Trivia Thursday

It’s time for more Disney trivia!


Question #1: What was the code phrase used when Walt Disney was walking down the hallways by his employees (as a warning that the boss was around), and what Disney movie was it based on? ~A °o°

walt(source, source)

Answer: “Man is in the forest” was the phrase used when Walt Disney arrived to work, and is based on the 1942 film “Bambi.” ~A °o°


Question #2: In Disney’s first full length animated feature “Snow White,” who is the first character to speak? ~S °o°


Answer #2: The Evil queen is the first character to speak.


Question #3: Speaking of Snow White, it was the first animated feature-length movie to utilize Walt’s  own multiplane camera. It was not, however, the first animation to be shot entirely with this type of camera. Which Oscar-winning cartoon was first shot with this new technology? Bonus points if you can also state which feature-length animation was the first to fully feature this technology! (Snow White only had certain scenes shot with the multiplane).

multiplane(photo source)

Answer #3: The first cartoon shot with Walt’s multiplane camera was called the Old Mill and won an oscar in 1937. The first feature-length film to fully utilize this camera was Pinocchio.


Hope you enjoyed this week’s trivia! 🙂 Check back next week for more fun!