Disney’s Bears

Hey howdy hey, it’s Friday again!! We hope you’ve had a great week enjoying our coverage of Disney’s Animal kingdom while celebrating Earth day. On Wednesday, we celebrated Earth day by meeting some sweet friends to see Disney Nature’s new movie Bears. And I’d like to take today to chat just a bit about it.

First, I’d like to say that no matter how old you are, you’ll always have Disney firsts. And seeing Bears in the theater was a first for me because that’s the first Disney Nature movie I’ve seen. I really didn’t know what to expect either. Was it going to be completely boring and worse than those documentaries we had to watch at school? Was it going to be too long and my girls not last through the whole movie? Well, I asked myself those questions and answered them with a resounding, “we’ll see”! Haha! Sometimes you just gotta try something new.

I’m so glad we went! This was an incredibly sweet story and is enjoyable. Just know that you’re not going to see the winter soldier; you will see action, but it’s not going to be as intense. Lol!!

Bears follows a Mother bear and her two newborn cubs throughout their first year of life. It’s got plenty of “they’re so cute!” moments as well as “oh no! what’s gonna happen?!” moments. And overall, it’s just a terribly sweet story of a big lovable Momma Bear who will do anything to keep her cubs safe.

Another thing I worried about was runtime. I knew my girls wouldn’t want to sit there and watch a non-cartoon for too long, and wondered if they’d last. Thankfully, they did! The movie was ending right about the time that all 4 kiddos in our party started to get up and move around. 78 minutes is just about right.

Photo Apr 25, 3 02 23 PMThis is them roaring! ^_^

I’d recommend anyone with kids who love to learn to definitely take them to see this movie. If only there was a reality show like this, then I’d be able to catch-up with Scout and Amber in Season 2! Haha!


Well, thanks for following along and we’ll see you all again next week! ~M °o°