M’s Tips for Capturing Memorable Photos at WDW

Hey howdy hey, it’s finally Friday! And that means part 2 of my series on how to take more memorable photos at WDW. So let’s get to it!


1. Prepare your cameras before you leave home.

Let me say that again. Prepare your camera BEFORE you leave home. You can’t take memorable photos if there’s no room to save them on your device. Seriously folks, I can’t stress this enough because the last thing you want is to get into the Magic Kingdom and find that your memory card or smartphone’s storage is full and you haven’t saved those old photos. Even if you have old photos on there that you could delete doesn’t mean that you’ll want to waste the time selectively deleting photos while at the parks. That’s especially true when you didn’t realize it was full until that special moment that Elsa (your kids’ favorite character) just happened to walk by and chat. (sidenote: that happened to one of our readers not too long ago! Okay, the Elsa part. Not the storage full part. ^_^ )  And one more thing to note about this: when you’ve copied your photos and are ready to wipe your memory card, be sure to format the card while it’s in your camera. Don’t simply delete the photos on your computer. Not to get too technical, but formatting from in-camera allows a full wipe and helps ensure that your card will continue to work properly.

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2. Use a cloud service to upload your photos each night of your stay. 

You’re probably thinking that has nothing to do with taking memorable photos, but I beg to differ! By uploading your photos to a cloud services like apple icloud and dropbox (my personal fav), you’re ensuring that you’ll have that day’s photos memories no matter what happens tomorrow. Think that’s not important? What if you accidentally get your phone wet on Kali River Rapids and it stops working, or you just happen to leave it somewhere? At least you have your photos up to that point! With this one, you’ll want to check your resort offerings to see what wi-fi services they offer and log-in (or whatever way they have set up) the night you arrive to ensure that it’s done and ready to go the next day. This is also beneficial if you want to take lots of photos but don’t have a device with a large amount of storage. You could shoot as much as you like, upload once you’ve got wi-fi access, and then delete and do it all again the next day. (Though, I’m not sure if I could delete vacay photos that quickly myself!) Personally, I always keep all of my photos until I get home and back them up, but knowing that I’ve uploaded to my cloud throughout makes me feel a lot better about snapping photos with my phone.

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3. Take your babies’ photos at WDW while they’re still babies!

Okay, say what you will but I’m a Mommy that will always recommend traveling with a baby to WDW. I know I’m crazy and there’s lots of you out there saying that they’ll never remember it and it’s such a hassle and, and, and… BUT here’s what I know: I’ve taken an 11mo and a 14mo (and they could’ve been younger, but that’s just how our trip planning times worked out) and while it can have its moments, it’s so completely worth it to have those memories of them as tiny babes in the parks. I still remember vividly watching Boo (11mo) enjoy her very first WDW parade. She smiled and waved and while I realize that she’ll never remember that parade or those precious fleeting moments, I WILL. And I love that. And that should be enough already, but what’s even better is I’m now getting to enjoy going back through our vacation photos with them. Belle really loves seeing photos of “baby Belle” (yes, I realize that’s a cheese as well. Quite good actually.) with all of the characters and really loves watching the videos. In fact, it’s hard to go through my photos for posts like this when she’s awake because if she sees it on my screen, she’ll be in lap requesting to “watch that!” before I have time to blink. Plus, they’re FREE until they turn 3! So, enjoy that while it lasts!

2014-04-18 03.02.22


4. Capture several photos from an attraction of experience and make a collage.

This is a great way to highlight a favorite ride or attraction for yourself! You can take photos as you’re entering, waiting in the queue, boarding, riding, exiting, and of course shopping in the inevitable gift shop that serves as the attraction’s exit, or just collage the day’s photos together for a quick and simple way to share lots of photos all at once. This is super fun because there are great apps like PicFrame, that allows you to select certain photos to arrange in a plethora of sizes and frame styles. You can customize the colors, add text, and export to your camera roll or upload directly to social sites. Like some of the other apps I’ve mentioned before, I’d recommend playing with this app before you get to WDW. It’s actually quite an easy and intuitive app, but it’s never fun to try and “learn” how an app works when you’re in a hurry.


2014-04-18 03.04.19


5. Look for new vantage points and ways to capture the “classics” in a new way.

Photos that have an exciting and different vantage point are almost always memorable, especially when they’re of your loved ones on your big WDW trip! That may mean intentionally visiting a certain part of the park either during the day or at night. The Rapunzel bathrooms area is quite lovely at night and is a great way to rest (and charge your devices!) and the perfect photo op at night. (Totally not as weird as it sounds).

2014-04-18 03.16.18

One of my favorite moments of my last trip was with my Belle at park closing. I ran with my “big camera” and Belle on my shoulders from Tomorrowland’s speedway back around to Dumbo at 8:55 (the park was closing at 9) and was able to board Dumbo ALL BY OURSELVES! The CM’s made her feel so special and flying through the MK right at park closing and being able to see the Castle and the Wishes fireworks show begin with MY “baby mine” was just magical. We had so much fun and sat in Storybook Circus to enjoy the rest of the show. It’s always nice to watch the fireworks shows from different locations and storybook circus provided a magically whimsical setting for my memorable moment with my little love.

2014-04-18 03.11.24


6. Consider visiting other WDW locations outside of the parks for new experiences.

We really enjoyed resort hopping this last vacation and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s looking at spending a day outside the parks. It’s completely free, there’s loads of different places to visit all with free transportation (by bus, boat, or monorail), and gives you a reason to take a day away from the parks mid-vacation. We parked at the TTC, then hopped on the resort monorail to explore the deluxe resorts. The Polynesian is tropical and has great photo ops including fireworks viewing from the beach areas! The Grand Floridian is, well grand. Very aptly named. Pretty much anywhere in that big beautiful building is a great opportunity for a photo that’s not just another Disney ride. The contemporary and Bay Lake tower provide a modern-looking interiors, a giant Mary Blair (think It’s A Small World) mural, and a the only chance to see the monorail actually run through the building! With a dinner reservation at the California Grill, it also offers the unique opportunity to watch the nightly Wishes fireworks from its own private viewing platform. (Don’t worry, your ADR doesn’t have to be at the time of the show either. Just bring your receipt from earlier that evening back at showtime and they’ll take you back up!) And don’t forget to take a bus over to the AK Jambo house because it’s just awesome. If you want to go see the savannah animals but can’t get to Kilamanjaro Safaris, then you can get your giraffe (and other animals) photos for free just by visiting their viewing platforms! They’ve also got a great playground with lounge chairs that we enjoyed while waiting on our Boma reservation. We will definitely be resort hopping more in the future!

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Well, that wraps up part 2. I might have to revisit more ideas in the future because as I’m typing this ending, I’m already thinking I could add so much more. Guess be on the lookout for that sometime? What would advice would you add? ~M °o°