Wasabi’s Candy Sushi

sushiIMG_7783I’m back again! I hope you enjoyed my first post all about her party. Today, I thought I’d take this time to discuss how we did the candy sushi activity. As you can see in the above photo, we made two types: nigiri and fruit roll up rolls. The original pin only included the rolls, but we thought that the nigiri style would be easier for the ages of the kids that were attending. If you’d like more info on how to make the rolls, be sure to check out the original pin. I’d recommend you have a helper because the rice krispy treats have to be still warm when making the rolls and it’s difficult to roll it out once your hands are messy. And there’s pretty much no way to avoid getting your hands in it because if you try spreading with a spoon or spatula, you’ll end up tearing your fruit roll up. So, have one person open and stretch the fruit roll up, the other gently spread the rice krispy treat, and then the first person place marshmallows and gently roll it all together.sushiIMG_7764 The nigiri style was easy because we just made little elongated balls of krispy treats and saved them til party day. We purchased fruit by the foot instead of cutting the fruit roll ups because we tried one and it was terribly sticky and difficult. With the fruit by the foot, all the kids had to do was unroll and wrap it around the swedish fish and eat! We also purchased some chopsticks so the kids could “use” (let’s be honest, just to play) with them. The kids had fun playing and assembling their sushi and it was a fun activity to start off the party. sushiIMG_7766 sushiIMG_7768 sushiIMG_7771 sushiIMG_7772 sushiIMG_7774 sushiIMG_7776 sushiIMG_7778 sushiIMG_7779 Even if you’re not planning a birthday party, this activity is fun for any time! ~M ºoºIMG_7785Dance2015