Downtown Disney Splitsville Review

Splitsville in Disneyland Resort’s Downtown Disney has recently opened their doors to the public. Splitsville is not only a luxury bowling alley, but a restaurant as well! Bowl, eat, or do both at the same time! Here is all you need to know about Splitsville in Downtown Disney!

The Atmosphere

The construction of Splitsville was longer than anticipated, but I certainly love everything about this place! The second floor was not open to the public due to construction when Splitsville opened, but less than 2 weeks later the second floor is alive and well and welcoming guests with not only it’s very own bar, but it’s very own bowling lanes! The decor has a high end 50’s diner feel to it. No matter where you choose to dine or bowl, both upstairs and downstairs are aesthetically pleasing. 

Fun fact: The murals in ALL the Splitsville’s across the nation are painted by the same artist BY HAND!

The Food

Splitsville has a wide variety of different foods  sure to please even the pickiest palate. They have items ranging from salads, to steak and mushrooms, even sushi, and many more options. My friends and I decided to try out Splitsville for the first time and surprisingly the food was amazing! In my opinion the food was way overpriced, but for the ambience of the whole restaurant and the unlimited refills are what make it all worthwhile. Annual Passholders also get 10% off on food, which is definitely a nice passholder perk. 

This sushi roll was called the Ninja Crunch roll, and it was priced at $17. If your looking for a little spice to your sushi, this roll is for you!

This entree is the Steak and Mushrooms and it’s priced at $30. My friend thought the mushrooms and sauce was excellent but felt the meat wasn’t the right cut of beef for this type of meal.

This is the Southern Goddess priced at $21. This salad was definitely able to feed more than one person because it’s that big! For the price of this salad, you sure do get a lot. This vote was unanimous that this was the best item we ordered!

The Bowling

Feeling like bowling on an ordinary day in Downtown Disney? Splitsville’s got you covered! Not only does Splitsville have 21 lanes available for bowling, but each lane is accompanied by their very own server for your enjoyment!

Splitsville definitely has such a fun and unique vibe. It’s definitely worth a visit if you are in the Downtown Disney area! Have you visited Splitsville? Is it on your “to do” list for your next Disneyland vacation? Let’s chat in the comments!

Special thanks to Disneyland contributor, Ashlee, for such a fun post!