M’s Favorite Disney Apps: Updated 7.16.2015

Update: July 16, 2015

Today, I’m adding one of my favorite Disney games here lately as well as updating all of the above apps featured with links to the droid version within Google’s PlayStore.

2015-07-14 23.42.44

Disney’s Inside Out Thought Bubbles (droid) game is a matching-type game. But unlike other similar games, you have to launch the memories up in order to match the colors and clear the board. The farther you go into the game, the more emotions you unlock. You can play with Joy, Sadness, and Anger and each have their own special power-up. Gotta say, after 79 levels, it’s quite an addictive game. The one criticism I’d have is that you learn the special help features available once and then unless you pay with real money, you won’t be using the extra powers. Has anyone figured out a way to earn the gems other than buying them? Other than that, it’s been a fun game overall.

2015-07-16 00.34.12

•If you enjoy the Disney quizzes you sometimes see on fb, you might like to check out their new app called Disney Inquizitive. It allows you to either create a new account, or sign-in via facebook. Once in, you’ll play the same types of quizzes you see on social, but all categorized and tidy. You can even earn points and learn what your Disney Personality is.



Original Post: July 15, 2015

Hey there!! I’m Meredith and back again today with more Disney apps. I covered just a few of the travel apps yesterday and would like to now talk about all the magic and fun Disney game apps as well as other Disney apps provide.

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We’ll start with watching Disney. Anything and everything Disney! There are quite a few apps that allow you to watch and enjoy Disney entertainment. From theatrical movies to the newest Mickey shorts to the big game, there’s definitely an app for that. The links below are for iOS since that’s what I use, but many of these apps are available within Google’s PlayStore, so please don’t miss out just because I only linked to the app store! **Edited to add: Links for Google PlayStore versions have been added for all droid versions available. If there isn’t a (droid) listed beside it, then there isn’t currently a version available.**
2015-07-14 23.53.41

Disney Movies Anywhere (droid) is an app I’ve covered before, so we won’t get too specific into its details. I would like to point out that this app works like any other movie viewing app in which you purchase the digital copy of the movie (whether through the app or included as a digital copy with a Blu-Ray). Apps like flixster and vudu work exactly the same way. Some of the reviews I read gave it one star just because they were mad that they couldn’t watch the movies for free. Really people?! You can, however, connect your DMA account to your iTunes account and unlock all of the movies you’ve previously purchased on iTunes. And subsequently, if you purchase a movie within the Disney Movies Anywhere app, it will automatically appear in your iTunes account and your other apple devices.

•The WATCH series of apps, including Watch Disney channel (droid), Watch Disney Junior (droid), and Watch Disney XD (droid) all have featured shows from each of their channels. You’ll be able to select from a few of each show much like you would with a cable service’s on-demand feature.

2015-07-15 00.01.26

•The Mickey Video app allows you to watch the newest Mickey series cartoons while the radio Disney (droid) app obviously allows you to listen to their radio station. The Disney Junior Appisodes app makes watching an episode of your kid’s favorite Disney Junior show even more fun by incorporating interactivity. Your child will have to answer, color, and select the correct choices at certain points through the episode in order to proceed so that it transforms the episode into a game. The Disney Shout! game looks to be great fun as it allows you to challenge friends and family’s Disney knowledge.

2015-07-15 02.07.28
•And if all those weren’t enough, you can actually watch the Disney family of companies other entertainment channels like ABC (droid), ABC Family (droid), and ESPN (droid). (Didn’t realize Disney owns ESPN? Check this out for a full list). Each of these apps work the same as the watch series. On these as well as the watch series of apps, you may need to provide your sign-in information for your cable provider to access certain episodes. There are, however, plenty of shows to watch on most of these apps without having to provide this information. You can also check out the selection of Disney movies that is available through the Netflix streaming service. While this is not an official Disney app, you can watch plenty of Disney movies by subscribing to the netflix monthly service. Note: up to this point, all app featured in this post have been free.
Now, to have a little fun, let’s talk fun Disney apps and games!

2015-07-14 23.44.07
Star Wars (droid). Y’all, for real though. Star Wars!! This is an official app and its got a little bit of everything. From keeping up with the latest SW news to an official countdown clock to the Force Awakens movie release date, it’s sure to make your inner geek squeal like a tauntaun. There’s gifs that auto copy when you click on them for use in text messages and a selfie feature that lets you select your character and costume to create your own SW-themed selfies. (Note, you do have to allow access to the camera to allow the app to take the picture for this feature. No biggie, just a heads up!) And lastly, just in case there’s that perfect time when conversation calls for a good sound effect, it’s got a soundboard too!

2015-07-15 01.45.01
•Another great app for use in conversations, and texts to be more precise, is the new Disney Gif app. I mentioned this a few weeks back in our Friday news post, but it deserves a little more explanation. This one allows you turn on an emoji-like Disney gif keyboard so that you can insert any of the many included (and free!) gifs to your texts. You just click on the little button to get to your emojis and select Disney gif.

2015-07-15 02.40.43


Once the keyboard pops up, it automatically shows the featured gifs, but by selecting from the categories at the bottom you can choose from your recently used gifs, a group of select emotions and categories, and from Disney characters’ main categories. Some of them fit so perfectly into a conversation, it’s almost too convenient! Yes, the above text screenshots did actually happen to me at some point! It is worth noting for as awesome as this app is, it is only currently in the App Store. I’m not sure if this one will be coming to the Google Playstore or not, but if you text a gif to a droid user, they have to actually click on the photo to see it animated. This differs from Apple to apple users because iMessages auto plays the gifs. Maybe they’ll have this in the PlayStore soon!


These next apps are for kids (for the most part).
2015-07-14 23.52.07

•Because there are just SO MANY choices, I don’t plan on going into all the details. I’ll say instead, that they offer different types of apps for kids including games, puzzles, adventures, and even licensed games that feature Disney characters. They also offer app bundles. You do not have to purchase the bundles, and tan for to know if you wish to only purchase one but decide to come back later and purchase a second app within that bundle, it adjusts your cost and only displays what you would owe to complete the bundle. These apps include jigsaw-type puzzles, word games, mathematics, reading and reading comprehension, as well as art and creativity. And though we’ll probably not own the entire lot of these storybook apps, they are fun and my girls have enjoyed the ones we do own. They’ve even purchased some of them with their own iTunes gift cards after birthdays and such. By searching Disney within Apple’s App store or Google’s PlayStore, you can access all of Disney’s apps. The App store even features the bundles for you on your search page.

•The series of “Where’s My“(droid) game apps are lots of fun and I’ve played through all three of the above pictured through their entirety. It’s a gravity-based puzzle/logic game in which you try to route the water (or similar) from one place to the end as best you can while manipulating different elements of each level in order to move the water. It’s not as easy to explain this one, but there are free levels for these apps, so go download and just check it out. You’ll pick it up easy and be craving more Swampy fast!! These games also received the editors picks in iTunes.

2015-07-15 00.17.34

If you enjoy matching games (think bejeweled and the likes) then there’s plenty to choose from!! All of these matching games have similar gameplay experiences but feature different characters and aspects from their respective movies.

2015-07-15 03.12.55

•The Marvel Puzzlequest (droid) app is an actual puzzlequest game. (Raise your hand if you love puzzlequest!!) Its a fun one and the levels are appropriately hard. You can mix and match who you play with both solo and as a team to defeat your enemies. The Disney tsum tsum (droid) app is quite addictive and is the reason we now own so many of the furry little characters. (Yes, you can buy them for real and you’ve probably already seen them in a target or Disney store at some point!) The game itself is quite fun and it’s worth playing, however it is a bit annoying that in order to play and save your game data it does not utilize iOS’s gamecenter, but rather LINE; the equivalent of gamecenter. And in order to utilize LINE, you guessed it! You have to download the LINE app (droid) first and create your account.

2015-07-15 01.32.59
•The last app I’d like to talk about today is the game called Pictopia: Disney edition (droid). I basically stumbled upon this one while looking through some of the apps above on the App Store and I’m so glad I did. I haven’t been able to let the girls play this one yet, but it looks like it’ll be fun to play as a family. That’s because it allows you to play both with the board game edition (available for purchase in stores) and within the mobile app only. Since we don’t have the board game, I played the mobile app version. You get to select a player and customize each one for each member of your family. Well, as long as your family has 4 members. As far as I can tell, there isn’t an option to add more players, so families of five like us, might have to double-up or something. Oh well. But, I will say this game was fun and while there is additional content available as an in-app purchase, the amount of free content that came with the free app download was good and sufficiently fun.
2015-07-15 01.36.12

By creating a player for each family member, you can challenge each other as well as keep up with who has the most trophies and the highest score. Each time a trophy is earned it appears on the screen and new is written on the trophy until you view it within your trophies page. Another feature that I did like was that after deciding if like to purchase a single questions pack, once it downloaded, I could toggle on and off to activate and deactivate that questions pack for each individual player. That’s nice because while I’m going to enjoy playing the parks trivia, it may not be as enjoyable for my girls who just won’t know as much. (Sorry girls, Mommy knows more in that category! 😁) Being a big fan of board games, this app has me wanting to buy and experience the board game as well. It looks as though you can select which question packs you own when playing in board game mode and that seems pretty cool. Anyone have the coordinating board game and can vouch for how it works with the app? I’d love to hear!!
So, that’s it folks!! Because the world of apps is always changing and evolving, I plan to use this post to update to, rather than creating new blog posts for new and/or other apps in the future. And if I update this page, I’ll post a link to it via our regular social media outlets so you won’t miss a beat! I’ll be back tomorrow to share even more fun Disney apps! What Disney apps are your favorite? Please comment, tweet, or comment over on our fb page and let us know. I’d love to check out your favorites and maybe even add them to this list! Can’t wait to see what new apps our Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow holds! ~M °o°