DIY Disney Parks Maps Ornament Photo Tutorial


It’s Christmastime and I’m so excited to finally share this easy little mod podge diy. This one is perfect for making a keepsake from a recent or past trip with old park maps. As I’ve mentioned on the podcast recently, I love collecting the maps and using them for various projects. They work particularly well for decoupage because they’re slightly thin and absorb the mod podge really well.

2015-12-08 12.59.12

I made the above sans glitter version a few years ago (2012) when we got back from the parks and have always had this tutorial idea in the back of my mind. We’ll be making glitter ears today since my girls just HAD to use the glitter they received as a gift. So grab your old maps and let’s get started!

2015-12-08 18.41.34

What You’ll Need:

  • parks maps
  • paper maché ornament balls (I got mine from JoAnn)
  • mod podge (found the ones pictured for $1 at target!)
  • acrylic or foam paintbrush
  • cardboard or cardstock
  • scissors


  • glitter (if you don’t want to use glitter, simply glue your ears down by the tabs and cover them with park map first before you cover the main part)
  • elmer’s glue
  • paintbrush for glue
  • glue gun
  • Cling wrap & baking tray (in case you’re crazy like me and let the kids help with the glitter part)


To start, trace circles on some card board or cardstock. I used a piece of cardboard that came in a photo shipping package and just used the mod podge bottle to trace the circles for the ears.

2015-12-08 18.43.58

Draw little square tabs on one side of the circle and cut them out. You’ll use the tab to glue the ear down to the ball.

2015-12-08 18.47.542015-12-08 18.54.08

If you’re letting the kids help, place the cling wrap over a baking tray and keep the glitter over the cling wrap. This works two fold: the glitter sticks to the cling wrap AND when you’re done, you simply fold the edges in to keep all the extra glitter contained. Ball it up and toss it! 2015-12-08 18.55.592015-12-08 18.58.422015-12-08 19.01.10

Trim the map as needed to show parts that you’d like to have prominent. You can use one large piece of the Magic Kingdom map like I’ve done here, or cut smaller pieces of all the parks maps and piece them together around the ornament. Be creative and have fun with it!2015-12-08 19.05.492015-12-08 19.12.32

Once you get to the ear portions, cut along a line in front of the ear and a little section out so that you can wrap the pieces back and around the ear.

2015-12-08 19.56.262015-12-08 19.59.50

*This project will naturally wrinkle and fold as you wrap the map around the ball. Be sure to get mod podge in between the fold layers too so that every layer will be properly glued down. 2015-12-08 20.04.532015-12-08 20.10.202015-12-08 20.22.48


And that’s it! Hope you’ve enjoyed out little photo tutorial. If so, let us know and help us share the love by sharing this post. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned later this week for Friday’s podcast episode in which we discuss 2015’s two Pixar film releases: Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur! ~Meredith ºoº