Guest Contributor: Trish (Lucky to be a Florida Resident!)


Hi, everybody! My name is Trish, and I love nearly all things Disney. I grew up an hour from Magic Kingdom, so my middle school and high school years held dozens of day trips to the parks. As a teenager, my bedroom was decorated in black, white, and red with classic Mickey bedsheets and accents. Does it get much more “fan” than that? It wasn’t until recently that I was able to take my family to the parks for the first time. My husband, Wade, hadn’t been since he was a child. I thought Disney was fun when I was younger, but nothing beats seeing the Magic through the eyes of my little ones! Emery is 3 years old, and Mickey Mouse is her character of choice. She’s not much of a “princessy” girl, but in recent weeks, Tangled has not left the DVD player, so maybe she’s coming around a little. Ezra is 15 months old, and though he doesn’t speak much, a regular activity for him is requesting his mouse ears be put on his head (over and over and over….and over), so I think he’s a classic Mickey fan himself. The Toy Story movies are some of our family’s favorites, and my husband is a big Cars fan (and has been accused of sounding a little like Mater). 

kids2We celebrated my littles’ October birthdays this past year with a week at Disney World and immediately upon return starting planning our next trip. We are only 4-5 hours from Orlando, so weekend trips are not unreasonable for us, plus we get to take advantage of some great Florida Resident specials.

 I’m so excited to be contributing to The Mouse and the Monorail, and I can’t wait to share more of my Disney side!