DIY Disney Inspired Coasters – Free Download!


DIY Disney Inspired Coasters

We are 35 days away from our first Disney cruise, and I’ve been super busy making my Fish Extender gifts. What’s a Fish Extender you ask? It’s an organized gift exchange between cabins. Meredith has been working on the cutest Mickey ears crocheted beach sandals for her gift for her upcoming cruise. Chere out her awesome tutorial for that. I have been thinking about doing Mickey coasters for ages, and Meredith was so kind to design some Disney inspired coasters for me! She even came up with 2 designs: traditional and Disney cruise inspired. Today I’m showing you how easy and fun these are to make! Let’s get started!

Looking for an easy, Disney inspired DIY? Give our Disney inspired coasters a try! They are fun and simple to make. Great for gifts or Fish Extenders!


  • 4×4 inch porcelain tiles
  • Decoupage glue sealer (Modge Podge)
  • Foam brush
  • Tile design
  • Felt
  • Clear spray paint


You can print out our download, which is the perfect size for 4×4 inch tiles, or use any scrap book paper cut into 4×4 inch squares. You can find the tiles at home improvement stores for about 15 cents each, and the decoupage glue can be found at Michael’s for around $6.


Step 1: Take your tile and apply a good coat of decoupage glue evenly on the tile. Make sure that you don’t have any clumps.


Step 2: Apply your paper evenly to the tile, making sure to smooth out any bubbles that appear between the paper and the tile. I try to apply pressure from the inside and work my way outwards, pressing down firmly, to get rid of the bubbles.


Step 3: When all the bubbles are out from under the paper, layer the top of the paper with a good coat of decoupage glue, using broad strokes in one direction. Be mindful of the edges.




Step 4: When the first layer of glue has dried for a few minutes, repeat step 3, only swap directions. If you applied the first layer of glue left to right, apply the second layer from top to bottom. Check the edges closely to ensure all bubbles are pushed out.

Step 5: Allow coasters to set for 24-48 hours for the glue to dry.


Step 6: Cut squares from your felt and hot glue to the back of the coasters. These will serve as a protective backing on the coasters so they don’t scratch the surface of your furniture.




Step 7: Apply a coat of clear spray paint to seal the coasters and make them waterproof. Allow to dry for 24 hours in a well ventilated area.


Step 8: Enjoy your hard work!


Free Download!

And now for your free download! To create your own Mouse & Monorail coasters, simply download this file here.  You can then print in color and you will be ready to go!

I’m going to tie my Disney inspired coasters up with a pretty ribbon and bag them up for delivery. With just a few hours of work, I have the perfect fish extender gift for my group, and it was affordable, easy and homemade. I can’t wait to give our gifts out to our new friends in a few weeks, and I hope they enjoy their coasters as much as I do.