How to Combine Disney Gift Cards

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Disney gift cards are incredible gifts for Disney fans. They can be used to pay for just about anything Disney you can think of! What happens when you get a ton of cards? If you’ve heard about the “Target Red Card” hack that allows you to save 5% off of the price of Disney gift cards, you’ve probably wondered how it works. Is it really advantageous? Does it really save money? We think it does! This hack is a great way to save, but how do you handle all those gift cards lying around? Read on for our best tips for how to combine Disney gift cards!Disney gift cards are great gifts! But what do you do when you have a ton of them? Read our best tips for combining Disney gift cards and help yourself stay organized!

How to Combine Disney Gift Cards

Remove cards from the packaging carefully and be sure to leave the sticky part still attached to the plastic gift card. This will allow you to attach all the cards together and keep them from getting mixed card

Number the Cards

Number each card with a sharpie. This is crucial because it will help you keep track of which card is which once you enter them into your account online. If you don’t, you could get very confused later about which cards you have and haven’t entered yet. This is especially helpful when entering enough cards for thousands of dollars since many people choose to use gift cards for vacation card

Don’t Scratch Them!

Don’t scratch to reveal the security code on the back!! The little area that’s meant to be scratched is actually a little sticker and can be pulled up altogether. Removing the sticker will save you loads of time and will keep you nice and clean. Nobody likes the mess left from lots of scratch-off cards!

Arrange Together

Use the sticky part to arrange the cards on top of each other with the bottom of the top card aligned directly above the bottom card’s number info. This will help you when glancing down to enter the numbers because the bottom of the card above will always be there to guide your eye. You can just barely see the sticky glue left on the card in the “don’t scratch” photo above. It naturally lines up perfectly to stick the cards to each other.


Direct your browser to and login with your existing account. No need to make a separate Disney account for this! Simply login using the same credentials you use for you My Disney Experience card

Enter the Information

Enter each card in separately and in number order. The website requires you to give each card a nickname. Use the number of the card as the card nickname so that you can always keep them organized.

Designate Primary Card

Designate one of your cards as the primary card. KEEP THIS CARD SAFE! This is the card that you’ll use to transfer funds to and make payments with. It’s good to keep in mind that each card will only hold up to $1000 and your account is only allowed 5 cards at any given time. This means that if you’re planning on using them to pay for your Disney vacation, you will likely have to designate more than one card as a primary card, so be sure to label them the same both on the physical card as well as the website nickname for that card.

Transfer Funds to Primary Card

Transfer funds from each card you enter over to your primary card. Don’t delete the empty card until you have entered in the next numbered card so that if you need to stop unexpectedly and finish later, you’ll know exactly where you left off. Example: I enter card #1 and designate it as primary. Then I’ll enter #2 and #3 and transfer their funds to the primary card. Now I can delete card #2 and leave the empty card #3 in the account until I’ve entered in card #4’s info. That way I’ll always know what number to start with if I have to come back to it.

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Don’t Throw Cards Away

Retain all your primary cards you use to pay for things until after your trip! I can’t stress this one enough. Any time Disney has to issue a refund, the funds will always go back to the original payment method. That means if you pay with Disney gift cards, you’ll be refunded on those same Disney gift cards. Recently, guests who had to reschedule or had cruise sailings canceled because of hurricane Irma learned first-hand how refunds work. Though a hurricane is an extreme case for a possible refund example, you just don’t know what can happen and it’s better to keep your primary cards card

Make Life Easier

Use a travel agent and have them do all this work for you, for free!!! Along with free vacation planning when you book with a travel agent, you’ll also get extra perks like this! Most travel agents will be happy to combine your cards for you. Save yourself the trouble and support one of your favorite Disney travel planners!

Thats all for today’s gift card tips. Have you got a great gift card tip? Please share with us!  ~Meredith °o°

Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes!

It’s almost Halloween and you still haven’t got a costume. Your kids aren’t helping because they can’t make up their minds either. Fear not! Our newest Mouse and Monorail contributor has the perfect DIY Halloween costumes for you.  Thanks to Beth (Paper Angels Vlog) for this super cute tutorial!

DIY Halloween Costumes

Paper angels vlog

Hi guys! I’m Beth from Paper Angels Vlog. I am so excited to be guest posting on the Mouse and the Monorail. If you watch our channel, then you know that we are HUGE Disney lovers.
Recently we shared how we made our Incredibles Halloween costumes. When the kids were trying to decide on what they wanted to be for Halloween, I figured it would be a princess, pokemon, or maybe someone from Star Wars. I have a 8 year old boy, 7 year old girl, and 5 month old boy for those that don’t know. The whole Incredibles set, right?! When I made that remark to the kids, they were on board to be the Incredibles for Halloween. Yay!

This is a perfect last minute costume idea. Head on over to Walmart (or a local thrift store) to pick up your red shirt. You will also need some felt. That is it! You can keep it simple with just the shirt or go all out with red pants/leggings, black shorts, black boots, black masks, and yellow ribbon around the waist. We are keeping it simple with just the shirts and masks. Walmart has the masks for around $2.

Watch the video to see exactly how we made ours. Enjoy!

Let us know if you are making an Incredibles costume, and look for more guest posts from us in the future! Thanks for watching! ~Beth ºoº

Thanks again, Beth, for contributing your awesome talents! Stay tuned for more new contributors to the Mouse and the Monorail!

Mickey Ears Beach Sandals

Alright folks, it’s official! We’ll be going on a Disney Cruise this next year and I’m just discovering how much fun me and the kids are going to have preparing our fish extenders. What’s a fish extender you ask? Here’s a little more info on it if you want, but basically it’s a way to share fun little gifts with the families who’ll be onboard with you. You place an organizer outside your stateroom and people place their gifts for you in it. Likewise, you provide their organizers with the gifts you’ve brought them. It’s pretty popular and while I’m all new to this, I’m excited to finally participate. *Edited to add: This pattern was published for The Mouse and the Monorail and is free for personal use only, especially for those wishing to crochet fish extender items for their upcoming Disney cruise. Please do not make and sell these.

2015-08-03 00.26.26-2

While searching for ideas, I came across the idea of crocheting beach sandals. I’ll be honest, I’ve pinned some before but really haven’t ever had the need for some. But now that I’ll need little gifts for my fellow cruisers and we’ll all be headed to the beach, now is the perfect time to make some! I searched both pinterest and ravelry (if you love to knit or crochet and haven’t been to this social site, then look out! It’s awesome and addictive.) and found a pattern that was cute. I made one, but didn’t necessarily like the way it looked on my foot. The Mickey shape itself was too small on my still post-partum feet and I’m not fond of the open hole that’s left in the center of the circles when using a chain to start. I decided to make my own pattern using what I already know about making flat circles instead. I plan to post the adult size pattern sometime soon, but for now, I’m providing you with the pattern I came up with for my baby’s feet. Because after all, she’s gotta match and anything that tiny is just plain adorable! This pattern is what I would consider easy as long as you can work single crochet, half double crochet, and know how to use a magic circle. If you don’t, then now’s the perfect time to learn these as you’ll find these are some basics for most all crochet projects. You can also find and save this pattern on the ravelry site here.


What you’ll need:
•Size 7 (1.65mm hook)
•Aunt Lydia’s or Bernat size 5 crochet thread
•Sewing Needle (for finishing off)


Mickey head: Make 2.
Start with magic circle.
Row 1: 8 hdc into magic circle and join with sl st.
Row 2:  Ch1 then 2 hdc in each st around and join with sl st. (16sts total)
Row 3: Ch 1 then [2 sc in first stitch and sc in next stitch] repeat brackets around row and join with sl st. (24sts)
Chain 15 and sl into same st. Fasten off.

Ears: Make 4.
Start with magic circle.
Row 1: 8hdc into magic circle. Sl st to join.
Row 2: Ch 1 then 2 sc in each st around. (16sts)
Fasten off.

Attach ears to head with the toe hole on bottom and ears on top by sewing with the tails. Sew in tails once attached.Visit Site2015-08-02 23.39.59
Ankle ties: Make 4.

Sl st onto hook and sc into top of ear and chain 80. Fasten off and sew in tail at ear. I recommend tying the ankles in the front rather than in the back for babies because they often kick and rub their feet together and it could easily come untied. Additionally, you can make these larger just by making the toe loop and ankle tie chains longer as needed.

2015-08-04 12.38.36 copy

You can also add a center bead or pearl if you pull the tail from the center magic circle tight and thread a bead as you sew in the tail.


2015-08-03 00.16.47-1 copy


And that’s it! Super simple and oh so cute! We can’t wait to wear our matching Mickey ears beach sandals on Castaway Cay next year! And I’ll update this post with the link to the kids and adults version once it’s available. Thanks for stopping by and come back tomorrow for my tutorial on how to make your own tie dye Mickey ears t-shirts!! ~M ºoº