HS Tuesday Trivia

Happy Trivia Tuesday everyone! We’re so excited to debut our updated logo today too! And for the purposes of our first trivia question, we’ve actually used it to cover up something special. Your question then is, what exactly is our new logo covering and where in Hollywood Studios can this be found?


Answer: It’s actually a hidden Mickey! Donald and Mickey can be found in the Indiana Jones portion of the Great Movie Ride.



Question 2: In true Disney parks fashion, the Imagineers who worked on Hollywood Studios’ The Great Movie ride had fun with their names on the computer monitors located during the Alien segment of the ride. Name as many of their official job titles (the parts smudged out) as you can.

IMG_9052_AlienQuestionAnswer 2: Love their humor! Intergalactic goo analyst?! Too funny!


Question 3: I shot this photo from Epcot and it contains what Hollywood Studios attraction? Bonus points if you can tell us what country I was in and what country we’re looking at!


Answer 3: That’s actually Hollywood Studios’ Tower of Terror! Imagineers were so dedicated to detail that they intentionally designed the back facade of the infamous hotel so that it didn’t become a distraction from the lovely view of the Morocco pavilion when viewed from the Mexico pavilion! And thanks to this little book, I knew to look for it and snapped this shot on my last trip 🙂 (and yes, that is the same photo as above. Just zoomed in a bit)ToTAnswer

That’s it for another Trivia Tuesday. Thanks for playing along! And be sure to stay tuned for our coverage of Hollywood Studios the rest of this week! ~M °o°