Cruising with a Baby

As many of you know, I’m planning for our upcoming Disney Cruise, and one thing on my mind is my baby and what all taking an infant entails. I asked my cousin Amanda all about it, since she took her baby a few years back, and here’s what she had to say:

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1. Should I take my baby on our DCL cruise?

Yes DCL is definitely geared toward taking baby.

2. Do I have to pay for my baby to go?

If baby is under 6 months, then they’re free. 6mo+ will have to pay a fare, though it is significantly less.

3. Is there nursery care for my baby aboard the ship?

Yes, there is nursery care for baby, but we personally did not leave our baby in there. From what we saw of it, it looked great & I also am pretty sure that was extra or you had to pay so much an hour for them to stay in there.

4. Does my baby need a passport?

I think all we had to take for our little one was a birth certificate.

5. What should I pack for baby?

We packed lots of snacks, juices, a sun hat, bottles, pacis, swim diapers, sunscreen, diapers, & of course clothes and a swimsuit. They provided a pack and play for baby to sleep in and a bottle steamer to clean the bottles.

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6. What baby things are provided?

Oops! I answered that on 5, but we had a pack and play and a bottle steamer provided for us to use.
7. Have you taken your baby aboard the DCL?

Yes, we have. We took Love Bug when she turned a year old & we had actually talked to a travel agent about what would be best for a 1 year old to do. We were debating on the cruise or Disney World, and the travel agent recommended the cruise &, honestly, they were right. We took Love Bug to Disney World the next year when she turned 2 & that was a nightmare for us because she couldn’t take her naps that well, and Disney World is very exhausting. It is very fun just, but was a bit much for our 2 year old at the time. On DCL, we were able to go back to the room anytime for her to get her nap,s and we didn’t have to go far, so we didn’t miss much of anything. Overall, I just think it’s easier for you and baby on the cruise & also no long waits to see the characters. ?

8. If so, what did you like most about taking your baby?

We liked how laid back it was, especially having our baby with us. Very convenient to go back to the room at anytime of the day for naps.

9. Did you find anything difficult about having a baby on your cruise?

We didn’t care to get off at the port in the Bahamas with our baby. We were just a little uneasy about it, but we did get off at Castaway Cay (the Disney Island) & that was so much fun .. There is so much for you to eat & plenty of characters to get pictures with & the water is beautiful!

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10. Would you recommend taking your baby on the DCL?

I personally think the DCL is perfect for a baby to go on. We had so much fun with our 1 year old who is now 3 1/2 & I will cherish those pictures forever & we may even go on another when our 8 month old twins get a little older. And yes, I said Twins! Lol

Thanks Amanda for telling us about your DCL and baby experience! I can’t wait to take my sweet Bubbles on the Dream!! ~M ºoº