Thank you! And Happy Fourth of July!

Hey howdy hey, it’s Friday! And I would just like to take today to thank you all for reading our little blog. I say that because life (and death) is hard sometimes, and it’s nice to be able to share all of my wonderful memories with you all. You see, over the last several weeks that I’ve been absent, I’ve been dealing with a whole lot death. Two funerals in one week to be exact. It’s been hard and writing about fun, happy Disney stuff was, just not happening… I’d like to say thanks first for your understanding and continued readership. We love sharing all the fun Disney stuff we possibly can and it means a lot to us knowing that you all enjoy it! I’m so glad to be able to share my little family’s Disney adventures with each and every one of you. Thankfully, finally getting back to writing about fun Disney stuff is definitely helping to restore some sense of normalcy for me. Sooooo, thank you! And you! And you! Oh, and you too! You’re all awesome and we truly appreciate you all!


Now, that I’ve gotten that out, (whew!) I’d like to just mention a little app and apparent craze in Japan that has just landed in the US called Disney’s Tsum Tsum. I saw it mentioned a few days ago and decided to download the free app (click here for both ios and android versions). I’m not gonna lie, it’s quite addictive and super cute. They’ve also got the actual plush Tsum Tsum’s available from the Disney store online as well as select stores across the US both in, and out of the parks.


I’m going to leave it at that for today since I know everyone is enjoying their Fourth! I’ll leave you all with a video I found from Epcot’s American Adventure. 🙂 Happy Fourth of July everyone! ~M °o°