How to Combine Disney Gift Cards

gift card

Disney gift cards are incredible gifts for Disney fans. They can be used to pay for just about anything Disney you can think of! What happens when you get a ton of cards? If you’ve heard about the “Target Red Card” hack that allows you to save 5% off of the price of Disney gift cards, you’ve probably wondered how it works. Is it really advantageous? Does it really save money? We think it does! This hack is a great way to save, but how do you handle all those gift cards lying around? Read on for our best tips for how to combine Disney gift cards!Disney gift cards are great gifts! But what do you do when you have a ton of them? Read our best tips for combining Disney gift cards and help yourself stay organized!

How to Combine Disney Gift Cards

Remove cards from the packaging carefully and be sure to leave the sticky part still attached to the plastic gift card. This will allow you to attach all the cards together and keep them from getting mixed card

Number the Cards

Number each card with a sharpie. This is crucial because it will help you keep track of which card is which once you enter them into your account online. If you don’t, you could get very confused later about which cards you have and haven’t entered yet. This is especially helpful when entering enough cards for thousands of dollars since many people choose to use gift cards for vacation card

Don’t Scratch Them!

Don’t scratch to reveal the security code on the back!! The little area that’s meant to be scratched is actually a little sticker and can be pulled up altogether. Removing the sticker will save you loads of time and will keep you nice and clean. Nobody likes the mess left from lots of scratch-off cards!

Arrange Together

Use the sticky part to arrange the cards on top of each other with the bottom of the top card aligned directly above the bottom card’s number info. This will help you when glancing down to enter the numbers because the bottom of the card above will always be there to guide your eye. You can just barely see the sticky glue left on the card in the “don’t scratch” photo above. It naturally lines up perfectly to stick the cards to each other.


Direct your browser to and login with your existing account. No need to make a separate Disney account for this! Simply login using the same credentials you use for you My Disney Experience card

Enter the Information

Enter each card in separately and in number order. The website requires you to give each card a nickname. Use the number of the card as the card nickname so that you can always keep them organized.

Designate Primary Card

Designate one of your cards as the primary card. KEEP THIS CARD SAFE! This is the card that you’ll use to transfer funds to and make payments with. It’s good to keep in mind that each card will only hold up to $1000 and your account is only allowed 5 cards at any given time. This means that if you’re planning on using them to pay for your Disney vacation, you will likely have to designate more than one card as a primary card, so be sure to label them the same both on the physical card as well as the website nickname for that card.

Transfer Funds to Primary Card

Transfer funds from each card you enter over to your primary card. Don’t delete the empty card until you have entered in the next numbered card so that if you need to stop unexpectedly and finish later, you’ll know exactly where you left off. Example: I enter card #1 and designate it as primary. Then I’ll enter #2 and #3 and transfer their funds to the primary card. Now I can delete card #2 and leave the empty card #3 in the account until I’ve entered in card #4’s info. That way I’ll always know what number to start with if I have to come back to it.

gift card

Don’t Throw Cards Away

Retain all your primary cards you use to pay for things until after your trip! I can’t stress this one enough. Any time Disney has to issue a refund, the funds will always go back to the original payment method. That means if you pay with Disney gift cards, you’ll be refunded on those same Disney gift cards. Recently, guests who had to reschedule or had cruise sailings canceled because of hurricane Irma learned first-hand how refunds work. Though a hurricane is an extreme case for a possible refund example, you just don’t know what can happen and it’s better to keep your primary cards card

Make Life Easier

Use a travel agent and have them do all this work for you, for free!!! Along with free vacation planning when you book with a travel agent, you’ll also get extra perks like this! Most travel agents will be happy to combine your cards for you. Save yourself the trouble and support one of your favorite Disney travel planners!

Thats all for today’s gift card tips. Have you got a great gift card tip? Please share with us!  ~Meredith °o°

Meredith’s Favorite Disney Games


Disney Games

So it’s mid-July now and with school starting back in less than a month, I’m trying to squeeze in all the summer fun I can. Finding good games that your family can enjoy together can sometimes seem difficult when there’s SO many choices out there. Today I’ve got a list of my favorite Disney games. Whether you’re looking to find that perfect new board game for family game night or wondering what gaming options are available in the Disney parks, this post is for you!


In-Park Games 

Most people wouldn’t think too much about playing games while on vacation, especially at theme parks because they’re always rushing to their next favorite ride. In reality, there are quite a few super-fun interactive games within the parks (beyond the game-based rides like Toy Story Midway Mania and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin) that’ll keep you having fun and give you something new to try. Note: Games marked with an * require an additional fee to play. All other games listed here are included with your park admission ticket.

Walt Disney World

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom – This one is a fav of mine and allows you to experience the park in a way you’ve never imagined, all while enjoying little to no wait lines!! Best yet, you can bring the cards home with you and play the card game while note at the parks! To play, stop by the Firehouse on Main Street to get started.

A Pirate’s Adventure – Like the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, this pirate adventure has loads of fun within the Magic Kingdom and allows you to start and stop at your leisure. You can get your own pirate adventure started by finding the kiosk located just past the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and Pirates League.

*Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade – What better way to immerse yourself in frontierland than to take your best shot at the rootin’ tootinest shooting gallery west of the castle.

Advanced Training LabLocated next to Mission:SPACE in Epcot, this interactive game area lets you “further your astronaut training and even create a space-age postcard”!

Disney Phineas and Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure – Save the countries located in Epcot’s World Showcase from the evil Dr. Doofenschmirtz in this secret spy scavenger hunt. I personally loved this one as it made the countries come alive in a completely new way I had never experienced before. Don’t miss this one whether you have kids or not! You can begin your adventure at the entrance to the World Showcase or at any of the Agent P kiosks throughout the World Showcase.

ImageWorksLocated just after you take a Journey Into Imagination, you’ll find the ImageWorks “What If” labs. From conducting an orchestra to creating your own dragon, this interactive game area is perfect for little ones!

Innoventions – You’ll be surprised at how well you and your family enjoy the interactive fun within this Epcot attraction located in Future world. From getting caught in a storm or designing your own thrill ride, to learning how the colors of the rainbow brighten our world, there’s something fun to learn for everyone! You can even download the Colortopia app (iOS/android) to unlock even more fun! Find out more about Colortopia here.

Kidcot Fun Stops – While not really a game, this fun adventure is like letting your little ones take a Grand Tour (if people still did those) with Disney’s cuddly and well-traveled Duffy Bear. Just look for the Kidcot signs within the showcase pavilions.

Star Wars Launch Bay – While this stop in Disney’s Hollywood Studios isn’t just a game, you can try out the Star Wars portion of Disney Infinity here!

*Fossil Games – What roadside carnival would be complete without midway style games? These fun-for-the-kids games are located in DinoLand USA within Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Wilderness Explorers – This conservation and culture learning game lets you explore Disney’s Animal Kingdom and earn badges just like Russell from Up would! To begin your experience, stop by the Wilderness Explorers stand as you exit the Oasis. The wilderness must be explored! Ca0caw, ca-caw! ROAR! This is one of my favorites for kids as it lets them explore and enjoy the park without worrying about what ride to race to next. Don’t miss it!!


*Frontierland Shootin’ Exposition – Like its WDW counterpart, this shootin’ gallery features tricky targets and lights, sounds, and animations! One of the first stops in frontierland, you can’t miss this authentic-looking log cabin.

Animation Academy – While not technically a game, this instructive course allows you to learn how to draw favorite Disney characters from Mickey himself to newer characters like Agent P.

Sorcerers Workshop – While you’re at the Animation building, be sure to experience the Sorcerer’s Workshop where you can create your animations (not just drawings) as well as discover which Disney character you’re most like by answering questions with an enchanted book from beast’s library!

*Games of the Boardwalk – Styled after classic Disney and Pixar franchises, these boardwalk games are loads of fun for the family.

Redwood Creek Challenge – If hiking, climbing, and challenges are your thing then this one is perfect for you. Located in Disney’s California Adventure, you may even discover your animal spirit in the process!

Disney Cruise Line

Midship Detective Agency – You can enjoy this interactive game (very similar to the Sorcerers of the MK) aboard the Disney Dream and Fantasy cruise ships. I highly recommend for those cruising with kiddos!

Board Games

Pictopia – We got this one for Christmas and it’s super fun for the whole family. And even better, it has a companion app (iOS/android) that you can play along with the board game OR play alone when on the go!

Eye Found It! – This board game is great for families, especially those with preschoolers because it encourages your family to play as a team (you all win or you all lose) and doesn’t require participants to read in order to play. And for all you Star Wars fans, there’s even a SW edition!

Disney Hedbanz! – Guess which Disney character you are before your friends and family do and look totally stylish with the super cool Mickey ears headbands.


Check out all the fun Disney versions of classic board games too!

Disney Theme Park Edition III, Villains, and Disney Classics editions of Monopoly

Disney Parks, Minnie Mouse’s Sweet Treats, and Princess editions of Candyland

Inside Out and Theme Parks editions of Life

Disney Pictionary

Disney Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror editions of Clue

Finding Dory, Star Wars, and Doc McStuffins editions of Operation

HiHo! Cherry-O! with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Olaf’s in TROUBLE

Disney Guess Who

Disney Cranium

Frozen Jenga

Disney Wheel of Fortune

Disney Trivial Pursuit

Don’t Break the Ice: Frozen Edition

Disney Theme Park Scrabble

Video Games

Console-based (playstation, xbox, wii etc)

Disney Infinity – Available for most consoles this gaming system combines story-based gameplay with open-world creative building and makes playing with your favorite Disney characters an absolute delight.

Disney Magical World and Disney Magical World 2 (due out Oct 16 2016) Set out on your own theme park adventure with this Nintendo DS game. My kids (8 and 5) have loved this game and can’t wait for the new one to be released!

Just Dance Disney Party 2 – Jam and dance to more of your favorite Disney songs!

Playmation! – This is an interactive game for everyone. Don’t forget to download the companion app (iOS/android)!


Check out this week’s podcast to hear me chat all about these apps!

Disney Magic Kingdoms (iOS/android)

Kingdom Hearts Unchained (iOS/android)

Disney Dream Treats (iOS/android)

Disney Tsum Tsum (iOS/android) – This is the game where those adorable little stackable plushes originated!

Where’s My Mickey? (iOS/android) (definitely play the where’s my water version too!)

Inside Out Thought Bubbles (iOS/android)

For even more Disney games available as apps, check out these fun titles:

•Disneyland Explorer (iOS)

•Nemo’s Reef (iOS/android)

•Temple Run: Brave (iOS/android)

•Frozen Freefall (iOS/android)

•Disney Crossy Road (iOS/android)

•Infinity 2.0 Toybox (iOS/android)

•Star Wars: Commander Squad Wars (iOS/android)

•Castle of Illusion (iOS/android)

•Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens (iOS/android)

•Disney Jigsaw (iOS)

•Marvel Avengers Academy (iOS/android)

•Marvel Puzzle Quest (iOS/android)

•Marvel Contest of Champions (iOS/android)

•DuckTales Remastered (iOS/android)

Well, if my list doesn’t keep you playing for hours, I don’t know what will! What are your favorite Disney games?

104 days of Summer Reading List

Hey howdy hey everyone! I can’t believe it but it’s finally SUMMER! Well, almost. One of my girls gets out this week and the other finishes on Tuesday. There’s 104 days of summer vacation and Hey Ferb, I know what we’re gonna do today! Read!! (If you don’t get that reference, go listen to the Phineas and Ferb theme song).


Okay, if I’m honest I listen to audiobooks via my audible account and app because with three kids I wouldn’t be able to read on my own. At least not long enough to enjoy whatever it is I’m reading! (Let’s just say I’m a “One more chapter” kind of girl). I’ve enjoyed loads of great Disney books and thought you all might like to give them a read. And while I’ve read most all of these, I haven’t read them all. Amy and Sarah have included their favorites too!



Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination by Neal Gabler

This book is a fantastic and in-depth, albeit long, look into Walt’s life. From his very early days right up to his death, this book covers it all. This one actually earned me the Mount Everest badge in the audible app for listening to a title longer than 20 hours (It’s 33hrs 24min!) so don’t pick this book if you’re looking for a quick read. Very good though!


How To Be Like Walt by Pat Williams & Jim Denny

This book is a great “quick read” and is a must-read for anyone wishing to know why the “Disney way” is often the most happy and magical way. You’ll learn Walt’s character traits as well as how he managed people so efficiently. This is a great read to cheer you up and make you feel like you can take on the world!


DisneyWar by James Stewart

This book. Oh man, this book! Whew! I’ll start by saying that at the time all of this book’s events were happening is the time that I was barely double digits and loving every minute of The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. Blissfully oblivious. I had NO idea that this much drama (often melodrama on Eisner’s part) happened during the modern Disney renaissance period. If you’re wondering how things really went down and how Iger came to power er, I mean became CEO, well this is the book for you. I was on the fence about this one but I’m so glad I read it. I found myself googling the people’s photos just so I could have a mental image of what they looked like to go along with the insanity that was unfolding. Highly recommend.


How Star Wars Conquered the Universe by Chris Taylor

This book is a super interesting read for any Star Wars fan from the most ignorant to the most dedicated. And if you’re not a Star Wars fan but have ever wondered why Star Wars has such a strong presence in popular culture, then this is also the book for you!  More comprehensive and detailed than I could’ve imagined, this book will definitely fill you in on how the Star Wars franchise was conceived, created, and eventually how it became even bigger than its creator. With the added popularity of the new Star Wars movies, this book proves that Star Wars isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


Universal Versus Disney by Sam Gennawey

This book was one that I was excited to read (and don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I did) but I was a little disappointed that it focused more on Unviersal and how they did and didn’t aim to be like Disney more than actually telling their respective stories alongside each other. Having said that however, this book was very interesting and informative. While I agree with most everything he cites as Universal’s flaws, what I most enjoyed from reading this book is the appreciation I got for the Disney parks after learning about how another company tried to compete. And while this rivalry is still very much alive today, it’s a fun read to learn about how the rivalry began. It starts much earlier than you might think!


The Disneyland Story: The Unofficial Guide to the Evolution of Walt Disney’s Dream by Sam Gennawey

This is one of my very favorites off of this list. I can’t say enough good things about it! Its highly detailed stories about how one of America’s most iconic landmarks came into existence will leave you astounded at how they actually made the park a reality. This is hands-down a must0read for anyone who loves Disney parks.


Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

But wait, you say, Steve Jobs was the Apple guy, not Disney! Ah, but I found this book most interesting because I had no idea just how much Pixar background is in it! Nor did I realize just how much Steve influenced Pixar. Furthermore, I had no idea that if it weren’t for Steve, Pixar might not exist as we know it today. This is a very good read and I now appreciate the connection that he and John Lasseter had. While this one may not be exclusively about Disney or a Disney franchise, this one will definitely give you some good insight into how Disney now owns Pixar.


For the Parks:


The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World by Susan Veness

This is a super fun and easy read that can be enjoyed almost anywhere and is an easy to put down and pick right back up kind of book. We first read this one 4 or 5 years ago and enjoyed all the little tid-bits of magic we hadn’t never even considered. This is one you’ll want to read and enjoy with your family before you next trip!


Amy’s Pick: The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World by Bob Selhinger


Sarah’s Pick: Hidden Mickeys by Stephen Barrett


For The Kids:

The Kingdom Keepers series by Ridley Pearson

This series is great for kids who have been to the parks because all of the fantastic things that happen to Finn and his friends happen inside the Disney parks after hours!


Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert Beatty

I’m only on chapter 7 but this book, set in the Biltmore estate, is a thrilling mystery that’ll intrigue and keep you coming back to figure out who the man in the black cloak is!


The Never Girls Collection by Kiki Thorpe


What if real girls could go to Neverland? Check out these books and enjoy Never Land in a whole new way!



And what’s on my own to-read list?? Well, here’s a few that I’ve had my eyes on:

John Lasseter: The Whiz Who Made Pixar King by Jeff Lenburg

One Little Spark!: Mickey’s Ten Commandments and the Road to Imagineering by Marty Sklar



So that’s it!! What do you all think? What Disney books are your favorite that I missed? Please share with us and stay tuned for more summer fun in the days to come! ~Meredith ºoº

4 Ways to Find Cute Disney Shirts

Hey howdy hey everyone! I’m here to share all about those cute Disney shirts you always see people wearing while at Disney. I’m also here to share some exciting news: We’re having another giveaway!



Hold up though, let’s backtrack for a moment. Last week I had the pleasure of heading back down to Walt Disney World and enjoying a couple nights with my best friend. And while we didn’t actually visit the parks (heaven forbid! haha) we had a great time exploring the resort areas and dining experiences. Our main park day was spent at the Universal parks (yeah, I said it) while our resort stay was at WDW. Simplify the combo of our resort stay and our parks experience into terms like “mouse” and “patronus” and combine it with our excitement of planning a super last-minute trip and what do you get? My DIY heat-transfer “My Patronus is a Mouse” design of course! And while there are lots of great places online to choose from, I knew that because we were so last-minute I’d have to make ours instead of ordering online.


To start, be sure you’re following Sarah, Amy, and I over on our instagram account! I posted the below photo last week while we were there and it got some good love both from instagram as well as people actually at the parks and the entire Disney resort. But, that story will have to wait til the podcast, (yeah, I’m gonna plug it too) next week! So if you love Disney AND Harry Potter, that is the episode for you!

The moment we decided we’d be heading down, we hit pinterest to get some ideas for planning our shirts. Since it would be just us two adults, we wanted something fun that combined the two well. We found and pinned lots of things but they were mostly one or the other (the mouse or the wizard) and I only found one that really had both. And while it’s super cute and I’ll always sigh after seeing the word always when referenced with Harry Potter imagery, but for us the phrase needed to match both the mouse and the wizard.


I liked the idea of the deathly hallows symbol with the mouse ears like above, but just couldn’t find anything that worked with it. Or made sense with it. So then I started searching Harry Potter quotes and phrases and it hit me after seeing someone else’s design with “My Patronus is a flamingo.” My Patronus is a Mouse!! It’s perfect and with a little help from Sarah and Amy on design details (mostly what to edit out, I may post my edit on Instagram.) it was done and ready to be cut with my silhouette cameo machine.


The black glitter design looked great on both our grey and coral colored shirts and would look equally great on most any shirt color. If you’re like a few of my friends who just had to have one, well then you’re in luck because here it is: the big giveaway! Since I’ll be cutting the decals myself, I’m going to give the winners (yep, gonna give THREE away!) a choice of car decal, iron-on decal, or nail decals! Yes, you read that right! I also made nail decals and while they don’t feature the patronus phrase, they’re still super cute!


If you’d like a chance to win, then be sure you’re following us on instagram and are a part of our private fb group. If you’d like to be added, just search mouse and monorail on fb and click join. I’ll be posting instructions on both instagram and in our fb group so as long as you’re following and have joined the group, you’re ready to play for your chance to win! The first game will be on instagram tomorrow, Friday 11 March to give you all time to join our fb group. The fb games will begin on Monday of this next week. And if participation goes well, I may even give more away leading up to the Harry Potter podcast episode!

Screenshot 2016-03-10 14.05.26

Okay, so what if you’re not into the whole Harry Potter thing and want to go full-on Disney for those super cute matching Disney shirts? Fear not because there are lots of great places to look!! Here’s 4 ways you can score those super cute Disney shirts:

1.The most obvious here is the Disney store online and the shop Disney parks app both have a good selection of apparel that will keep your Disney look sharp and fresh as they have a good bit of the latest trending looks. With this option you can snag fun shirts that are specific to the parks, however you won’t be able to get them all matching for your family since some styles are only available in certain sizes.


2. There’s other websites to order from too! Don’t forget places like Redbubble and Zazzle!! Redbubble features plenty of fun Disney looks from dinglehoppers to snarfblats, there’s a little bit of everything! Amy got her little mermaid inspired shirts from Redbubble and Sarah found her super cute Starbucks and Disney tee at happily ever tees.



And don’t miss out on our own exclusive merchandise over on Zazzle!! You can find our shop here.

3.Buy from a local Mom who makes custom stuff!! You can get exactly what you want when you order from someone local and it’s a great way to support local businesses. We have several friends that make custom shirts and while I’m definitely going to give them a shoutout, you can always ask around in your own community to see who might make custom Disney shirts as well.

Sarah’s instagram friend @HadleyKateDesigns made these adorable cruise shirts and I’m sure they looked fantastic aboard the Magic.

My friend Jennifer makes some super cute monogrammed stuff over at her shop The Peppermint Pig. (And isn’t her logo just the cutest?! Not like I designed it or anything.. 😉 )


And my friend Kim at Stitches etc by Kim can work with you to create just about any look you’d like!


4. DIY. Seriously! You don’t have to be super crafty to come up with some fun shirts! To start, check out my post with easy instructions on how to create your own tie-dye Mickey ears. This project is great for kids (if you do the setup work) and my kids LOVE that they actually added the color to their own shirts!

2015-07-26 16.03.23copy

Because I have a silhouette cutting machine, I was able to make our mouse patronus shirts pretty easily, but if you don’t have one there’s a way to create a stencil using freezer paper! No really!! Go search Pinterest for freezer paper stencil. You can do lots with it! I had a blast making these best friends shirts for my kids and their bff’s. You can also join groups on fb like “Disney silhouette crafters” to find project ideas, exchange tips, and even download shared files! Have fun with it and search for easy DIY projects for ideas to jumpstart your project. Most of all, believe in yourself and just go for it!!

image disney shirts

With several options to choose from, whether you make them yourself or purchase them online, you’ll be decked out in no time for your next Disney vacation!

Be sure to share your Disney shirts with us either over on our Facebook page or tag us on Twitter and Instagram! We’d love to see your Disney look! And be looking for my first giveaway game on instagram tomorrow!! ~Meredith °o°

How To Keep Your Devices Charged at Disney World

How to Keep Your Devices Charged at Disney World

Keeping devices charged at Disney World is no small feat. We want to capture the moments and share them, but we sometimes batteries run low. Don’t miss out on capturing that special moment because of a low battery! Follow these easy tips to save yourself time and headache.Portable Charging Device

Buy a Premium and Compact Portable Charging Device

Buy a premium and compact portable charging device! There are so many chargers out there to choose from, it’s hard to know what to go with. I’ve had a “solar” one in the past. Although I can still use it by charging it from the wall outlet, it doesn’t charge my device fast and the solar recharge feature was a bust. Maybe I never positioned it just perfectly angled to sun. Or maybe that feature just never worked. In any case, it’s time for an upgrade. My husband has a Galaxy Edge and I’ve got an iPhone 6 plus. There’s no way we’d make it a full day in the Magic Kingdom without recharging them. Add the GoPro to the mix and I’m pretty certain I’m gonna need a premium and large battery capacity to handle all of those devices!

Why Buy a Portable Charger?

It’s simple; time. When we’re on vacation, regardless if it’s at a Disney destination or not, I want to take pictures and videos with my phone. I’ll definitely have my Canon 5d out for photos, but my phone is always around and the easiest to snap with. And inevitably, it’s gonna die. Having the ability to charge my phone without having to seek out a charging place only to have to sit and wait a half hour or hour or however long it takes.

When I’m paying premium $$$ just to be inside the park itself, the last thing I want to do is sit and waste time. I’m willing to bet you’d say the same. Whenever I notice it’s getting low, I just pull out the charger, plug it up, and drop them both in my pocket. I can easily fit my (giant) phone and the charger in one pocket! I’ve used other portable chargers in the past and I won’t mention them here. In fact, I don’t want to mention them ever again!

I’ve heard many great things about Anker portable charging devices. After the solar charger flop, I was ready for a premium, high-capacity charger. Researching on Anker’s website I found that what suits my needs best is the Anker powercore. It’s loaded with both battery capacity and super fast charging speed. It’s also got a rugged exterior shell and although it’s certainly not light (let’s be honest it feels like a brick compared to a case-less iPhone) but it’s pretty compact!

My particular model is able to charge my iPhone 7.2 times before it needs recharging itself. That’s certainly enough to recharge our devices without having to worry about sitting somewhere in the parks and missing out on all the fun! And what made this particular model even more appealing is that it touts two usb ports. That means I can charge two devices simultaneously, all while waiting in line for Big Thunder Mountain!

Research Which Charger is Best for You

Browse the offerings for each charger as they all have different capabilities and if you’ve only got one device, you might not need quite as much as we do. There are loads of other great charger brands that people will swear by. So give yourself a little time to look through what’s out there and really pick what’s right for you.

The one thing you want to be sure to avoid is chargers that don’t contain premium battery cells.

The Anker devices have 8650 Panasonic 3400mAh lithium-ion batteries. They also have additional features, like surge protection, that cheaper and smaller charging devices like lipstick case and pocket chargers just don’t have. No matter which charger you decide to go with one thing’s for certain. You’ll definitely be having more fun than sitting around waiting on your device to charge!

Find Charging Stations within the Parks

File Jan 08, 12 30 04 AM

In case you are stuck and don’t have a portable charger, there are a limited number of charging outlets at the Rapunzel bathroom area and under the big top at Pete’s Silly Sideshow. The sideshow station is shaded and the Tangled station is outdoors and mostly in the sun. It can get brutal just sitting there waiting with the sun beating down on you. It also doesn’t bode well for charging as the devices really shouldn’t be in direct sunlight.

That said, Rapunzel’s charging station is the largest station in the MK, so it’s your best bet. Pete’s is smaller with fewer outlets. You can access the WDW map here. You can also find regular wall outlets in indoor eateries such as Cosmic Ray’s. There are outlets by the walls most table service locations. Like I said though, these are if you need to charge and can’t get by without it.

Update Your OS and Turn Off Background Apps

Finally, my last little tip comes from a friend who unfortunately had to learn the hard way while at the MK. He hadn’t updated his phone to the newest os and didn’t turn off the system preference that allows iPhones to auto update. Not only did he have battery drain from the phone trying to download the update, but he was also losing battery supply faster because of the spottier cellular service and slow/spotty wi-fi in the parks.

Seeing as he was unaware his phone was on a kamikaze mission, I’m sure it was a pretty awful moment when he unlocked the phone and realized what was going on. Don’t let this happen to you! Be sure to update all software including the latest OS. Also be sure to update apps like My Disney Experience (ios and playstore) and others that you know you’ll be using frequently while there. Additionally, turning off unneeded “auto refresh” apps that run in the background as well as features such as bluetooth and location services will help conserve your battery’s life.

News for 10.27.15

Hey everyone!! It’s time for your weekly Disney news roundup!


•Hey Amy, this one’s for you! There’s a new game out called Disney’s Dream Sweets and just might make fans of candy crush drool. This game had me, (obviously a big Disney parks fan if I’ve been blogging about them for over 2 yrs lol) from the opening screen! You get to customize the game to your family and the levels are various restaurants around the world. And I don’t mean just around WDW, since some refer to it as such, I mean the entire world! There are levels from Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disneyland Paris. And since I’ve only play around 22 levels, I can only assume that in the following 108 levels we’ll visit more Disney destinations. My girls loved the customization part too. And the animation of them eating the treat once they make the correct amount of matches is quite funny. “Hahahaha! Mommy, Daddy just ate 9 Dole Whips!!” Lots of fun for kiddos!  Check it out here. Or better yet, just go download it here (ios) or here (droid).

2015-10-27 10.03.00

2015-10-27 09.57.44



•Starting November 27, you will be able to experience the holidays around the world in Epcot’s World Showcase. This event looks like something you won’t want to miss if you’re vacationing during its run. There will be lots to choose from including live music and opportunities to learn and experience how different cultures celebrate their holidays.


•Okay, so I don’t wanna sound crazy but this one is KIND OF a big deal. You can now visit the Retail MagicBand on Demand store to create your own custom magic bands! They’ve even got the most desirous yet elusive purple magic band! Check this post out for all the details.



• The Grand Floridian’s Victoria and Albert’s restaurant placed 6th in TripAdvisor’s 2015 Traveler’s Choice awards.



•Pretty sure I’m most excited about this one: The Disney Cruise Line has just released a little bit about the Disney Infinity experience that they’re premiered yesterday aboard the Disney Dream. I know for a fact my kids are going to LOVE standing on a huge infinity base and becoming a real infinity character! And the fact that you get to download all of the exclusive content (including custom toy boxes you make while onboard) is the best part!! SO very cool!


•Speaking of the cruise line, the DCL blog released special rates for military personnel today!


•Chef Rick Bayless to Open Frontera Fresco Restaurant at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort.


•Now that you’re done with the news, why not take a crack at the parks blog’s quiz:


I think that’s about it for this week. Stay tuned for more fun this week including some glow in the dark nails and a fun Disney countdown calendar! ~Meredith ºoº

Disney’s 2015 Blu-ray movie releases

Hey there! It’s now October and that means that people will soon begin their holiday shopping. Today I’ve got a list for you of all the Disney blu-ray releases for this year so finding a great stocking stuffer will be a breeze.


2015-10-07 10.52.19


Avengers: Age of Ultron was just released last week, on October 2nd.


Aladdin is finally set to be released on blu-ray on October 13th.


Tomorrowland is also set to be released on October 13th.

•On November 3rd, Inside Out will finally be available. (Yes, I can’t wait for this one!!)

•November 3rd will also see the release of Toy Story That Time Forgot.

•And just in time for Christmas, Marvel’s Ant-Man will be released December 2nd.





Other titles released earlier this year and are still available for your gift list include:



For a full list of Disney movies currently available for purchase select the movies tab in your Disney Movies Anywhere app (App Store or Playstore) or try searching amazon. Not sure what the Disney Movies Anywhere app is? Check out my post here for more info.

2015-10-07 10.07.52


Well, that’s all for now. What movies are on your wish list? ~Meredith ºoº


News for 10.5.15

Hey howdy hey! Here’s your Disney news roundup for this week!


• The parks blog shared a bit of magic on how they’ve made Maximus come to life for the new Tangled show coming to the Disney Magic in November of this year.


•Speaking of the Disney Cruise Line, the sailings’ (both the Dream and Fantasy) iteneraries for this past weekend were altered to avoid hurricane Joaquin. Below is a video from one of the Fantasy’s passengers on board on October 1st. As of now, both ships and all passengers and crew were safe and sound though it is unclear if the Fantasy encountered some technical difficulties. The Fantasy’s debarkation time was pushed back.


•The Disney Conservation Fund awarded $3 million in grants.


•A whole new menu for the Magic Kingdom’s Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe premiered featuring Tex-Mex cuisine.


•The Lava Shack at Disney’s Aulani resort is now serving up some delicious Pineapple Soft serve!


•The parks blog featured a little video sharing how to use the new Shop Disney Parks app.


•Downtown Disney has transitioned and is now officially renamed Disney Springs.


•Oktoberfest is in full swing at Min and Bill’s Diner at Disney’s Hollywood Studios featuring seasonal items to celebrate the holiday.


•Reservations are now being offered for Thanksgiving day at Disneyland.


Morimoto, a pan-asian restaurant by famed Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, had its grand opening at Disney Springs a week ago today.


•Disney updated their annual pass selections and pricing for both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. For more details contact Sarah, Amy, or myself.


Looks like that’s it for this week. Stay tuned to our fb and instagram social accounts to stay up to date with all the magic that Sarah and her family will be experiencing this week at Walt Disney World including the Food and Wine Festival and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! ~Meredith ºoº

News for the Week of 9.21.15

Here’s this week’s news!

•Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party returned on the 15th and will run on select nights through Nov. 1, 2015.

•This year’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is featuring a Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular and it looks spooky! Lots of great villains have moments with the Sanderson sisters.

•You can find more about the Sanderson sisters fun here.


•Disney premiered a new Boutique collection. You can find the Boutique collection offerings at select Disneyland and Walt Disney World resort locations as well as on the Shop Disney Parks app.

•Disney also announced new merchandise for Halloween!


•Starting today and running through the 27th, Disney will also be featuring Sanderson Sisters merchandise! Check out more info here.

•The parks blog also featured some fun make-up tutorials.


•Reservations are now available for Narcoossee’s for their waterfront brunch.

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar is set to open on the 22nd on a first come, first served basis.


•This one’s not directly Disney-related but I couldn’t resist (after one of my good friends shared it with me) including this in today’s news! Not sure if I could actually eat them, they’re so cool! You can check him out on instagram or youtube.

And that’s all I have folks. Stay tuned to hear back from Amy and her exciting trip report from her trip on the Disney Dream! ~Meredith ºoº

M’s Favorite Disney Apps: Updated 7.16.2015

Update: July 16, 2015

Today, I’m adding one of my favorite Disney games here lately as well as updating all of the above apps featured with links to the droid version within Google’s PlayStore.

2015-07-14 23.42.44

Disney’s Inside Out Thought Bubbles (droid) game is a matching-type game. But unlike other similar games, you have to launch the memories up in order to match the colors and clear the board. The farther you go into the game, the more emotions you unlock. You can play with Joy, Sadness, and Anger and each have their own special power-up. Gotta say, after 79 levels, it’s quite an addictive game. The one criticism I’d have is that you learn the special help features available once and then unless you pay with real money, you won’t be using the extra powers. Has anyone figured out a way to earn the gems other than buying them? Other than that, it’s been a fun game overall.

2015-07-16 00.34.12

•If you enjoy the Disney quizzes you sometimes see on fb, you might like to check out their new app called Disney Inquizitive. It allows you to either create a new account, or sign-in via facebook. Once in, you’ll play the same types of quizzes you see on social, but all categorized and tidy. You can even earn points and learn what your Disney Personality is.



Original Post: July 15, 2015

Hey there!! I’m Meredith and back again today with more Disney apps. I covered just a few of the travel apps yesterday and would like to now talk about all the magic and fun Disney game apps as well as other Disney apps provide.

2015-07-15 10.10.45

We’ll start with watching Disney. Anything and everything Disney! There are quite a few apps that allow you to watch and enjoy Disney entertainment. From theatrical movies to the newest Mickey shorts to the big game, there’s definitely an app for that. The links below are for iOS since that’s what I use, but many of these apps are available within Google’s PlayStore, so please don’t miss out just because I only linked to the app store! **Edited to add: Links for Google PlayStore versions have been added for all droid versions available. If there isn’t a (droid) listed beside it, then there isn’t currently a version available.**
2015-07-14 23.53.41

Disney Movies Anywhere (droid) is an app I’ve covered before, so we won’t get too specific into its details. I would like to point out that this app works like any other movie viewing app in which you purchase the digital copy of the movie (whether through the app or included as a digital copy with a Blu-Ray). Apps like flixster and vudu work exactly the same way. Some of the reviews I read gave it one star just because they were mad that they couldn’t watch the movies for free. Really people?! You can, however, connect your DMA account to your iTunes account and unlock all of the movies you’ve previously purchased on iTunes. And subsequently, if you purchase a movie within the Disney Movies Anywhere app, it will automatically appear in your iTunes account and your other apple devices.

•The WATCH series of apps, including Watch Disney channel (droid), Watch Disney Junior (droid), and Watch Disney XD (droid) all have featured shows from each of their channels. You’ll be able to select from a few of each show much like you would with a cable service’s on-demand feature.

2015-07-15 00.01.26

•The Mickey Video app allows you to watch the newest Mickey series cartoons while the radio Disney (droid) app obviously allows you to listen to their radio station. The Disney Junior Appisodes app makes watching an episode of your kid’s favorite Disney Junior show even more fun by incorporating interactivity. Your child will have to answer, color, and select the correct choices at certain points through the episode in order to proceed so that it transforms the episode into a game. The Disney Shout! game looks to be great fun as it allows you to challenge friends and family’s Disney knowledge.

2015-07-15 02.07.28
•And if all those weren’t enough, you can actually watch the Disney family of companies other entertainment channels like ABC (droid), ABC Family (droid), and ESPN (droid). (Didn’t realize Disney owns ESPN? Check this out for a full list). Each of these apps work the same as the watch series. On these as well as the watch series of apps, you may need to provide your sign-in information for your cable provider to access certain episodes. There are, however, plenty of shows to watch on most of these apps without having to provide this information. You can also check out the selection of Disney movies that is available through the Netflix streaming service. While this is not an official Disney app, you can watch plenty of Disney movies by subscribing to the netflix monthly service. Note: up to this point, all app featured in this post have been free.
Now, to have a little fun, let’s talk fun Disney apps and games!

2015-07-14 23.44.07
Star Wars (droid). Y’all, for real though. Star Wars!! This is an official app and its got a little bit of everything. From keeping up with the latest SW news to an official countdown clock to the Force Awakens movie release date, it’s sure to make your inner geek squeal like a tauntaun. There’s gifs that auto copy when you click on them for use in text messages and a selfie feature that lets you select your character and costume to create your own SW-themed selfies. (Note, you do have to allow access to the camera to allow the app to take the picture for this feature. No biggie, just a heads up!) And lastly, just in case there’s that perfect time when conversation calls for a good sound effect, it’s got a soundboard too!

2015-07-15 01.45.01
•Another great app for use in conversations, and texts to be more precise, is the new Disney Gif app. I mentioned this a few weeks back in our Friday news post, but it deserves a little more explanation. This one allows you turn on an emoji-like Disney gif keyboard so that you can insert any of the many included (and free!) gifs to your texts. You just click on the little button to get to your emojis and select Disney gif.

2015-07-15 02.40.43


Once the keyboard pops up, it automatically shows the featured gifs, but by selecting from the categories at the bottom you can choose from your recently used gifs, a group of select emotions and categories, and from Disney characters’ main categories. Some of them fit so perfectly into a conversation, it’s almost too convenient! Yes, the above text screenshots did actually happen to me at some point! It is worth noting for as awesome as this app is, it is only currently in the App Store. I’m not sure if this one will be coming to the Google Playstore or not, but if you text a gif to a droid user, they have to actually click on the photo to see it animated. This differs from Apple to apple users because iMessages auto plays the gifs. Maybe they’ll have this in the PlayStore soon!


These next apps are for kids (for the most part).
2015-07-14 23.52.07

•Because there are just SO MANY choices, I don’t plan on going into all the details. I’ll say instead, that they offer different types of apps for kids including games, puzzles, adventures, and even licensed games that feature Disney characters. They also offer app bundles. You do not have to purchase the bundles, and tan for to know if you wish to only purchase one but decide to come back later and purchase a second app within that bundle, it adjusts your cost and only displays what you would owe to complete the bundle. These apps include jigsaw-type puzzles, word games, mathematics, reading and reading comprehension, as well as art and creativity. And though we’ll probably not own the entire lot of these storybook apps, they are fun and my girls have enjoyed the ones we do own. They’ve even purchased some of them with their own iTunes gift cards after birthdays and such. By searching Disney within Apple’s App store or Google’s PlayStore, you can access all of Disney’s apps. The App store even features the bundles for you on your search page.

•The series of “Where’s My“(droid) game apps are lots of fun and I’ve played through all three of the above pictured through their entirety. It’s a gravity-based puzzle/logic game in which you try to route the water (or similar) from one place to the end as best you can while manipulating different elements of each level in order to move the water. It’s not as easy to explain this one, but there are free levels for these apps, so go download and just check it out. You’ll pick it up easy and be craving more Swampy fast!! These games also received the editors picks in iTunes.

2015-07-15 00.17.34

If you enjoy matching games (think bejeweled and the likes) then there’s plenty to choose from!! All of these matching games have similar gameplay experiences but feature different characters and aspects from their respective movies.

2015-07-15 03.12.55

•The Marvel Puzzlequest (droid) app is an actual puzzlequest game. (Raise your hand if you love puzzlequest!!) Its a fun one and the levels are appropriately hard. You can mix and match who you play with both solo and as a team to defeat your enemies. The Disney tsum tsum (droid) app is quite addictive and is the reason we now own so many of the furry little characters. (Yes, you can buy them for real and you’ve probably already seen them in a target or Disney store at some point!) The game itself is quite fun and it’s worth playing, however it is a bit annoying that in order to play and save your game data it does not utilize iOS’s gamecenter, but rather LINE; the equivalent of gamecenter. And in order to utilize LINE, you guessed it! You have to download the LINE app (droid) first and create your account.

2015-07-15 01.32.59
•The last app I’d like to talk about today is the game called Pictopia: Disney edition (droid). I basically stumbled upon this one while looking through some of the apps above on the App Store and I’m so glad I did. I haven’t been able to let the girls play this one yet, but it looks like it’ll be fun to play as a family. That’s because it allows you to play both with the board game edition (available for purchase in stores) and within the mobile app only. Since we don’t have the board game, I played the mobile app version. You get to select a player and customize each one for each member of your family. Well, as long as your family has 4 members. As far as I can tell, there isn’t an option to add more players, so families of five like us, might have to double-up or something. Oh well. But, I will say this game was fun and while there is additional content available as an in-app purchase, the amount of free content that came with the free app download was good and sufficiently fun.
2015-07-15 01.36.12

By creating a player for each family member, you can challenge each other as well as keep up with who has the most trophies and the highest score. Each time a trophy is earned it appears on the screen and new is written on the trophy until you view it within your trophies page. Another feature that I did like was that after deciding if like to purchase a single questions pack, once it downloaded, I could toggle on and off to activate and deactivate that questions pack for each individual player. That’s nice because while I’m going to enjoy playing the parks trivia, it may not be as enjoyable for my girls who just won’t know as much. (Sorry girls, Mommy knows more in that category! 😁) Being a big fan of board games, this app has me wanting to buy and experience the board game as well. It looks as though you can select which question packs you own when playing in board game mode and that seems pretty cool. Anyone have the coordinating board game and can vouch for how it works with the app? I’d love to hear!!
So, that’s it folks!! Because the world of apps is always changing and evolving, I plan to use this post to update to, rather than creating new blog posts for new and/or other apps in the future. And if I update this page, I’ll post a link to it via our regular social media outlets so you won’t miss a beat! I’ll be back tomorrow to share even more fun Disney apps! What Disney apps are your favorite? Please comment, tweet, or comment over on our fb page and let us know. I’d love to check out your favorites and maybe even add them to this list! Can’t wait to see what new apps our Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow holds! ~M °o°



What’s ‘APPening with Disney?

Hi everyone! Today I’d like to talk about Disney apps. I shared my previous post about my favorite WDW apps I wrote back in 2014 yesterday, and I’m going to attempt to give you all an update of fun Disney apps since. My previous post focused on apps to use while at WDW, but today I’ll be talking about all Disney apps in general.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 8.44.12 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 8.47.05 PM

Let’s be honest here, I frequent the Disney games the most out of all the Disney app types.  My girls also enjoy the selection of apps that Disney offers. But that doesn’t mean it’s all fun and games. Disney offers a variety of fun and useful apps. From keeping you ADR’s at a delicious WDW restaurant updated to enjoying Mickey cartoons to enjoying puzzle-based logic games, there’s a little something for everyone. You can check out all the apps that Disney offers either on iOS or GooglePlay. I’ll be discussing our favorite Disney game apps later this week, but today I’d like to focus on some of the main travel apps to help you make the most of your Disney vacations.


Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 11.50.12 AM

The MyDisneyExperience app is now better than ever. Be sure to keep it updated on your device to keep it working properly as this will help load times, etc. You can view and plan most all of your WDW vacation needs with this app. It’s a great tool to research and find all of the attractions, shows, parades, and dining that will delight your family. A good tip if you plan to use it to remember your daily schedule while on vacation is to load the day’s schedule page within the app before you leave for the day and take a screenshot of the schedule. Then, while at the parks, all you have to do is view the screenshot in your photos. No more waiting for the page to load again only to see you’re late for your fastpass! This also helps save data as well as battery life, which we all know is important while in the parks.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 11.49.14 AM

There are other fun apps to help plan your Disney vacation trips as well! The Disney Navigator app is made specially for those who plan to set sail on a Disney cruise ship. Once on board the ship, you can connect the app to the ship’s complimentary wi-fi and keep up to date with everything that’s happening on board! From character experiences to dining to deck parties and more, you’ll have all the info you need to plan your cruise days and make the most of it!


Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 11.51.27 AM

Sarah has already mentioned the Disneyland explorer app, but it deserves a second nod. While this app doesn’t provide the same planning capabilities that MyDisney Experience does, it beautifully depicts the fun adventures that can be discovered while visiting Disneyland.



That’s all for today, but be sure to come back tomorrow for more fun and games!! ~M ºoº

Will the Real Walt Disney World Please Stand Up?

Hi folks! Sarah, Amy and I have been noticing an influx of fake Disney accounts on fb that are promising free trips to Disney for those that share the posts. The problem is, these are unfortunately, fake accounts. Now, we’re not here to tell you how annoying this is or to make you feel bad for sharing these posts. We’re here today, simply to help you become aware of how to spot these fake accounts and know if what you’re sharing is legit or not.

2015-06-04 17.34.41

To start, let’s take a look at the real (and verified) Disney fanpage on facebook. The first and most obvious is The Disney Company fanpage. Currently, it has 46 million likes. That’s a great way to know if the page is real or not because almost every fake account that pops up has nowhere near that number of likes. Most that I’ve seen have around a thousand or so. I saw one that had about 4000 once and was surprised that it had that many.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 3.56.36 PM


The best way to decipher the real accounts from the fake ones though, is simply to take a look to the right of the page name either when you search or on the actual page itself. If there’s a white checkmark in a little blue circle, then that means that the account is verified and you can rest assured that this account is legitimate. Now, not all pages have the verified checkmark and that’s why I mentioned above the actual number of likes. If the page in question has only a few thousand, you might want to do a search and see if there isn’t another page with far more likes.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 3.53.28 PM


Disney does offer giveaways and spammers prey off this. Please be aware that the way they get away with this is by using the Disney name with a very slight alteration. One recent example is ” Walt Disney-World. ” Notice the difference? They’ve added a dash and a period. Inconspicuous enough for the average person to not notice, but unique enough for fb to allow the spammer to create a look-alike. You’ll also note that it does not have the little verified checkmark beside the name.


The more these types of posts are shared, the more the spammers are able to collect info on the people that share them. And let’s be clear here, I’m not here to tell you you’re wrong for sharing these posts! All of us here at the Mouse and the Monorail genuinely want to keep all of our readers not only informed, but safe from these types of internet scams. Interesting side note: while researching for this post, I was unable to actually search for these pages. I even scrolled back through some people’s timelines who I knew had shared them mistakenly and still couldn’t find the posts.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 4.09.28 PM

When I typed in “Walt Disney-World.” or “Disney Cruise.” the only pages that showed were the actual verified accounts. This could mean two things; either the scammers are educated enough in the inner-workings of fb to allow their fake page to not result in fan page searches, or (and I seriously believe this is the more likely option) they create the fake page for a limited time, maybe a week or so, and then delete the page altogether once they’ve collected the info they want. Luckily, I took a screenshot of this shared post when I first noticed it on my friend’s timeline and was able to check on my phone which day it was shared (because it dated the photo). I went back to that day on my friend’s timeline and it really is gone. The fact that I was unable to find the shared posts in people’s timelines definitely supports this idea.



2015-06-04 17.02.14


Now that we’ve established how to spot the real from the fake, let’s take a moment to actually list some of Disney’s verified pages so you can go ahead and “like” the real pages. This way, you’ll only be seeing the real posts in your newsfeed and will able to spot a post from a friend that’s fake because your fb newsfeed will show the post twice if it was originally shared by Disney as well. At some point or another, I’m sure you’ve seen a post that fb informs you has been shared by more than one person. This would happen if you’ve liked the actual Disney page and they posted a giveaway, etc and another friend has shared that post as well. It wouldn’t happen however, if only your friend shares a fake account because you’ve liked the real Disney page to begin with. The list below contains only verified pages. As I mentioned earlier, there are pages for other Disney related things and places, (think resorts, etc) but as they’re not verified, I’m not going to include them in this list. We’ll let you all decide for yourselves on those pages. For now, here’s our list of legitimate Disney fanpages:

The Disney Company

Walt Disney World


Disney Aulani

Disneyland Paris

Hong Kong Disneyland

Tokyo Disney Resort

Disney Cruise Line

Disney Vacation Club

The Walt Disney Family Museum

Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Mickey Mouse

Disney Movies Anywhere

Disney Infinity

Disney Channel


Disney Junior

Disney Baby

Disney Alliances

Disney Mobile Games

Disney Insider

Disney Living

Disney College Program

The Mouse and the Monorail


And there you have it! Hopefully, we’ve now established the real Disney pages from the fake ones and you can rest assured that the pages you’re following will not be scamming you. Thanks for following along and be sure to share this to help everyone become aware of the spammers out there!


Additionally, don’t forget that we have a our own giveaway (and yes, it’s very legit!) going on right now from yesterday’s post and tutorial. Be sure to check out the post for details on how you can enter. You’ve got until Friday morning at 9am to enter, so act fast!! ~M ºoº

It’s Marvel Friday!!

Hey howdy hey, it’s Friday again! And today is all about Marvel. Last week was a big week for Marvel releases with both Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Being released on Blu-Ray. And with the release of Disney Infinity 2.0 featuring Marvel, I just had to post about it today!


First off, the Captain America: TWS is a great sequel and offers way more action than the first movie. It also features one of the most epic car chase/sequences ever. (It’s even more epic considering that it’s Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson!) The bonus features included are really good too! I especially enjoyed the little snippet about how they decided what was going to be written on Steve’s notebook. You should check that out if you haven’t. There’s actually different versions based on what region of the world you viewed the movie! All in all, this movie fits seamlessly into the Marvel universe and the outcomes of it’s storyline are featured in my next topic: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


I missed out on watching this series when it first aired and when I tried to catch up (several weeks in) I realized that I couldn’t find the episodes anywhere. Hulu was a no go. So, I patiently waited it out until my birthday and thanks to my awesome brother, he pre-ordered my copy and had it for me last Tuesday. Happy birthday to me!!

As you all know, I’ve been pretty sick with this pregnancy and thus haven’t been getting much of anything done. That is, except for watching the WHOLE Agents season! Yep, I used all of my nauseous downtime to catch up on this series in preparation for the season 2 premiere on September 23.


As a series, it definitely gains momentum closer to end of the season, but even the first episodes are exciting and are worth the watch. As most fans of the show must have, I enjoyed the mystery and build-up of how Agent Coulson could have survived after his death in The Avengers 2. I also enjoyed the way the writers maintained the storylines between the show itself, Thor: Dark World and Captain America: TWS. If you’re a fan of the Marvel movies, you’ll definitely enjoy this series! And the bonus features included are fun too! I loved the bloopers!!


And if I haven’t already inundated you with all things Marvel, this coming Tuesday they’re expanding their universe even more! This is the much anticipated update to last year’s original release of Disney Infinity and this update looks to be amazingly fun. We’ve preordered the ps4 version and can’t wait to play. Our preorder through amazon includes the Marvel 2.0 starter set, (not to be confused with the toy box starter set due out in November) the Spider-Man playset, and the Captain America, Rocket Raccoon, and Venom figures, as well as a pack of the 2.0 discs all for $119.99! The pieces individually would cost over $150 and the three stand-alone characters (Captain America, Groot, and Venom) aren’t even available to purchase individually yet! We’ve also pre-ordered the Guardians of the Galaxy playset that includes Starlord and Gamora. Altogether, that’s three playsets and hours of fun to be had with some pretty awesome characters. I’m not lying when I say that I’m as excited (if not more) than Boo is for this release. Infinity was loads of fun and 2.0 promises so much more. Cannot wait!! You can check out where to purchase the Marvel 2.0 edition here.

As a parent, my most favorite thing about this game is that it’s two-player and I can actually complete missions with my child. Even if you’ve never been into video games, this is one that you’ll be able to pick up easily and have loads of fun with your kid(s). I mean really, who wouldn’t love taking on the bad guys together?!!

That about wraps it up for my Marvel post. Have I forgotten something?? What are you lost excited about? Let us know by leaving a comment here, or chat with us over on fb. We love to hear what you all have to say! ~M °o°