Epcot For Your Little One

So today I’m talking about Epcot attractions for your little ones. I feel like today’s post needs to come with an * noting that in two trips to Epcot in two years, we have YET to make it around the lake to see all the counties. It’s not that we don’t like Epcot, cause we do (we really, really do!). We just get so wrapped up in all Epcot has to offer before you even make it to the countries, that we always seem to run out of time. Next trip to Disney, Epcot is going to get at least a full day, and not just a few park hopped hours here and there. So with that little caveat, here is what my little Roo (2 ½ years old) loved about Epcot.

Caribbean Coral Reef Aquarium: Instead of lions and tigers and bears, you can find sea turtles, dolphins and sharks! This 5.7 million gallon aquarium is home 4,000 sea critters in one of the largest man made ocean environments in the world. They feed the fish at 10:00 and 3:30, and a cast member will narrate everything you are seeing underwater. If you go to the second floor observation deck you are in a room completely surrounded by the aquarium. So awesome! There is also an interactive area, and a “fins-on” play area at Bruce’s Shark World. Definitely a fun experience and cute photo ops!


Innovations East and West: Lots and lots of fun, interactive stuff for kids (and grown-ups) of all ages. Features exhibits about fire and storm safety, engaging exhibits (like a videogame playground) and hands on stuff about green living, environmentalism, technology, etc. We have had a blast at Innovations.

Living With The Land: Take a boat ride through various world environments, and into a greenhouse where tons of different fruits, vegetables and crops are grown with some amazing, state-of-the-art techniques. Disney uses the food grown in this ride in some of their Epcot restaurants, so it’s really cool to see that Disney is actually “farming” right on site. You also see the tanks where the sustainable fish are kept, until, ummmm, dinner time. We rode 2 times, it was that intriguing!

Spaceship Earth: You simply cannot go to Epcot without visiting “the ball.” Yes, the ball has a name! And it’s a ride! Whodathunkit? Spaceship Earth is an interactive ride through history and technology. Good for the whole family, and it generally has a very short wait time. This ride travels around the inside of the 18 story iconic landmark, and it begins with historical scenes of early communication and brings you all the way through the beginning of modern technology. After your ride is complete, you can play the games that are found after the unloading dock.

epcotThe Seas with Nemo & Friends: This is a fun ride through the Finding Nemo movie. The queue is very beachy and the line generally moves fairly quickly. You will ride in a clam-mobile and meet Mr. Ray and his class from the movie, where you learn that Nemo is missing. You will journey through the ocean to try to find Nemo. Very cute!

Turtle Talk With Crush: This is a super cute, interactive show where the kids sit in a designated area on the floor and get to interact with a “live” version of Crush (the sea turtle from Finding Nemo) on a huge tv screen. The kids are asked questions and get to talk to Crush and ask him questions. It’s definitely a hit for the kids and the adults, and the voice of Crush is dead on to the movie version. I rate it as “not to be missed.”

So there you have our favorite rides and attractions at Epcot for little ones. I know that there are jewels missing in my Princess crown for not having seen more of Epcot, but I keep telling myself, “that’s just another reason to go back!” Did I mention your favorite Epcot attraction? Miss it? Tell me all about what you and your little ones love about Epcot in the comment section. Toodles! ~A ºoº