BIG Monday Trivia Answers

It’s time for our Monday trivia and since I’ll be talking about Big Hero 6 later this week, let’s see what all you know about this action-packed movie. 

Question #1: 

In Big Hero 6, what is Callaghan’s daughter’s name?

Answer: Abigail

Question #2: When Hiro is testing Baymax’s updated capabilities, what sweet treat does he ask Baymax for?

Answer: Gummy Bears! Yum!! 

Question #3: What character from another Disney movie appears in not one, but two different scenes?

Answer: Hans from Frozen appears in both the police station scene and the Baymax 2.0 reveal scene. In the first, he appears behind the cop on a wanted flyer. In the latter, he appears as the statue that Baymax destroys with his rocket arm. 

So, how’d you do? Thanks for playing along this week and stay tuned for more Big Hero 6 this week!! ~M ºoº