Trivia Thursday

Thanks for all the participation today! We love sharing our “Disney Villain Side” with all of you. Here are today’s answers:


Question 1: Which actress lent her voice to an animated villainness as her last credited film role? ~S ºoº

Answer 1: Having not realized that another actress who voiced a villain passed away recently, I’ll let Marcy Perdue get the “points” for this question! However, I was actually trying to get someone to answer with Martha Wentworth. She lent her voice to the character Madam Mim in The Sword and the Stone as her final credited film before her death.


Question 2: Without using Google, name the feline villains that comprise Disney’s Sinister Cats. ~A ºoº


Answer 2: Disney’s Sinister Cats are made up of Lucifer (Cinderella), Si and Am (Lady and the Tramp), Scar (Lion King), Shere Khan (Jungle Book), Felecia (The Great Mouse Detective), and the Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland).


Question 3: What Disney villain is also referred to as Lazuli, Lord Indigo, Rex, Pluto, and Prince Azure?~M °o°

Answer 3: Hades from Hercules goes by many names!