Frozen Nails

Hey howdy hey, it’s finally Friday again! And today I’m going to cover something that I’ve wanted to post about for quite a while. To start, me and my girls were very excited for the release of Frozen. And because I like to theme our nails, Frozen definitely had to be on our list of fun nail designs! I did a first draft, and thought on it and came back for a second try.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 12.28.27 AM

I decided to upload the photo from my phone to pinterest and wouldn’t you know, nothing really happened. That is, until the movie was actually released. Once the movie was out this lowly little pin I posted from my iphone started getting lots of repins. I really couldn’t believe how many in fact! As of now it’s at 170! And sure that may not seem like a lot, but for a photo I uploaded of my own, that’s a significant number. Well, with that many repins, I knew I had to get a hand model stat to paint and photograph how I did it. Hope this helps you all and please post and tag us if you try these yourself! We’d love to see them! ^_^

2014-03-14 00.14.57

You’ll need: Dark blue, teal, light purple, purple sparkles, and shimmery light blue polishes. Give each finger a base coat protectant and then a coat of each color as indicated. Be sure to use the light purple first on your pinky fingers so that it only takes one or two light coats with the sparkles. And because it got cropped out, the left hand thumb is teal 😉 Add glitter and tips then stripe or paint on the flower details. It doesn’t have to be perfect here! Just go for it!! This one really isn’t that hard and you’ll be surprised how easy it is!

2014-03-14 01.30.03

Then add dots and a basic snowflake pattern for your thumbs, or be creative and add Olaf or Elsa on the other! Finish off your pattern with a little Mickey ears detail and gloss them up with a shiny top coat. Not so hard and super cute!

If you liked this tutorial and would like to see more designs featured, please comment with what designs you’d like me to post. I aim to please. 🙂 And special thanks to Amy for being my lovely hand model.

2014-03-14 01.43.19

Now to change subjects just a bit. I’d like to begin by saying we’re so thankful to have the support and love that you’ve shared with us on this little blog adventure. One of our main goals is to help Moms make Disney memories, regardless of what type of memory it is. We want you to share things with not just us, but other Moms who might benefit from the memories you’ve made. We realize that you may not always want to share all of that information with EVERYONE on the web, so we’re opening up a private Moms’ group on fb where we call all share our Disney ideas, memories, and questions freely without having everyone we’re friends with read it. Please let us know if you’d like to be a part of this open and interactive group. We’d love to add you! Simply PM us from our fb page or comment “please add me” below. We hope this new group will help open you up to the idea of listening to others’ stories in hopes that we might benefits from theirs as well as sharing our own cherished Disney memories. Thanks for following along. We really can’t say that enough! ~M °o°