DIY Mickey Mouse Valentine Garland

DIY Mickey Mouse Valentine Garland

Adorable Disney Valentine decor doesn’t need to be expensive. Save some money by doing it yourself. Gather supplies around the home for this project and then it won’t cost you a thing! It’s super easy to show off your love of everyone’s favorite mouse and Disney with this DIY Mickey Mouse Valentine Garland!


You will need cardboard cutouts of Mickey heads and some hearts. Search online for “Mickey head template” and you can find tons to print and copy. Recycle an old cardboard box for your cutouts, and don’t stress about the cutouts being perfect. It will turn out great in the end, trust me! You will also need some twine in the length that you want your garland, white yarn, red twine, scissors, and tape. If you don’t have yarn or twine, experiment with supplies that you do have around the house like ribbon.


Begin by taping the start of your yarn to the back of the Mickey cutout to secure it. Start wrapping the yarn around the cutout in different directions. Make sure to keep it tight, or it will come unraveled.  Always be careful with Mickey’s ears, because you don’t want to bend them!After you have wrapped a good amount, place your garland twine across the back, just under the ears. Continue to wrap the yarn over the garland twine until no sign of the cardboard is visible. Take your time to make sure your yarn doesn’t slip off or get tangled up. When you are satisfied, tie off the end of the yarn to another piece in the back.

Repeat steps for the heart, but use red twine instead of yarn. Place the garland twine just under the top dip in the heart. This helps the heart so it doesn’t lean over when hanging due to weight.  Continue to repeat steps for the remainder of Mickey heads and hearts that you want on your garland. Make placement adjustments by simply sliding your Mickey heads and hearts across the garland twine. Tie a loop at both ends of your garland twine to easily hang.

Time to Enjoy

Hang up your adorable creation and sit back to enjoy! Your guests won’t even realize that you saved a ton by making it yourself, and you will be so proud of your super cute project. I just may leave this up all year round!Create your own DIY Valentine Garland inspired by Mickey Mouse! We include all of the materials needed and the step by step instructions. Celebrate Valentine's Day with a touch of Disney!

Thanks to our contributor, Beth, for creating this adorable DIY project!

DIY Glow Ears

diy glow ears

diy glow ears

DIY Glow Ears

Today I’ve got a simple and easy DIY for you! Although this one’s great for the Mickey’s Halloween parties, they’ll also be great for trick-or-treating in your own neighborhood. What makes this DIY glow Ears project so fantastic you ask? This diy is super easy and is great for anyone going to the parks year-round! Save big bucks on glowing Mickey ears and make these simple, re-useable glow ears instead!diy glow ears

Gather Supplies

•Glow Stick Bracelets (2)
•Glow Stick Bracelet Connectors (2)
•Glue Gun
•Glow-in-the-dark Glue Sticks
•Tulip Glow-in-the-dark Paint


Start by cutting the little bracelet connector piece in two and gluing the piece to the headband with the glow-in-the-dark glue sticks. There’s no exact science to this so don’t stress about the precise location of each one. This is supposed to be fun!diy glow earsStart with the top piece and once it has cooled, place the glow stick into that connector and curl it down to decide where the bottom connector piece should go. Mark the spot with a little dab of glue. Then proceed to glue that piece down. Pro tip: make a ring of glue around the entire headband so that the glue holding the connector piece won’t be pulled off once you place the glowstick. Repeat with both on the other glow ears

Make It Really Glow

By now, the headband has two ears that can be replaced with new glow sticks nightly. No need to make multiple headbands!! Just toss them nightly and get a fresh glow stick the next glow earsWho wants to stop at just glow sticks though?! Starting at the base of the headband, run a line of glow glue around the edges of the headband. Repeat on the opposite side. This is also where you can use the hot end of your glue gun to help shape the already-cooled glue on the headband both around the connector pieces as well as under the headband (where the headband will sit against your head). Smooth it to your liking and you’re done! Or not…

Add Hidden Mickeys

If you’re a true Disney parks fan, you’ll want to add some hidden Mickeys too! Using the fine tip of a tulip glow-in-the-dark fabric paint bottle, squirt one larger and two smaller circles in the shape of Mickey on the top of the headband. For the next Mickey, turn it in the opposite direction and continue the pattern across the entire top portion of the glow ears

Show It Off

Now that you’ve got some spiffy new diy glow ears, be sure to get out and show them off!! Mickey’s Halloween party at Disneyland and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween parties would be fantastic for this! Here’s all our spooky fun!Don't buy your Mickey Ears, make them! We've got a simple tutorial that shows you how. These DIY Glow Ears are so easy to make, and they're cute. Make yours before your next Disney vacation!

These fun and simple ears will also look amazing in any park areas that feature black lights (think dark rides and Pandora) since the glow glue reacts really well with black lights! Be sure to share a photo of your diy glow ears on one of our socials if you decide to make some!  ~Meredith °o°

Seashell Picture Frame

DIY Seashell Picture Frame

Seashell Picture Frame

It’s finally summer and family vacations, including beach trips, are in full swing. And I’m so excited to be back today to show you all how to make this fabulous little Seashell Picture Frame. This frame will be perfect to help commemorate your favorite beach memories! I used a photo from our cruise aboard the Disney Dream and just love it! So let’s quit stalling and get started!

What You’ll Need:

  • Old picture frame
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Brown and tan acrylic craft paints
  • Paint brush (sponge or brush)
  • Shells (please purchase from a craft store rather than taking directly from the beach)

Shell Picture Frame DIY

Decide where you want your shells to go BEFORE you glue them. Move them around until you have the best fit and the majority of the old frame is covered. You may also want to paint the entire frame your brown color before you glue if your picture frame is a bright or dark color. I didn’t with mine since it was so similar in color to my shells.

Once you’ve finished gluing your shells, give the inside and entire outer edge a coat of brown paint. Let dry.

You can use your paint drying time to warm up your glue gun. Once it’s dry and using your glue gun, squirt on glue to create a textured surface to the frame edges. This will eventually have a coral-like look! There’s no right or wrong way to do this. I just did little squiggles all around and made sure to not let it glob up too much in any one section.

Go ahead and give it a second coat of brown paint at this point to cover all the plastic-looking glue texture onto your Seashell Picture Frame.

Once it’s dry again, use your tan to lightly brush or sponge-paint the raised areas of the frame’s edges. (The texture you created with the glue gun). Once that’s dry, you’re done!

Seashell Picture Frame

And that’s it! Super simple and quick project that has a BIG impact. Please share with us if you make one too!! ~Meredith ºoº


Episode 77: Fish Extenders 101


Fish Extenders 101

We’re back to take a closer look at a gift exchange that’s exclusive to DCL! From what they are to how you receive and give them, we’re here to discuss it all! Would you ever participate in a Fish Extender group?

If you’ve enjoyed this episode, please let us know! And as always, for more Disney tips, tricks, tutorials, packing lists, dos and don’ts… Okay, you get the picture. We’ve got a blog! You can also find us on the following socials: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, & YouTube.

DIY Mickey Mouse Baby Mobile

DIY Mickey Mouse Baby Mobile

Our baby loves anything Mickey Mouse. I wanted to make him a baby mobile, and, after I researched mobiles on Pinterest, I  was disappointed that I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I was inspired, however, to come up with my own design, and, with some help from my husband, it turned out pretty great. It was cheap, easy, and, best of all, required no sewing. Keep reading to learn how to make your own DIY Mickey Mouse Baby Mobile.Our DIY Mickey Mouse Baby Mobile tutorial is easy and cheap! Follow these simple steps to create the perfect room decor for your Disney loving baby.


  • Embroidery Ring
  • Felt (Black, White, and Red)
  • Glue Gun
  • Pillow Stuffing
  • Stretchy Bracelet Cord

How to Make Your Own

First, trace your Mickey heads on the black felt. I was able to fold the felt over and cut two heads at once. You will need eight total Mickey heads.Next, trace the same head shape (minus the ears,) on the red felt for the pants. Fold the circle in half, and cut off a small amount in a straight line across the top. This way the pants will be the same size as the body, and cover a little less than half of it. Once your pants are finished, it’s time for the buttons. Cut two small oval shaped buttons from the white felt per pair of pants. You’ll have 16 total. Then it’s time to start gluing.Glue the pants to each Mickey head. Then glue the two white buttons to each pair of pants. Once these are done, you should have eight completed Mickey heads. Now you are ready for the next step.  

Carefully Apply Glue

Glue each set of heads together, and start by gluing just the ears. Leave a gap between the ears open for now. Glue down the sides of the head, leaving a small gap (2 inches or so) at the bottom.  After allowing it to dry, add the bracelet cord by poking it through the top hole and out the bottom one. Hold it up against your embroidery ring to get an idea of how long it will be before you cut anything. When you do cut, leave yourself a little extra, just in case. After you’ve got the cord inside, go ahead and stuff them. I grabbed a small pinch of pillow stuffing for each head. When you’ve got it where you want it, go ahead and glue the bottom and top shut all the way. Make sure to hold it shut for a bit after you glue it so that it doesn’t pull apart. You may get some hot glue on your fingers, so watch out!

DIY Mickey Mouse Baby Mobile Assembly

After all of the heads are assembled, glue them to the embroidery ring.  I glued each one to the ring’s inside edge, keeping them at the four compass points so that the mobile will hang straight when it is finished.  Trim off any extra cord from the bottom at this time.  

When the heads are glued down, add in some little accent pieces to the cord.  I cut out some more pairs of Mickey heads from the black felt. I just sandwiched the cord in between two and glued them down.  

Cut two more pieces of cord that are exactly the same length, and glue these to the outer edge of the ring, let dry, and hang up your awesome Mickey mobile!

Check the video for more in-depth instructions and tips.

I hope your baby enjoys this baby mobile as much as our sweet guy does!

Thanks to Beth from Paper Angels vlog for this post and accompanying photos and video!

DIY Fish Extender Magnets

DIY Fish Extender Magnets

DIY Fish Extender Magnets

Our next Disney cruise is 99 days away, and I’ve been super busy working on Fish Extender gifts. What’s a fish extender gift you ask? It’s an organized gift exchange on Disney cruises. You can read all about them here.

One of the cabin gifts I’ve been making for this cruise is Disney themed magnets. After working on these and finding out how super easy it was, I had to share it. This is such a versatile craft, and the options are truly limitless for what you can create. I worked with old Disney park maps, Disney cruise brochures (those turned out to be my favorite) and Disney scrapbook paper. You could also use pictures you’ve taken during Disney vacations, and make a truly unique keepsake.  Start to finish, these took me less than 30 minutes (not counting time for the glue to dry) and I made 20 magnets.

DIY Fish Extender Magnets are easy to make! This DIY project is simple and fun. It makes a great fish extender gift or gift for that Disney loving friend in your life. Check out how on our tutorial!

Supply List

  • 1 inch circle punch
  • Scrapbook paper, Disney park maps, brochures or stickers
  • Clear glass beads – you can find these in the floral section of most craft stores
  • Circle magnets
  • Modge podge
  • Craft glue
  • Foam brush

DIY Fish Extender Magnets


Flip through your materials and pick out the images you want to turn into a magnet. Go through your papers, maps and brochures holding the glass stone over the images to see how they will look through the stone. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and step outside your comfort zone. If you mess up,  you can always try again! I found that some of my favorite finished magnets were images that placed by themselves are just part of an image, but when placed next to another magnet becomes part of a complete set.

DIY Fish Extender Magnets

Next, use your circle punch to cut out the image you want.

After punching out your image, put a coat of mod podge on the flat side of the glass stone.

Then, place your image face down on the mod podge. Wait 15 minutes or so for the glue to start to dry.

After the first layer of mod podge is almost dry, coat the back side of your image with another layer of mod podge. Allow it to dry completely. This will seal the back of the image and protect from water damage.

Upon ensuring the mod podge is 100% dry, then use the craft glue to add the magnet to the back of the stone. It should only take a few drops.

DIY Fish Extender Magnets

Let your project dry completely and enjoy your magnets!

DIY Fish Extender Magnets

I plan on packaging these up in sets of 4-5 magnets per cabin. These are easy enough that kids could help, or even manage to try some on their own.

DIY Fish Extender Magnets

I think they make a super cute, affordable and fun gift that will be a great reminder of our time at sea. Here are a few of our other Disney cruise inspired crafts if you want to check them out:

Disney Inspired Coasters

Disney Cruise Line Fan Graphic 

Happy crafting and cruising! ~Amy ºoº

DIY Disney Parks Maps Ornament Photo Tutorial


It’s Christmastime and I’m so excited to finally share this easy little mod podge diy. This one is perfect for making a keepsake from a recent or past trip with old park maps. As I’ve mentioned on the podcast recently, I love collecting the maps and using them for various projects. They work particularly well for decoupage because they’re slightly thin and absorb the mod podge really well.

2015-12-08 12.59.12

I made the above sans glitter version a few years ago (2012) when we got back from the parks and have always had this tutorial idea in the back of my mind. We’ll be making glitter ears today since my girls just HAD to use the glitter they received as a gift. So grab your old maps and let’s get started!

2015-12-08 18.41.34

What You’ll Need:

  • parks maps
  • paper maché ornament balls (I got mine from JoAnn)
  • mod podge (found the ones pictured for $1 at target!)
  • acrylic or foam paintbrush
  • cardboard or cardstock
  • scissors


  • glitter (if you don’t want to use glitter, simply glue your ears down by the tabs and cover them with park map first before you cover the main part)
  • elmer’s glue
  • paintbrush for glue
  • glue gun
  • Cling wrap & baking tray (in case you’re crazy like me and let the kids help with the glitter part)


To start, trace circles on some card board or cardstock. I used a piece of cardboard that came in a photo shipping package and just used the mod podge bottle to trace the circles for the ears.

2015-12-08 18.43.58

Draw little square tabs on one side of the circle and cut them out. You’ll use the tab to glue the ear down to the ball.

2015-12-08 18.47.542015-12-08 18.54.08

If you’re letting the kids help, place the cling wrap over a baking tray and keep the glitter over the cling wrap. This works two fold: the glitter sticks to the cling wrap AND when you’re done, you simply fold the edges in to keep all the extra glitter contained. Ball it up and toss it! 2015-12-08 18.55.592015-12-08 18.58.422015-12-08 19.01.10

Trim the map as needed to show parts that you’d like to have prominent. You can use one large piece of the Magic Kingdom map like I’ve done here, or cut smaller pieces of all the parks maps and piece them together around the ornament. Be creative and have fun with it!2015-12-08 19.05.492015-12-08 19.12.32

Once you get to the ear portions, cut along a line in front of the ear and a little section out so that you can wrap the pieces back and around the ear.

2015-12-08 19.56.262015-12-08 19.59.50

*This project will naturally wrinkle and fold as you wrap the map around the ball. Be sure to get mod podge in between the fold layers too so that every layer will be properly glued down. 2015-12-08 20.04.532015-12-08 20.10.202015-12-08 20.22.48


And that’s it! Hope you’ve enjoyed out little photo tutorial. If so, let us know and help us share the love by sharing this post. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned later this week for Friday’s podcast episode in which we discuss 2015’s two Pixar film releases: Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur! ~Meredith ºoº

DIY Disney Inspired Coasters – Free Download!


DIY Disney Inspired Coasters

We are 35 days away from our first Disney cruise, and I’ve been super busy making my Fish Extender gifts. What’s a Fish Extender you ask? It’s an organized gift exchange between cabins. Meredith has been working on the cutest Mickey ears crocheted beach sandals for her gift for her upcoming cruise. Chere out her awesome tutorial for that. I have been thinking about doing Mickey coasters for ages, and Meredith was so kind to design some Disney inspired coasters for me! She even came up with 2 designs: traditional and Disney cruise inspired. Today I’m showing you how easy and fun these are to make! Let’s get started!

Looking for an easy, Disney inspired DIY? Give our Disney inspired coasters a try! They are fun and simple to make. Great for gifts or Fish Extenders!


  • 4×4 inch porcelain tiles
  • Decoupage glue sealer (Modge Podge)
  • Foam brush
  • Tile design
  • Felt
  • Clear spray paint


You can print out our download, which is the perfect size for 4×4 inch tiles, or use any scrap book paper cut into 4×4 inch squares. You can find the tiles at home improvement stores for about 15 cents each, and the decoupage glue can be found at Michael’s for around $6.


Step 1: Take your tile and apply a good coat of decoupage glue evenly on the tile. Make sure that you don’t have any clumps.


Step 2: Apply your paper evenly to the tile, making sure to smooth out any bubbles that appear between the paper and the tile. I try to apply pressure from the inside and work my way outwards, pressing down firmly, to get rid of the bubbles.


Step 3: When all the bubbles are out from under the paper, layer the top of the paper with a good coat of decoupage glue, using broad strokes in one direction. Be mindful of the edges.




Step 4: When the first layer of glue has dried for a few minutes, repeat step 3, only swap directions. If you applied the first layer of glue left to right, apply the second layer from top to bottom. Check the edges closely to ensure all bubbles are pushed out.

Step 5: Allow coasters to set for 24-48 hours for the glue to dry.


Step 6: Cut squares from your felt and hot glue to the back of the coasters. These will serve as a protective backing on the coasters so they don’t scratch the surface of your furniture.




Step 7: Apply a coat of clear spray paint to seal the coasters and make them waterproof. Allow to dry for 24 hours in a well ventilated area.


Step 8: Enjoy your hard work!


Free Download!

And now for your free download! To create your own Mouse & Monorail coasters, simply download this file here.  You can then print in color and you will be ready to go!

I’m going to tie my Disney inspired coasters up with a pretty ribbon and bag them up for delivery. With just a few hours of work, I have the perfect fish extender gift for my group, and it was affordable, easy and homemade. I can’t wait to give our gifts out to our new friends in a few weeks, and I hope they enjoy their coasters as much as I do.