Thursday Trivia

Are you ready for some Thursday movie trivia? Here we go!


Question 1: This actor’s last credited movie was which Disney film? Bonus points if you can name the actor! ~A °o°

Untitled picture

Answer 1: This is Bill Bixby, and his last movie was the 1975 Disney classic “The Apple Dumpling Gang.”


Question 2: Which full length animated feature was the last to use a storybook as the opening sequence? ~S ºoº

Answer 2: “Robin Hood” was the last animated feature to use that opening sequence. I’ve always loved those “storybook” openings, and I kinda wish they would bring ’em back!


Question 3: Before Mickey Mouse, who was suggested as the Sorcerer’s apprentice in “Fantasia?” ~M ºoº

Answer 3: Do you think it would have been the same kind of movie if Dopey had been the Sorcerer’s apprentice? I don’t think so either!


Thanks again for participating in our trivia today!