Star Wars trivia answers

It’s Monday and since it’s Star Wars Weekends season, today’s trivia is all about Star Wars! I’m currently reading the Chris Taylor book titled “How Star Wars Conquered The Universe” and have found some juicy nuggets of trivia within it. And since these may be a bit tricky, I’ve decided to make them multiple choice.



Question 1: When making A New Hope, Lucas decided that the Darth Vader actor David Prowse’s Devonshire accent just didn’t fit the role and brought in James Earl Jones to record Vader’s lines. How much was Jones compensated?

A: $1000
B: $7500
C: $5000
D: $10,000

Answer 1: Jones was paid a flat fee of $7500 for a single day’s worth of work.


Question 2: Ben Burtt was hired by Lucas as sound designer to go to the zoo and ask for what type of animal to be starved for a day and then have a bowl of milk and bread to be held under its nose so that it had enough hunger to produce an anguished roar that he could use, paired with a sea lion, to create a wookie’s roar?

A: Lion
B: Tiger
C: Mountain Lion
D: Bear

Answer: A hungry bear, paired with some creative sound mixing, was used to produce the now famous sound of a wookie’s roar.


Question 3: When convincing Alec Guinness to join the cast as Obi Wan Kenobi, he was offered the same amount of money as Lucas himself was receiving for writing and directing the film. How much did they each earn?

A: $100,000
B: $75,000
C: $150,000
D: $125,000

Answer: Both George Lucas and Alec Guinness each received $150,000 for their contributions to to the very first Star Wars movie. Guinness also received 2% of profit points.


So, how did you do? Thanks for playing along and check back this week for more Star Wars fun!! ~M °o°