M’s Top Ten Reasons You’ll Want to Download Disney’s new app

Hey howdy hey! Meredith back with this Friday’s dose of Disney tech. And today’s is a doozie! So just what am I talking about exactly? The nifty little addition to your Disney digital library called Disney Movies Anywhere. I just happened upon this yesterday and have to say I am so impressed I just had to post about it today! So here we go. The top ten reasons you’re going to want to go connect to and download Disney’s new Disney Movies Anywhere.

2014-03-07 10.56.01


1) It’s Free! Walt Disney himself was always about not only storytelling, but (as he put it) “plussing” the experience. And I think they’ve done just that to the way we experience Disney movies now. I like the idea because they’ve combined both the sorts of clips and fun videos that you’d find on their website with your own personal Disney movie collection into one easy-to-use app. Okay, so maybe not as easy to use for a 2yo (I did test it on Belle and she did okay; not great) but my 5yo got around just fine.


2014-02-28 02.43.26


2) Parental Controls. This has been a big pet peeve of mine when using the videos app on our iPad with the girls. Currently all of our digital copies show in the movies tab and we haven’t been able to find a way to filter the results to show only certain movies. But worry no more!! All of our fun Disney movies (the same ones that we were watching over in the videos app) are now happily situated within the the new DME app. That means, that we no longer have to worry about the girls seeing the other movies that are linked to our account. And don’t get me wrong, we’re not purchasing outrageous stuff, but I’m glad that I don’t have to worry about her getting curious and watching a few minutes of the Hunger Games! ^_^ And it gets even better because you can actually go into the settings in the DME app and select which parental settings are acceptable to view. And you don’t have to worry about the kiddos changing the setting either because it requires you to sign-in using your login info to make those changes. Love that!!


Love the parental controls!
Eh! Eh kiddos! Mom and Dad have to sign-in to make these changes!


3) Free Digital Copy of The Incredibles! When you link your Disney account to your iTunes account, you’ll automatically be rewarded with a free digital copy of The Incredibles and it becomes immediately available in both iTunes (so yes, you can still watch it from your Apple tv) and the DME app and website. Who doesn’t love free movies??


Screenshot of the Disney Movie Everywhere website
Screenshot of the Disney Movie Everywhere website


4) Stream OR Download your Collection’s Movies within the app. This new approach allows you to have your favorite Disney titles with you wherever you are because you can simply go to your collection and hit play on any movie you own. No more worrying about having enough space on your device for the download! However, should you want to download your owned movies, you can download them directly from and play them with the app as well. This is great for things like car rides because if you’re like us, we don’t have cell service on our iPad.


2014-02-28 02.01.55
All your Disney movies in one conveniently streamable place


5) Stream your movies on two devices at the same time! This is great for those who might have kiddos with different opinions about what’s best to watch at that moment. It’ll also come in handy when you want to watch something while the kids are watching too. I’m not gonna lie, I like watching our movie collection as much as they do!


6) Download new titles directly from the app. Now, I know I’ve been saying “directly from the app” way too much already, but this is pretty cool. It does NOT redirect you to iTunes to make your purchase! A little iTunes window pops up within the app and allows you to purchase right there! And the points that are available for purchasing that title will be immediately added to your DMR account! And no worries! Your title also becomes available on your iTunes account.

2014-02-28 01.42.23
Before and After screenshots from my iPad of my Enchanted purchase within the DME app. And yes, I proceeded to hum “True Love’s Kiss” as I created this little collage ^_^


7) Apply DMR codes easier than ever. If you don’t already have a Disney Movie Rewards account and own any Disney titles at all, well the you could be earning cool rewards and products! Just click rewards from the bottom menu and enter your codes. So much easier when you’re a Mom and just can’t be bothered with stacking up all those movies to take to the computer to enter in all of them. (And yes, that was me two years ago). Linking your DMR account is important too because I found that two titles (Robin Hood and The Sword in the Stone) were both right there in my collection because I had purchased copies with the digital copy and the code I entered way back when reflected that. The digital copy however, was NOT through iTunes and we’d never been much for watching with the amazon streaming app, so we just never used those digital copies. Now, with Disney Movies Everywhere, we can stream those too!


Screenshot of where you add in your movie codes
Use the app’s Enter Code page to redeem your DMR’s


8) The Discover tab. Not only can you stream your own collection, and browse the archives (which yes, it will tell you if the title is currently in the vault or not), but it also has a wonderful little section called Discover. We watched several of the random videos covering all sorts of Disney topics from the most current Frozen clips to classic Goofy cartoons and really enjoyed the variety. There’s loads to explore and I can’t wait to watch more of their behind-the-scenes clips! I watched one earlier today and man, I just love hearing the history behind the characters well all know and love so well and am so happy they’ve added this little gem.

 2014-02-28 02.17.43

Don’t skip out on the Discover portion of the app too!

9) Favorites. Not only can you browse and discover both new and timeless titles, features, and clips, but you can save them all in one convenient place too! Like other social apps, you can “heart” your favorite clips and videos and know that they’ll always be right where you left them. And believe me, as a Mom who knows all too well how a 2yo’s temper-tamtrum can escalate quickly if Mommy can’t find what what she wants fast enough.

What would you heart in your collection?
What would you heart in your collection?


10) Bonus Features. Confession: I’ve always hated that the animated shorts that accompany the Pixar titles never accompanied the digital copies. But now, I’m so happy to see that they’re finally back with their movies and located on the same page as the movie title within your collection. And this includes not only the animated shorts, but any and all bonus features that accompanied your original purchased disc.



So what are you waiting for?! Give it and go and then let me know what you think. Have I forgotten something? What would you add to the list? Let us know by commenting below or chatting with us over on fb!

Have a great weekend and remember, there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day! ~M °o°