney’s Animal Kingdom and earn badges just like Russell from Up would! To begin your experience, stop by the Wilderness Explorers stand as you exit the Oasis. The wilderness must be explored! Ca0caw, ca-caw! ROAR! This is one of my favorites for kids as it lets them explore and enjoy the park without worrying about what ride to race to next. Don’t miss it!!


*Frontierland Shootin’ Exposition – Like its WDW counterpart, this shootin’ gallery features tricky targets and lights, sounds, and animations! One of the first stops in frontierland, you can’t miss this authentic-looking log cabin.

Animation Academy – While not technically a game, this instructive course allows you to learn how to draw favorite Disney characters from Mickey himself to newer characters like Agent P.

Sorcerers Workshop – While you’re at the Animation building, be sure to experience the Sorcerer’s Workshop where you can create your animations (not just drawings) as well as discover which Disney character you’re most like by answering questions with an enchanted book from beast’s library!

*Games of the Boardwalk – Styled after classic Disney and Pixar franchises, these boardwalk games are loads of fun for the family.

Redwood Creek Challenge – If hiking, climbing, and challenges are your thing then this one is perfect for you. Located in Disney’s California Adventure, you may even discover your animal spirit in the process!

Disney Cruise Line

Midship Detective Agency – You can enjoy this interactive game (very similar to the Sorcerers of the MK) aboard the Disney Dream and Fantasy cruise ships. I highly recommend for those cruising with kiddos!

Board Games

Pictopia – We got this one for Christmas and it’s super fun for the whole family. And even better, it has a companion app (iOS/android) that you can play along with the board game OR play alone when on the go!

Eye Found It! – This board game is great for families, especially those with preschoolers because it encourages your family to play as a team (you all win or you all lose) and doesn’t require participants to read in order to play. And for all you Star Wars fans, there’s even a SW edition!

Disney Hedbanz! – Guess which Disney character you are before your friends and family do and look totally stylish with the super cool Mickey ears headbands.


Check out all the fun Disney versions of classic board games too!

Disney Theme Park Edition III, Villains, and Disney Classics editions of Monopoly

Disney Parks, Minnie Mouse’s Sweet Treats, and Princess editions of Candyland

Inside Out and Theme Parks editions of Life

Disney Pictionary

Disney Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror editions of Clue

Finding Dory, Star Wars, and Doc McStuffins editions of Operation

HiHo! Cherry-O! with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Olaf’s in TROUBLE

Disney Guess Who

Disney Cranium

Frozen Jenga

Disney Wheel of Fortune

Disney Trivial Pursuit

Don’t Break the Ice: Frozen Edition

Disney Theme Park Scrabble

Video Games

Console-based (playstation, xbox, wii etc)

Disney Infinity – Available for most consoles this gaming system combines story-based gameplay with open-world creative building and makes playing with your favorite Disney characters an absolute delight.

Disney Magical World and Disney Magical World 2 (due out Oct 16 2016) Set out on your own theme park adventure with this Nintendo DS game. My kids (8 and 5) have loved this game and can’t wait for the new one to be released!

Just Dance Disney Party 2 – Jam and dance to more of your favorite Disney songs!

Playmation! – This is an interactive game for everyone. Don’t forget to download the companion app (iOS/android)!


Check out this week’s podcast to hear me chat all about these apps!

Disney Magic Kingdoms (iOS/android)

Kingdom Hearts Unchained (iOS/android)

Disney Dream Treats (iOS/android)

Disney Tsum Tsum (iOS/android) – This is the game where those adorable little stackable plushes originated!

Where’s My Mickey? (iOS/android) (definitely play the where’s my water version too!)

Inside Out Thought Bubbles (iOS/android)

For even more Disney games available as apps, check out these fun titles:

•Disneyland Explorer (iOS)

•Nemo’s Reef (iOS/android)

•Temple Run: Brave (iOS/android)

•Frozen Freefall (iOS/android)

•Disney Crossy Road (iOS/android)

•Infinity 2.0 Toybox (iOS/android)

•Star Wars: Commander Squad Wars (iOS/android)

•Castle of Illusion (iOS/android)

•Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens (iOS/android)

•Disney Jigsaw (iOS)

•Marvel Avengers Academy (iOS/android)

•Marvel Puzzle Quest (iOS/android)

•Marvel Contest of Champions (iOS/android)

•DuckTales Remastered (iOS/android)

Well, if my list doesn’t keep you playing for hours, I don’t know what will! What are your favorite Disney games?

104 days of Summer Reading List

Hey howdy hey everyone! I can’t believe it but it’s finally SUMMER! Well, almost. One of my girls gets out this week and the other finishes on Tuesday. There’s 104 days of summer vacation and Hey Ferb, I know what we’re gonna do today! Read!! (If you don’t get that reference, go listen to the Phineas and Ferb theme song).


Okay, if I’m honest I listen to audiobooks via my audible account and app because with three kids I wouldn’t be able to read on my own. At least not long enough to enjoy whatever it is I’m reading! (Let’s just say I’m a “One more chapter” kind of girl). I’ve enjoyed loads of great Disney books and thought you all might like to give them a read. And while I’ve read most all of these, I haven’t read them all. Amy and Sarah have included their favorites too!



Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination by Neal Gabler

This book is a fantastic and in-depth, albeit long, look into Walt’s life. From his very early days right up to his death, this book covers it all. This one actually earned me the Mount Everest badge in the audible app for listening to a title longer than 20 hours (It’s 33hrs 24min!) so don’t pick this book if you’re looking for a quick read. Very good though!


How To Be Like Walt by Pat Williams & Jim Denny

This book is a great “quick read” and is a must-read for anyone wishing to know why the “Disney way” is often the most happy and magical way. You’ll learn Walt’s character traits as well as how he managed people so efficiently. This is a great read to cheer you up and make you feel like you can take on the world!


DisneyWar by James Stewart

This book. Oh man, this book! Whew! I’ll start by saying that at the time all of this book’s events were happening is the time that I was barely double digits and loving every minute of The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. Blissfully oblivious. I had NO idea that this much drama (often melodrama on Eisner’s part) happened during the modern Disney renaissance period. If you’re wondering how things really went down and how Iger came to power er, I mean became CEO, well this is the book for you. I was on the fence about this one but I’m so glad I read it. I found myself googling the people’s photos just so I could have a mental image of what they looked like to go along with the insanity that was unfolding. Highly recommend.


How Star Wars Conquered the Universe by Chris Taylor

This book is a super interesting read for any Star Wars fan from the most ignorant to the most dedicated. And if you’re not a Star Wars fan but have ever wondered why Star Wars has such a strong presence in popular culture, then this is also the book for you!  More comprehensive and detailed than I could’ve imagined, this book will definitely fill you in on how the Star Wars franchise was conceived, created, and eventually how it became even bigger than its creator. With the added popularity of the new Star Wars movies, this book proves that Star Wars isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


Universal Versus Disney by Sam Gennawey

This book was one that I was excited to read (and don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I did) but I was a little disappointed that it focused more on Unviersal and how they did and didn’t aim to be like Disney more than actually telling their respective stories alongside each other. Having said that however, this book was very interesting and informative. While I agree with most everything he cites as Universal’s flaws, what I most enjoyed from reading this book is the appreciation I got for the Disney parks after learning about how another company tried to compete. And while this rivalry is still very much alive today, it’s a fun read to learn about how the rivalry began. It starts much earlier than you might think!


The Disneyland Story: The Unofficial Guide to the Evolution of Walt Disney’s Dream by Sam Gennawey

This is one of my very favorites off of this list. I can’t say enough good things about it! Its highly detailed stories about how one of America’s most iconic landmarks came into existence will leave you astounded at how they actually made the park a reality. This is hands-down a must0read for anyone who loves Disney parks.


Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

But wait, you say, Steve Jobs was the Apple guy, not Disney! Ah, but I found this book most interesting because I had no idea just how much Pixar background is in it! Nor did I realize just how much Steve influenced Pixar. Furthermore, I had no idea that if it weren’t for Steve, Pixar might not exist as we know it today. This is a very good read and I now appreciate the connection that he and John Lasseter had. While this one may not be exclusively about Disney or a Disney franchise, this one will definitely give you some good insight into how Disney now owns Pixar.


For the Parks:


The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World by Susan Veness

This is a super fun and easy read that can be enjoyed almost anywhere and is an easy to put down and pick right back up kind of book. We first read this one 4 or 5 years ago and enjoyed all the little tid-bits of magic we hadn’t never even considered. This is one you’ll want to read and enjoy with your family before you next trip!


Amy’s Pick: The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World by Bob Selhinger


Sarah’s Pick: Hidden Mickeys by Stephen Barrett


For The Kids:

The Kingdom Keepers series by Ridley Pearson

This series is great for kids who have been to the parks because all of the fantastic things that happen to Finn and his friends happen inside the Disney parks after hours!


Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert Beatty

I’m only on chapter 7 but this book, set in the Biltmore estate, is a thrilling mystery that’ll intrigue and keep you coming back to figure out who the man in the black cloak is!


The Never Girls Collection by Kiki Thorpe


What if real girls could go to Neverland? Check out these books and enjoy Never Land in a whole new way!



And what’s on my own to-read list?? Well, here’s a few that I’ve had my eyes on:

John Lasseter: The Whiz Who Made Pixar King by Jeff Lenburg

One Little Spark!: Mickey’s Ten Commandments and the Road to Imagineering by Marty Sklar



So that’s it!! What do you all think? What Disney books are your favorite that I missed? Please share with us and stay tuned for more summer fun in the days to come! ~Meredith ºoº