It’s Marvel Friday!!

Hey howdy hey, it’s Friday again! And today is all about Marvel. Last week was a big week for Marvel releases with both Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Being released on Blu-Ray. And with the release of Disney Infinity 2.0 featuring Marvel, I just had to post about it today!


First off, the Captain America: TWS is a great sequel and offers way more action than the first movie. It also features one of the most epic car chase/sequences ever. (It’s even more epic considering that it’s Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson!) The bonus features included are really good too! I especially enjoyed the little snippet about how they decided what was going to be written on Steve’s notebook. You should check that out if you haven’t. There’s actually different versions based on what region of the world you viewed the movie! All in all, this movie fits seamlessly into the Marvel universe and the outcomes of it’s storyline are featured in my next topic: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


I missed out on watching this series when it first aired and when I tried to catch up (several weeks in) I realized that I couldn’t find the episodes anywhere. Hulu was a no go. So, I patiently waited it out until my birthday and thanks to my awesome brother, he pre-ordered my copy and had it for me last Tuesday. Happy birthday to me!!

As you all know, I’ve been pretty sick with this pregnancy and thus haven’t been getting much of anything done. That is, except for watching the WHOLE Agents season! Yep, I used all of my nauseous downtime to catch up on this series in preparation for the season 2 premiere on September 23.


As a series, it definitely gains momentum closer to end of the season, but even the first episodes are exciting and are worth the watch. As most fans of the show must have, I enjoyed the mystery and build-up of how Agent Coulson could have survived after his death in The Avengers 2. I also enjoyed the way the writers maintained the storylines between the show itself, Thor: Dark World and Captain America: TWS. If you’re a fan of the Marvel movies, you’ll definitely enjoy this series! And the bonus features included are fun too! I loved the bloopers!!


And if I haven’t already inundated you with all things Marvel, this coming Tuesday they’re expanding their universe even more! This is the much anticipated update to last year’s original release of Disney Infinity and this update looks to be amazingly fun. We’ve preordered the ps4 version and can’t wait to play. Our preorder through amazon includes the Marvel 2.0 starter set, (not to be confused with the toy box starter set due out in November) the Spider-Man playset, and the Captain America, Rocket Raccoon, and Venom figures, as well as a pack of the 2.0 discs all for $119.99! The pieces individually would cost over $150 and the three stand-alone characters (Captain America, Groot, and Venom) aren’t even available to purchase individually yet! We’ve also pre-ordered the Guardians of the Galaxy playset that includes Starlord and Gamora. Altogether, that’s three playsets and hours of fun to be had with some pretty awesome characters. I’m not lying when I say that I’m as excited (if not more) than Boo is for this release. Infinity was loads of fun and 2.0 promises so much more. Cannot wait!! You can check out where to purchase the Marvel 2.0 edition here.

As a parent, my most favorite thing about this game is that it’s two-player and I can actually complete missions with my child. Even if you’ve never been into video games, this is one that you’ll be able to pick up easily and have loads of fun with your kid(s). I mean really, who wouldn’t love taking on the bad guys together?!!

That about wraps it up for my Marvel post. Have I forgotten something?? What are you lost excited about? Let us know by leaving a comment here, or chat with us over on fb. We love to hear what you all have to say! ~M °o°