Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Disney Infinity

Hey howdy hey, it’s Friday! And for today’s tech talk I’m once again taking it back to Disney Infinity. So, here’s my Top 10 ways to enjoy Disney Infinity:

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1: On Your Own

There’s so much to explore when it comes to the game and what better way to learn and discover all it has to offer than to just sit and play solo?! From playsets to toyboxes and everything and anything you can imagine in-between, it’ll keep you busy for hours.




2. With Family and Friends

Infinity is a great game to play solo, but adding friends for co-op play is even better! You can add a second player in both the toy box and the playsets. (Just remember that only characters from that world can play in the corresponding playset. Example: Rapunzel can’t play in the pirates world 😉 )

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3. In-Game Online Play

If adding another player was exciting for you, then adding 3 is Disney magic! By inviting players from your corresponding console’s online feature, you can add two more players to create an infinite amount of toybox playtime possibilities.




4. Disney Interactive Online

Did you know you can use your personal computer to login to your Disney Interactive account and link your console play stats with your account? Yep! Just head over to their website and start adding in your character figure codes. You can also check out stats like general game accomplishments and feats as well as individual character figure’s stats too!

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5. Toy Box App

This app for the ipad (and soon for droids) allows you to sign-in to your Disney account (like you did in #4) and links your console play with the app. That means that you can use your own used figures to create toy boxes on-the-go and then play them on your system, when you get back home! There are more features as well like the Virtual Base which give you the ability to add character figure codes to your account and select which character you’d like to build with in the app.

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6. Adventures, Mastery Adventures, and Character Adventures

The mastery adventures within the toy box mode are great for those new to Infinity and are looking to learn how to play and build within the toybox. And the Adventures available are great fun and feature a variety of gameplay styles, keeping kids who like to change games frequently entertained and happy. You can access them by choosing travel within the options menu from the toy box. (You can’t access them from within the playsets). The Character adventures, unlike the regular and mastery adventures, are specific to whichever character figure you’re using on your Infinity base at the time you access your toy box travel menu. Each one features something fun and different and the characters’ personalities, traits, items, and experiences are often represented in these special levels.



7. Infinite posibilities of the Toy Box

Dream of, create, build, and inspire whatever you wish when playing in the toy box. Start from scratch with an empty toy box or choose from both Disney created and user created toy boxes alike! The gameplay of the toy box is surprisingly easy to learn and my 5yo picked up in no time. Selecting and placing toy box items is easy if you think about it like a real toy box. You can play with whichever toys you want, just find them from the menu and place them wherever! You can even play online with friends to create an AMAZING toy box and accomplish feats and achievements only possible when playing with 4 players!

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8. Power Discs

Collecting the power discs is a whole other discussion, but let’s just say that there’s loads of potential for enjoying the power discs. Whether it’s collecting more gold or sparks, or  re-creating a favorite Disney movie classic setting complete with shapes, colors, and sounds from the movie the power discs help you customize your experience ever further. My personal favorites are the toy box gadgets like Mike’s new car and Carl’s walking cane. (Just so we’re clear, yes it IS more enjoyable to take out an evil omnidroid with a walking cane complete with tennis balls! Hah!) And what’s more? There’s even special bonuses when you use certain discs together!

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9. Achievements & Trophies

Challenge yourself! Check out the list of feats and achievements, then go for it! And being an adult, I love that this game has achievements that are both easy enough for young kids to love attempting and difficult enough to keep the “kids at heart” entertained and challenged!  You can access your console’s achievements menu or login to your account online and check out all you’ve done. ^_^

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10. Conquer Challenges and Playsets

Each playset contains gold star missions for story completion as well as player challenges. The gold stars mark your progress througout the playset. The challenges, however, are hidden throughout the playsets and offer a different way to capture the collectibles and enjoy that portion of the playset in a different way. Some of them are available to access using any character figure and others are specific to the character it was created for. And there’s 3 levels of difficulty, so it’s a game that you can’t just sit down and beat in one sitting. THIS is a game that has plenty of playtime potential!!

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So, that’s it! What do you think? Did I miss something? What would you add to this list? ~M °o°