Thursday Trivia

It’s time for another round of trivia, and today’s trivia is straight from this past Tuesday’s ABC special on the making of Frozen. Did you manage to watch it? And no worries! Even if you didn’t, these will be fun to guess!!


Question #1: Josh Gad is the voice talent for Olaf. In the scene where they show him ad-libbing, he says “Hi! I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs. And for an extra flower, I’m also a ____________” So, what is he for that extra flower?? ~S °o°

frozen question 1

Answer #1: Josh Gad ad-libs that for an extra flower, Olaf is also a love expert!


Question #2: Which now famous Frozen song almost didn’t make it into the movie? ~A °o°

frozen question 2Answer #2: Can you believe that “Do You Want To Build A Snowman”  wasn’t added back in until right before its release?! I couldn’t imagine Frozen without it!


Question #3: In an early script of Frozen, Anna actually traveled to the Snow Queen to ask her to do what? ~M °o°

2014-09-04 14.38.13

Answer #3: In that early version, the girls were not related and Anna actually traveled to a blue-skinned Snow Queen to ask her to freeze her broken heart!