Quick! What do you want to eat? I dunno, what do YOU want to eat?

Hey howdy hey, it’s Friday!! And today’s post is going to be quick! As in, “we just planned a last-minute trip to WDW! Where should we eat?!”  but include my usual Friday tech topic too!

First off, let’s start by saying that yes, the earlier you get your ADR’s in, the better chance you have of getting the restaurants you really want. Let’s also state that for this post, we’re going to discuss restaurants based on the food itself, and not character dining. That’s a whole other post by itself and we’ll save that for a later date.


I’m going to pin a few of my favorite spots not only in the parks, but around the entire property. There’s so much good food, that you really should eat with the “when in Rome” mindset. I mean think about it, let’s admit that we all have our regular foods that we have both at home and restaurants in our hometowns. It’s part of our day to day schedule. And to me, part of the “luxury” of vacation is being able to eat and experience something different everyday. Okay, so I may have gone overboard on our last trip with the ADR’s (apologies to my family now ^_^ )  but they were all so good that I have to share my favs list. With that said, if you’re truly doing the whole “last minute” thing, then it’s to be expected that a good majority of the restaurants pinned on our board will be already booked, but hey! It’s always worth a try, and with this list, you can just go through and ask a CM by directly calling Disney Dining. They’ll be able to continue checking from your list until you find something that’s available for you. There are always cancellations, so definitely give it a try! And don’t forget that you can always call Disney Dining, even while in the parks, to ask about a reservation.

Just use your phone’s qr scanner to scan the code located on our free MMM’s printable planning card! Yep! It will directly connect you with Disney Dining, and you can let them know that you are in the parks. This would also be handy to have if you already have an ADR and need to cancel on-the-fly. And think about it! It’ll actually save your phone’s battery life too because you won’t stand there waiting on a google search for the disney dining number, or your waiting on your email to load to call your TA (no offense to our TA ladies, just saying 🙂 ) We all know how cell service is on vacation. This would quickly and easily load the number on your phone. All you do is hit call! Wanna test it but can’t print right now? Go ahead “test” your qr scanner right on the screen straight from my photo. It totally works!

2014-05-07 23.53.43

As for our big “Quick! Where to eat?!” list, well, here’s how it’s going to work. We’re going to create a large collaborative pinterest board and want you all to join to contribute. I’ve already added a few of our readers that I know and already follow on pinterest, but if you’d like to participate (and I really hope you do!) then either comment or email us at memorymakinmoms@gmail.com with your pinterest email so that we can add you as a contributor to the board.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 1.27.51 AM

Once you’re added, click on this link to navigate to Disney’s main list of all of their dining experiences for WDW. From there, scroll through the list and click on your favorite dining locations. Once you’re on that restaurant’s page, use a pin it button or copy/paste to directly pin on the pinterest website. Let’s make this collaborative and really share as many ideas and experiences as we can! 🙂 Be sure to only pin restaurants THAT YOU’VE ACTUALLY BEEN to and include a little bit about why you liked it. I’ve already started the board with some of my favorites, but no worries ladies! I’ve left PLENTY of room for you all to fill-out our favorites list!

And best yet? I’ve added a map to our board. But, you’re saying “So what?!”, right? Well, that’s pretty awesome actually because if you’re in the parks and want to know our favorites quickly, just open our board and look at the map in relation to where you are in WDW straight from your pinterest app (ios & droid)! You’ll be able to easily find restaurants near you at that moment that WE ALL collectively love for one reason or another. You might be pleasantly surprised to find something that you wouldn’t have know about otherwise.

Don’t have a pinterest account? That’s okay!! You can still contribute. (Though we hope you’ll come pin along with us! It’s a free app after all.) Just comment below with your favorites and we’ll try our best to add them to our board 🙂

Lastly, be sure to check out our tags on the right bar of the blog and click “Dining”  as well using the search bar at the top to search for Dining. We’ve written loads of other great posts on the WDW restaurants, so be sure to check those out too! And this post is a must if you’re unfamiliar with making ADR’s because it explains it all.


So, off with you now!! Go pin away and help us create our own collective WDW foodie community!! ~M °o°