DIY Mickey Mouse Baby Mobile

DIY Mickey Mouse Baby Mobile

Our baby loves anything Mickey Mouse. I wanted to make him a baby mobile, and, after I researched mobiles on Pinterest, I  was disappointed that I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I was inspired, however, to come up with my own design, and, with some help from my husband, it turned out pretty great. It was cheap, easy, and, best of all, required no sewing. Keep reading to learn how to make your own DIY Mickey Mouse Baby Mobile.Our DIY Mickey Mouse Baby Mobile tutorial is easy and cheap! Follow these simple steps to create the perfect room decor for your Disney loving baby.


  • Embroidery Ring
  • Felt (Black, White, and Red)
  • Glue Gun
  • Pillow Stuffing
  • Stretchy Bracelet Cord

How to Make Your Own

First, trace your Mickey heads on the black felt. I was able to fold the felt over and cut two heads at once. You will need eight total Mickey heads.Next, trace the same head shape (minus the ears,) on the red felt for the pants. Fold the circle in half, and cut off a small amount in a straight line across the top. This way the pants will be the same size as the body, and cover a little less than half of it. Once your pants are finished, it’s time for the buttons. Cut two small oval shaped buttons from the white felt per pair of pants. You’ll have 16 total. Then it’s time to start gluing.Glue the pants to each Mickey head. Then glue the two white buttons to each pair of pants. Once these are done, you should have eight completed Mickey heads. Now you are ready for the next step.  

Carefully Apply Glue

Glue each set of heads together, and start by gluing just the ears. Leave a gap between the ears open for now. Glue down the sides of the head, leaving a small gap (2 inches or so) at the bottom.  After allowing it to dry, add the bracelet cord by poking it through the top hole and out the bottom one. Hold it up against your embroidery ring to get an idea of how long it will be before you cut anything. When you do cut, leave yourself a little extra, just in case. After you’ve got the cord inside, go ahead and stuff them. I grabbed a small pinch of pillow stuffing for each head. When you’ve got it where you want it, go ahead and glue the bottom and top shut all the way. Make sure to hold it shut for a bit after you glue it so that it doesn’t pull apart. You may get some hot glue on your fingers, so watch out!

DIY Mickey Mouse Baby Mobile Assembly

After all of the heads are assembled, glue them to the embroidery ring.  I glued each one to the ring’s inside edge, keeping them at the four compass points so that the mobile will hang straight when it is finished.  Trim off any extra cord from the bottom at this time.  

When the heads are glued down, add in some little accent pieces to the cord.  I cut out some more pairs of Mickey heads from the black felt. I just sandwiched the cord in between two and glued them down.  

Cut two more pieces of cord that are exactly the same length, and glue these to the outer edge of the ring, let dry, and hang up your awesome Mickey mobile!

Check the video for more in-depth instructions and tips.

I hope your baby enjoys this baby mobile as much as our sweet guy does!

Thanks to Beth from Paper Angels vlog for this post and accompanying photos and video!

Cruising with a Baby

As many of you know, I’m planning for our upcoming Disney Cruise, and one thing on my mind is my baby and what all taking an infant entails. I asked my cousin Amanda all about it, since she took her baby a few years back, and here’s what she had to say:

2015-08-24 22.44.30

1. Should I take my baby on our DCL cruise?

Yes DCL is definitely geared toward taking baby.

2. Do I have to pay for my baby to go?

If baby is under 6 months, then they’re free. 6mo+ will have to pay a fare, though it is significantly less.

3. Is there nursery care for my baby aboard the ship?

Yes, there is nursery care for baby, but we personally did not leave our baby in there. From what we saw of it, it looked great & I also am pretty sure that was extra or you had to pay so much an hour for them to stay in there.

4. Does my baby need a passport?

I think all we had to take for our little one was a birth certificate.

5. What should I pack for baby?

We packed lots of snacks, juices, a sun hat, bottles, pacis, swim diapers, sunscreen, diapers, & of course clothes and a swimsuit. They provided a pack and play for baby to sleep in and a bottle steamer to clean the bottles.

2015-08-24 22.55.41
6. What baby things are provided?

Oops! I answered that on 5, but we had a pack and play and a bottle steamer provided for us to use.
7. Have you taken your baby aboard the DCL?

Yes, we have. We took Love Bug when she turned a year old & we had actually talked to a travel agent about what would be best for a 1 year old to do. We were debating on the cruise or Disney World, and the travel agent recommended the cruise &, honestly, they were right. We took Love Bug to Disney World the next year when she turned 2 & that was a nightmare for us because she couldn’t take her naps that well, and Disney World is very exhausting. It is very fun just, but was a bit much for our 2 year old at the time. On DCL, we were able to go back to the room anytime for her to get her nap,s and we didn’t have to go far, so we didn’t miss much of anything. Overall, I just think it’s easier for you and baby on the cruise & also no long waits to see the characters. ?

8. If so, what did you like most about taking your baby?

We liked how laid back it was, especially having our baby with us. Very convenient to go back to the room at anytime of the day for naps.

9. Did you find anything difficult about having a baby on your cruise?

We didn’t care to get off at the port in the Bahamas with our baby. We were just a little uneasy about it, but we did get off at Castaway Cay (the Disney Island) & that was so much fun .. There is so much for you to eat & plenty of characters to get pictures with & the water is beautiful!

2015-08-24 23.13.47

10. Would you recommend taking your baby on the DCL?

I personally think the DCL is perfect for a baby to go on. We had so much fun with our 1 year old who is now 3 1/2 & I will cherish those pictures forever & we may even go on another when our 8 month old twins get a little older. And yes, I said Twins! Lol

Thanks Amanda for telling us about your DCL and baby experience! I can’t wait to take my sweet Bubbles on the Dream!! ~M ºoº

Contributor Post: Whats in Your Bag?

It’s Amanda again!  I wanted to share a little bit about Whats in My bags when I travel to Disney!  We are a family of 4.  We travel with two strollers, two book bags, two kids, probably even two cars if we could!!


Strollers: We have carried our own, rented through Disney, rented offsite from 3 different companies as well as purchase one in the gift shop when we arrived.  I carry travel size Lysol and clorox wipes to disinfect the ones I rent, but all of them have been cleaned so we haven’t had issues with dirty strollers. All of them worked for what we needed, so it depends on your situation!  I recommend bringing your own if you have small children that like to eat while being strolled or connect via travel carrier car seats.  Most strollers I have found for rent are missing the attachment for the food tray and car seat carriers.

Renting Offsite – We have used Orlando Stroller Rental, Kingdom Rental and Magic Strollers.
Great things: Cheaper then at Disney parks, delivered to your hotel, you have it your whole trip, kids can be wheeled out while sleeping after a long night at the parks, Comfortable, Extra storage area underneath. Downfalls: You have to collapse them to get in bus/car/tram/train (or leave at station), Reserve in advance – may not have them available once you arrive.

Renting at Disney – Hard plastic so not as comfortable, but you can get one on a whim if your kids gets tired.  You can get a multiple day ticket so its cheaper per day to rent one for the length of your stay.  You can leave them at the train station and get a new one at the next stop.  You can leave them at the park end of day…so less to keep up with. I recommend these for older, larger kids.  You will see 10 year olds in strollers, adults taking naps in them, so don’t think your child is too old for a stroller, that’s a LOT of walking for kids. If you don’t want to drag them around….stroll them to let them relax at least one day of the vacation!

Buying one in the giftshop – This happened last time because I forgot to reserve a stroller so tried to get one on the trip down and EVERY rental company was sold out!  Both of my children can not fit in a double stroller (and be comfortable) so we figured instead of renting two hard plastic buggies it was better to buy an umbrella stroller there.  So that $40 in the gift shop, still saved us more money then if we rented one! It was perfect for toddler and above, but with younger kids you need that storage space!  Then end of trip you can give it to another family, take it home and use it or whatever else you need to do with it!

Bookbags – We take a lot of stuff because you never know with kids and adults what is going to be needed….ok, “I” take a lot of stuff…My husband gripes about it 🙂 But we have used almost everything I pack, so it comes in handy!
Autograph item(s) and pens/markers, Trading Pins, Change of clothes for little ones, Water bottles/Thermos cups (For the free ice water you can get), Clip on fans and Mister Fans if its going to be hot, Sunscreen, Clip on cooler bag to keep leftovers or waters cool, extra shoes/socks on rainy days or after water rides, Camera, Batteries, Pain Medicine, Snacks, Mio or flavor packets for water,  Ziploc bags to keep things dry or leftover food, Vaseline and Band-aids for blisters, Ponchos, Bag to cover strollers, Jackets, Phones and Phone chargers, Games for kids, Hand Sanitizer and Wet Wipes, Body Splash or Deodorant for all those odors you may smell in line….those that have been, you know what I am talking about!! With younger ones – You can pack bread and get packets of PB and J and make them sandwiches in the park.  Carry single serve chips and apple sauce too for a easy meal! For Babies – Diapers, Wipes, disposable mats for changing in bathrooms, don’t forget bottles for babies – I used the drop-in bottles and carried bottle wipes to clean the nipple and used a new liner each time.  A lot less to keep up with! They have Baby centers in each park to help with some supplies and feeding, rocking but try to carry everything you need in-case they are out of something or its not convenient to where you are. Now with all this stuff we carry we break it down into two bags.  Our valuables and things we would need for bathroom stops stay with us at all times, the other items we typically leave in the stroller in the other bag so we aren’t weighted down the whole day!

Suitcases – Florida weather can be hot, cold, rainy or beautiful!  It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, you are never guaranteed perfect weather! If you are travelling Oct – April I recommend at least a light jacket because some nights it can get cooler even if you were wearing shorts that day the wind can make you cold! Just because you are travelling in December….doesn’t mean you must take Eskimo suits and all pants and long sleeves…..We have wore shorts MANY times in December and it was plenty warm for it!!  We have packed for warm weather and it get colder at night than we expected and had to go buy several Disney Sweatshirts so either plan ahead or bring extra money to purchase in the park. If you are onsite you will probably have a mini-fridge in your room.  So get waters and capri suns for great pick me ups! Swimsuit and floaties- ALWAYS bring your swimsuit, kids swim year round so don’t leave your tikes out….they may jump in fully clothed if you forget! Shoes – Bring extra shoes for everyone!  With that much walking your feet will be screaming at you so get your best, broken in & comfortable, shoes you have and bring an extra pair to alternate with.  Coins and Detergent/dryer sheets – With kids expect messy clothes, accidents and laundry.  There are laundry rooms onsite if you need them, but bring plenty of coins!! Pop-Up Hampers – they fold flat but are great at holding dirty clothes. Snacks or Breakfast items for your room, Dry Erase Board (this was fun last time to leave thank you notes with Mouse-Keeping). Fan – If your kids need white noise to go to sleep with or the rooms just don’t get cool enough for you, bring a fan! Stuffed animals and Disney toys for the rooms, and all the Princess gear you have at home because your daughter will want to be a princess like all the other girls she sees, so plan ahead and bring stuff from your house!


Ok Thats about all I can think of for now.  Have fun packing!!


Oh baby!!!!

Hey howdy hey, it’s Friday!! And boy do I have some big news for you all!!! If you hadn’t already noticed here recently, Sarah and Amy have been keeping this little blog going. And although I really love blogging here, I just haven’t felt like doing much of anything here lately. You see, I got sick several weeks ago and just couldn’t shake it. Finally, last Tuesday I went to the doctor and it turns out I’m perfectly healthy. Thing is, there’s just a little one in there that’s taking all my energy and making me oh so sick. Yep, I’m pregnant! (Again! lol) We’ll be expecting our third and last child in April of next year and I’m so excited to share this happy news with you all. I’m also super excited to share my last pregnancy with you too.


The minute I told Amy and Sarah, my gals already had a private pinterest board up and began filling it with Disney-themed pregnancy announcements. I really enjoyed going through all of them because some of them are absolutely adorable!! And while I would LOVE to have been able to announce my pregnancy with a photo of our family actually AT Walt Disney World, that’s just not gonna happen for us. (And besides, I’ve always thought that I’d never be able to enjoy a WDW vacation while pregnant. I mean seriously, the fatigue, the swelling, and the heat just are NOT things I would enjoy while expecting. Not to mention, I LOVE the rides!!)


I decided that my favorite option was just a simple photo. And thanks to the AH-MAYZING(!!) Peppermint Pig here it is!

2014-08-28 23.00.11

I first contacted my friend Jen and asked if she could make me some Disney-themed number shirts and she was so excited about the news and idea, that she was able to get me these fabulous little shirts asap. Thanks so much Jen, they’re perfect!! (And by the way folks, she does all sorts of Disney shirts for vacations, etc so be sure to check her out if that’s your thing!)


I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, and leave you with our Disney vacation video that we’ve been working on since May. It includes everything from my “Where are we going” game to the Disneyside party to Star Wars Weekends. It’s got it all!! So here it is folks, our last WDW vacation as a family of four! ~M °o°