Hollywood Studios With Little Ones

Today I’m talking about hits for kiddos at Hollywood Studios park. We love Hollywood Studios for our older son Tigger, because there is so much he can do there, but Roo (2 ½ years old) had a great time too. Let’s get started!

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure


This is a playground for kids 10 and under and is based on the 1989 movie, “Honey I Shrunk the Kids.”  Kids can play on a playground designed as though they have been shrunk. They get to go through 20 foot tall blades of grass, climb over ants and lawn sprinklers, and play until their heart is content pretending that they are shrunken in their own backyard. We haven’t been able to do this attraction on the last 2 trips to Disney because it was closed both times. Bummer, because I know both of my boys would love it.

Hi there! Sarah chiming in…my girls absolutely LOVED this attraction! We literally spent an hour here (it was a misty, wet day, so it was fine to sit for a bit), and they probably would have stayed longer if we didn’t have a FastPass+ reservation for Toy Story Mania! Like Amy, in trips past, this attraction had been closed for  various reasons, so I’m glad my kiddos finally got to experience it on our last trip. It’s a great place for kids to play and for parents or grandparents to sit and take a little breather. ~S


Voyage of the Little Mermaid

Sarah again! This ride is a bit nostalgic for me. I have a special affinity for The Little Mermaid (I did rename myself Ariel when I was 3 after all), so this attraction is always going to be special to me. I’ll admit that on our last two trips, I didn’t have the time to squeeze it in, but if you are a fan of the movie, it’s really worth your time. It’s a live action/animatronic version of the movie, shortened to about 15 minutes. It definitely hits all the high points, including all of the most recognizable songs from the film, so you’ll definitely be singing along (even if it’s secretly!). If nothing else, you get to sit down in the cool air conditioning for 15 minutes, which, on peak summer days, is absolutely worth it. ~S


Toy Story Mania

Hey howdy hey, this is my favorite thing in all of Hollywood Studios! An 3D arcade style ride that takes you through a midway featuring all the Toy Story friends. You enter a vehicle and compete in various challenges with your ride partner. It is so much fun! The rides spins around and you pull a little string on the end of a cannon that you can aim at various targets to earn points. It is so much fun!!! And the queue for the ride is a kids paradise! It has giant replicas of toys, games, and even a larger han life Mr. Potato Head. Definitely makes standing in line go by quickly!



Muppet Vision 3D

Sarah again! I’m taking over Amy’s post! Haha! Sorry. But not really. I definitely wanted to help her out with some of these attractions that she has been unable to experience because I know some of you out there are big fans (or will be, if you take our advice!). Muppet Vision 3D is a show done mostly in 3D (with some live puppets sprinkled in) that features all your favorite Muppet characters. The premise of the show is that they are trying to create the best 3D show in the park, but, as always with Muppets, hilarious hijinks ensue. My girls begged to do this show over and over again after the first visit. I think we must have seen it at least 5 or 6 times one day. It’s got some loud bangs and pops, but most of the 3D tricks are silly and funny, so it shouldn’t scare anyone too much (trust me, I’ve got one skittish twin, and even she got used to all the noises after a few visits). If your kids love the Muppets, this is a show you cannot miss! ~S

Disney Junior – Live on Stage

This was probably Roo’s favorite part of HS! This show highlights some of your child’s favorite Disney Junior characters, including Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First. The show uses puppets and live actors, and has tons of audience participation because everyone is sitting in the middle of the room on the ground, so it is uber kid friendly. Your kids will be singing, dancing and loving every second of this show!

Hollywood Studios seems to be geared more toward older kids, but you can definitely find ways to entertain your little one there and the whole family can have fun. What is your favorite Hollywood Studios attraction? ~A ºoº