Tuesday Trivia-Spaceship Earth

Question 1: This week we are focusing on Epcot, so what better way to get that started than with some trivia!

Fill in the blanks:
The ____ foot tall Spaceship Earth at the entrance to Epcot weighs approximately ___ million pounds.


Answer 1: The 180 foot tall Spaceship Earth at the entrance to Epcot weighs approximately 16 million pounds. ~S º0º

Question 2: Rainwater never falls off of what WDW attraction? Where does it go?


Answer 2: Spaceship Earth. The geodesic dome actually absorbs the rainfall and funnels it down and into the World Showcase lagoon! ~A °o°



Question 3: Spaceship Earth is a dark ride and contains a special treat for those who know when to use their flash photography (The ONLY time I suggest using your flash on a dark ride). What is the special treat and where is it located during the ride?


Answer 3: The special treat is actually cave drawings near the beginning of the ride! If you turn and flash your camera towards your right side during the cavemen scene, you’ll see replicas of the actual cave drawings found in France and Spain. These cave paintings, some thought to date back as far as 30-40,000 years, are the earliest examples of paintings and I remember them well from my art history classes. So, you can only imagine how excited I was to discover this little gem. I love all the details that the imagineers meticulously and intentionally add to the attractions! ~M °o°