DisneyBounding: Park Style

Do your little ones love to play dress up? Are they fans of looking like their favorite characters? Did you know that dressing up “Disney style” is not just for kids? DisneyBounding is wearing an outfit or ensemble inspired by a favorite Disney character, without actually dressing like them. It’s a subtle nod to your favorite. I’ll start by saying I have yet to DisneyBound, but I’m determined to come up with something for our next trip. The closest I’ve done is Pocahontas braids last weekend, because my thick hair is not a fan of Florida humidity.

I love the idea of DisneyBounding over Cosplay (dressing in full costume as a character) because, let’s face it, most of the year Disney is hot and involves a lot of walking. I cannot imagine enjoying myself in mid-90 degree weather, wearing a costume. But this? Choose an outfit, complete with accessories, where either color, print, or style is inspired by a Disney Character. I could do this!

Are you a Minnie Mouse fan, through and through? Find a cute red cotton skirt, and pair it with a black tank, yellow flats, and some Mouse ears. Perfect!

Any Buzz Lightyear fans? Pair a lime green shirt with white pants and a purple backpack or bag. Turn it up a notch by adding a big lime green or purple watch. Reach for the stars!

Speaking of my Pocahontas braids earlier, what about some khaki shorts, turquoise jewelry, and a fringed purse?? How cute would that be?

And here are a few of my favorites:

Check out Pinterest or disneybound.tumblr.com for some inspiration, and then start digging in your closet!

Do you DisneyBound? Who would you like to Bound as? Do you think it’s realistic to be both stylish and comfortable, even for a hot day at Disney World?