DIY Mickey Mouse Valentine Garland

DIY Mickey Mouse Valentine Garland

Adorable Disney Valentine decor doesn’t need to be expensive. Save some money by doing it yourself. Gather supplies around the home for this project and then it won’t cost you a thing! It’s super easy to show off your love of everyone’s favorite mouse and Disney with this DIY Mickey Mouse Valentine Garland!


You will need cardboard cutouts of Mickey heads and some hearts. Search online for “Mickey head template” and you can find tons to print and copy. Recycle an old cardboard box for your cutouts, and don’t stress about the cutouts being perfect. It will turn out great in the end, trust me! You will also need some twine in the length that you want your garland, white yarn, red twine, scissors, and tape. If you don’t have yarn or twine, experiment with supplies that you do have around the house like ribbon.


Begin by taping the start of your yarn to the back of the Mickey cutout to secure it. Start wrapping the yarn around the cutout in different directions. Make sure to keep it tight, or it will come unraveled.  Always be careful with Mickey’s ears, because you don’t want to bend them!After you have wrapped a good amount, place your garland twine across the back, just under the ears. Continue to wrap the yarn over the garland twine until no sign of the cardboard is visible. Take your time to make sure your yarn doesn’t slip off or get tangled up. When you are satisfied, tie off the end of the yarn to another piece in the back.

Repeat steps for the heart, but use red twine instead of yarn. Place the garland twine just under the top dip in the heart. This helps the heart so it doesn’t lean over when hanging due to weight.  Continue to repeat steps for the remainder of Mickey heads and hearts that you want on your garland. Make placement adjustments by simply sliding your Mickey heads and hearts across the garland twine. Tie a loop at both ends of your garland twine to easily hang.

Time to Enjoy

Hang up your adorable creation and sit back to enjoy! Your guests won’t even realize that you saved a ton by making it yourself, and you will be so proud of your super cute project. I just may leave this up all year round!Create your own DIY Valentine Garland inspired by Mickey Mouse! We include all of the materials needed and the step by step instructions. Celebrate Valentine's Day with a touch of Disney!

Thanks to our contributor, Beth, for creating this adorable DIY project!

Turkey Leg Treats

Turkey leg treats are fun to make and eat.

Turkey Leg Treats

Turkey leg

Need a last minute treat to make for Thanksgiving? Or maybe you just need something cute for a Disney party you’re planning? Either way, I’ve got the perfect treat for you! I can’t even begin to say how amazingly easy and cute these little turkey leg treats are. It all started when I was browsing facebook a few weeks back and noticed a video detailing how to make them thought, “hey, I could actually make those!” And not only were they easy to make,  they’re PERFECT for those who may not like turkey this Thanksgiving! If you can make rice krispy treats and dip pretzels in chocolate, then you can totally make these!

Turkey leg

How to Make Your Own Turkey Leg Treats

I used  smaller pretzels and made mini legs since they’re better portioned for my kids, but the larger pretzels and legs would be perfect for recreating those giant Disney parks turkey legs we all know and love. You can make your own treats too by checking out this video from Southern Living. I’d definitely suggest keeping your hands coated in butter or cooking spray if you don’t want to get frustrated. And to make them even more Disney-like, you could make some chocolate-dipped rice krispy Mickey pops to go with them! The sky’s the limit so be creative and have fun!!

Check out this Turkey Leg Treats Video

From all of us here at the Mouse and the Monorail,  we hope you have a happy Thanksgiving! ~Meredith °o°

News for the Week of 9.21.15

Here’s this week’s news!

•Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party returned on the 15th and will run on select nights through Nov. 1, 2015.

•This year’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is featuring a Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular and it looks spooky! Lots of great villains have moments with the Sanderson sisters.

•You can find more about the Sanderson sisters fun here.


•Disney premiered a new Boutique collection. You can find the Boutique collection offerings at select Disneyland and Walt Disney World resort locations as well as on the Shop Disney Parks app.

•Disney also announced new merchandise for Halloween!


•Starting today and running through the 27th, Disney will also be featuring Sanderson Sisters merchandise! Check out more info here.

•The parks blog also featured some fun make-up tutorials.


•Reservations are now available for Narcoossee’s for their waterfront brunch.

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar is set to open on the 22nd on a first come, first served basis.


•This one’s not directly Disney-related but I couldn’t resist (after one of my good friends shared it with me) including this in today’s news! Not sure if I could actually eat them, they’re so cool! You can check him out on instagram or youtube.

And that’s all I have folks. Stay tuned to hear back from Amy and her exciting trip report from her trip on the Disney Dream! ~Meredith ºoº

Wasabi’s Candy Sushi

sushiIMG_7783I’m back again! I hope you enjoyed my first post all about her party. Today, I thought I’d take this time to discuss how we did the candy sushi activity. As you can see in the above photo, we made two types: nigiri and fruit roll up rolls. The original pin only included the rolls, but we thought that the nigiri style would be easier for the ages of the kids that were attending. If you’d like more info on how to make the rolls, be sure to check out the original pin. I’d recommend you have a helper because the rice krispy treats have to be still warm when making the rolls and it’s difficult to roll it out once your hands are messy. And there’s pretty much no way to avoid getting your hands in it because if you try spreading with a spoon or spatula, you’ll end up tearing your fruit roll up. So, have one person open and stretch the fruit roll up, the other gently spread the rice krispy treat, and then the first person place marshmallows and gently roll it all together.sushiIMG_7764 The nigiri style was easy because we just made little elongated balls of krispy treats and saved them til party day. We purchased fruit by the foot instead of cutting the fruit roll ups because we tried one and it was terribly sticky and difficult. With the fruit by the foot, all the kids had to do was unroll and wrap it around the swedish fish and eat! We also purchased some chopsticks so the kids could “use” (let’s be honest, just to play) with them. The kids had fun playing and assembling their sushi and it was a fun activity to start off the party. sushiIMG_7766 sushiIMG_7768 sushiIMG_7771 sushiIMG_7772 sushiIMG_7774 sushiIMG_7776 sushiIMG_7778 sushiIMG_7779 Even if you’re not planning a birthday party, this activity is fun for any time! ~M ºoºIMG_7785Dance2015

Big Hero 6 party

Big Hero 6 Party
Big Hero 6 Party

Hey everyone, Meredith here and I’m finally back!!! I’ve had a wonderful time being off enjoying our new little princess, and now I’m happy to be back to blogging. It just so happens that our new little love was born two weeks before our oldest daughter’s birthday and I’d like to share a bit about how my husband and I managed to pull off a Big Hero 6 themed party in less than a week all while recovering from a c-section. 

Big Hero 6 Party Invitations

Big Hero 6 Party

To start, I managed to get the invitations sent out before we went to the hospital, so thankfully I had that taken care of. (You can check out the invites here). We also had the venue planned in advance. We’re so very thankful to Tonya Speed for renting our her dance studio to use for the party. The girls LOVE dancing at Tonya Speed’s Dance Connection and it felt super special to have her party there! Everything else however, was somehow pulled together the week leading up to the party.

I will say that this c-section was easier than the first two and I managed to get around better than I previously had. That being said though, I was still pretty slow and was nursing baby every two hours and very sleep-deprived. Enter some amazing ideas from awesome Moms and blogs on pinterest and the most useful 2-day amazon prime shipping deal. I scoured pinterest in the few moments I’d get a chance and managed to find some pretty simple ideas.

The Food

Big Hero 6 Party

My husband is an amazing (and I mean AH-MAY-ZING!) baker, so we knew he’d be able to handle the cupcakes once we found these super cute Baymax cupcakes. If you or your hubby can’t make cupcakes though, plain white-iced store bought ones would work great too. He simply made regular white and chocolate cupcakes and I used a black edible marker to draw Baymax’s eyes onto marshmallow toppers. We found the cupcake containers that were fantastic for transporting them at a local store (Sunday dinner) that has all sorts of restaurant supplies. They were super cheap and made the cupcakes look professional. People were really surprised to learn that we made them ourselves! We also served gummy bears because we all know how much Hiro likes them!


As far as activities go, I wanted as simple and easy as possible while still making it super fun for the kiddos. I found a pin that included some candy sushi and remembering how much Boo liked the candy sushi from the California Grill at WDW, I knew this would be fun and yummy. We made the rolled baymax face pieces and let the kids create their own nigiri style pieces.

And of course we couldn’t leave out wasabi, so while making the cupcake icing, my husband made a small batch of icing and colored it wasabi green! I’ll post more on exactly how we did the sushi tomorrow, so stay tuned for that. And since one of the characters is actually named wasabi, my hubby thought it would be cute to buy some sushi takeout containers and create a little sticker tag for them. I designed them myself (with the help of a google image search), and if anyone would like them, I can make those available as a free download. Just let me know!

Big Hero 6 Party
Big Hero 6 Party

The next activity was super simple for me and lots of fun for the kids. I simply printed out as many Big Hero 6-related coloring and activity pages as I could find and bought one large box of 96 crayons. We spread them out on the dance floor and let the kids go wild. They really seemed to enjoy coloring their favorite characters and once each child was done with their page, we’d tape it to the wall for a photo op once they were all done. It was great fun and there are loads of coloring pages available. 

Big Hero 6 Party
Big Hero 6 Party
Big Hero 6 Party

Party Favors

And lastly, our favors had to have some Big Hero 6 fun too, so I ordered some plastic science test tubes from amazon and filled them with mini chewy sweet tarts. (The stand was also purchased from amazon). We decided to call them “Honey Lemon’s Chem-Balls” and I designed some little sticker labels for them as well. Boo thought it was hilarious that I included a warning that said “Caution: They explode in your mouth!” I can also make them available for free download if anyone is interested. 

That wraps up our Big Hero 6 party! Be sure to check back tomorrow to learn more about how we created the sushi activity. And if you have a Big Hero 6 party for your kiddo, please share with us your favorite ideas or activities! We’d love to see what you come up with and share it with other parents who might want to do the same. Thanks for reading!! ~M ºoº