S2E8: Goodbye Disney Movies Anywhere



Season 2: Episode 8

Goodbye Disney Movies Anywhere

We’re back and are chatting about the big switch from Disney Movies Anywhere to Movies Anywhere. That’s right, Disney Movies Anywhere is going away! This app and website combo has been the digital hub for all your Disney movies and big changes are coming! Be sure to listen in as we discuss what this means for your own digital collection. In addition, we also discuss Disney’s streaming services and the changes that are coming to them as well. Will you be making the switch and earning free movies just for making the switch?



MoviesAnywhere iOS Android

DisneyNow iOS Android

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S2E7: Disney Travel Apps




Season 2: Episode 7

Tuesday : Disney Travel Apps

Today’s topic is all about the apps that correspond to different Disney Destinations. From the Disneyland and Walt Disney World to the ever-popular Disney Cruise Line, we’ve got you covered. This episode is perfect for everyone, so whether you’re always at Disney or going for your first time, don’t miss this episode!

Episode Links

My Disney Experience: Desktop iOS Playstore

Disneyland: Desktop iOS Playstore

Disney Cruise Line: Desktop iOS Playstore


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If you’ve enjoyed this episode, please let us know. For more Disney tips, tricks, tutorials, packing lists, dos and dont’s… Okay, you get the picture. We’ve got a blog! www.mouseandmonorail.com You can also find us on the following socials: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, & YouTube.

S2E2: 2018 Disney Movies




Season 2: Episode 2

Friday : 2018 Disney Entertainment

We’re back and so excited to begin the new year with a new format!! We’re happy to share that we’ll now be sharing two episodes per week! Be sure to listen to this episode 1 to find out the details of our new format. Today’s topic is all about what’s coming in 2018 in terms of Disney entertainment! From video games and apps, to all the new movies on Disney’s schedule, we’re going to be talking about it all! Which Disney movie are you most looking forward to this year?

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If you’ve enjoyed this episode, please let us know. For more Disney tips, tricks, tutorials, packing lists, dos and don’ts… Okay, you get the picture. We’ve got a blog! www.mouseandmonorail.com You can also find us on the following socials: FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram, & YouTube.

Meredith’s Favorite Disney Games


Disney Games

So it’s mid-July now and with school starting back in less than a month, I’m trying to squeeze in all the summer fun I can. Finding good games that your family can enjoy together can sometimes seem difficult when there’s SO many choices out there. Today I’ve got a list of my favorite Disney games. Whether you’re looking to find that perfect new board game for family game night or wondering what gaming options are available in the Disney parks, this post is for you!


In-Park Games 

Most people wouldn’t think too much about playing games while on vacation, especially at theme parks because they’re always rushing to their next favorite ride. In reality, there are quite a few super-fun interactive games within the parks (beyond the game-based rides like Toy Story Midway Mania and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin) that’ll keep you having fun and give you something new to try. Note: Games marked with an * require an additional fee to play. All other games listed here are included with your park admission ticket.

Walt Disney World

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom – This one is a fav of mine and allows you to experience the park in a way you’ve never imagined, all while enjoying little to no wait lines!! Best yet, you can bring the cards home with you and play the card game while note at the parks! To play, stop by the Firehouse on Main Street to get started.

A Pirate’s Adventure – Like the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, this pirate adventure has loads of fun within the Magic Kingdom and allows you to start and stop at your leisure. You can get your own pirate adventure started by finding the kiosk located just past the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and Pirates League.

*Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade – What better way to immerse yourself in frontierland than to take your best shot at the rootin’ tootinest shooting gallery west of the castle.

Advanced Training LabLocated next to Mission:SPACE in Epcot, this interactive game area lets you “further your astronaut training and even create a space-age postcard”!

Disney Phineas and Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure – Save the countries located in Epcot’s World Showcase from the evil Dr. Doofenschmirtz in this secret spy scavenger hunt. I personally loved this one as it made the countries come alive in a completely new way I had never experienced before. Don’t miss this one whether you have kids or not! You can begin your adventure at the entrance to the World Showcase or at any of the Agent P kiosks throughout the World Showcase.

ImageWorksLocated just after you take a Journey Into Imagination, you’ll find the ImageWorks “What If” labs. From conducting an orchestra to creating your own dragon, this interactive game area is perfect for little ones!

Innoventions – You’ll be surprised at how well you and your family enjoy the interactive fun within this Epcot attraction located in Future world. From getting caught in a storm or designing your own thrill ride, to learning how the colors of the rainbow brighten our world, there’s something fun to learn for everyone! You can even download the Colortopia app (iOS/android) to unlock even more fun! Find out more about Colortopia here.

Kidcot Fun Stops – While not really a game, this fun adventure is like letting your little ones take a Grand Tour (if people still did those) with Disney’s cuddly and well-traveled Duffy Bear. Just look for the Kidcot signs within the showcase pavilions.

Star Wars Launch Bay – While this stop in Disney’s Hollywood Studios isn’t just a game, you can try out the Star Wars portion of Disney Infinity here!

*Fossil Games – What roadside carnival would be complete without midway style games? These fun-for-the-kids games are located in DinoLand USA within Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Wilderness Explorers – This conservation and culture learning game lets you explore Disney’s Animal Kingdom and earn badges just like Russell from Up would! To begin your experience, stop by the Wilderness Explorers stand as you exit the Oasis. The wilderness must be explored! Ca0caw, ca-caw! ROAR! This is one of my favorites for kids as it lets them explore and enjoy the park without worrying about what ride to race to next. Don’t miss it!!


*Frontierland Shootin’ Exposition – Like its WDW counterpart, this shootin’ gallery features tricky targets and lights, sounds, and animations! One of the first stops in frontierland, you can’t miss this authentic-looking log cabin.

Animation Academy – While not technically a game, this instructive course allows you to learn how to draw favorite Disney characters from Mickey himself to newer characters like Agent P.

Sorcerers Workshop – While you’re at the Animation building, be sure to experience the Sorcerer’s Workshop where you can create your animations (not just drawings) as well as discover which Disney character you’re most like by answering questions with an enchanted book from beast’s library!

*Games of the Boardwalk – Styled after classic Disney and Pixar franchises, these boardwalk games are loads of fun for the family.

Redwood Creek Challenge – If hiking, climbing, and challenges are your thing then this one is perfect for you. Located in Disney’s California Adventure, you may even discover your animal spirit in the process!

Disney Cruise Line

Midship Detective Agency – You can enjoy this interactive game (very similar to the Sorcerers of the MK) aboard the Disney Dream and Fantasy cruise ships. I highly recommend for those cruising with kiddos!

Board Games

Pictopia – We got this one for Christmas and it’s super fun for the whole family. And even better, it has a companion app (iOS/android) that you can play along with the board game OR play alone when on the go!

Eye Found It! – This board game is great for families, especially those with preschoolers because it encourages your family to play as a team (you all win or you all lose) and doesn’t require participants to read in order to play. And for all you Star Wars fans, there’s even a SW edition!

Disney Hedbanz! – Guess which Disney character you are before your friends and family do and look totally stylish with the super cool Mickey ears headbands.


Check out all the fun Disney versions of classic board games too!

Disney Theme Park Edition III, Villains, and Disney Classics editions of Monopoly

Disney Parks, Minnie Mouse’s Sweet Treats, and Princess editions of Candyland

Inside Out and Theme Parks editions of Life

Disney Pictionary

Disney Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror editions of Clue

Finding Dory, Star Wars, and Doc McStuffins editions of Operation

HiHo! Cherry-O! with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Olaf’s in TROUBLE

Disney Guess Who

Disney Cranium

Frozen Jenga

Disney Wheel of Fortune

Disney Trivial Pursuit

Don’t Break the Ice: Frozen Edition

Disney Theme Park Scrabble

Video Games

Console-based (playstation, xbox, wii etc)

Disney Infinity – Available for most consoles this gaming system combines story-based gameplay with open-world creative building and makes playing with your favorite Disney characters an absolute delight.

Disney Magical World and Disney Magical World 2 (due out Oct 16 2016) Set out on your own theme park adventure with this Nintendo DS game. My kids (8 and 5) have loved this game and can’t wait for the new one to be released!

Just Dance Disney Party 2 – Jam and dance to more of your favorite Disney songs!

Playmation! – This is an interactive game for everyone. Don’t forget to download the companion app (iOS/android)!


Check out this week’s podcast to hear me chat all about these apps!

Disney Magic Kingdoms (iOS/android)

Kingdom Hearts Unchained (iOS/android)

Disney Dream Treats (iOS/android)

Disney Tsum Tsum (iOS/android) – This is the game where those adorable little stackable plushes originated!

Where’s My Mickey? (iOS/android) (definitely play the where’s my water version too!)

Inside Out Thought Bubbles (iOS/android)

For even more Disney games available as apps, check out these fun titles:

•Disneyland Explorer (iOS)

•Nemo’s Reef (iOS/android)

•Temple Run: Brave (iOS/android)

•Frozen Freefall (iOS/android)

•Disney Crossy Road (iOS/android)

•Infinity 2.0 Toybox (iOS/android)

•Star Wars: Commander Squad Wars (iOS/android)

•Castle of Illusion (iOS/android)

•Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens (iOS/android)

•Disney Jigsaw (iOS)

•Marvel Avengers Academy (iOS/android)

•Marvel Puzzle Quest (iOS/android)

•Marvel Contest of Champions (iOS/android)

•DuckTales Remastered (iOS/android)

Well, if my list doesn’t keep you playing for hours, I don’t know what will! What are your favorite Disney games?

How To Keep Your Devices Charged at Disney World

How to Keep Your Devices Charged at Disney World

Keeping devices charged at Disney World is no small feat. We want to capture the moments and share them, but we sometimes batteries run low. Don’t miss out on capturing that special moment because of a low battery! Follow these easy tips to save yourself time and headache.Portable Charging Device

Buy a Premium and Compact Portable Charging Device

Buy a premium and compact portable charging device! There are so many chargers out there to choose from, it’s hard to know what to go with. I’ve had a “solar” one in the past. Although I can still use it by charging it from the wall outlet, it doesn’t charge my device fast and the solar recharge feature was a bust. Maybe I never positioned it just perfectly angled to sun. Or maybe that feature just never worked. In any case, it’s time for an upgrade. My husband has a Galaxy Edge and I’ve got an iPhone 6 plus. There’s no way we’d make it a full day in the Magic Kingdom without recharging them. Add the GoPro to the mix and I’m pretty certain I’m gonna need a premium and large battery capacity to handle all of those devices!

Why Buy a Portable Charger?

It’s simple; time. When we’re on vacation, regardless if it’s at a Disney destination or not, I want to take pictures and videos with my phone. I’ll definitely have my Canon 5d out for photos, but my phone is always around and the easiest to snap with. And inevitably, it’s gonna die. Having the ability to charge my phone without having to seek out a charging place only to have to sit and wait a half hour or hour or however long it takes.

When I’m paying premium $$$ just to be inside the park itself, the last thing I want to do is sit and waste time. I’m willing to bet you’d say the same. Whenever I notice it’s getting low, I just pull out the charger, plug it up, and drop them both in my pocket. I can easily fit my (giant) phone and the charger in one pocket! I’ve used other portable chargers in the past and I won’t mention them here. In fact, I don’t want to mention them ever again!

I’ve heard many great things about Anker portable charging devices. After the solar charger flop, I was ready for a premium, high-capacity charger. Researching on Anker’s website I found that what suits my needs best is the Anker powercore. It’s loaded with both battery capacity and super fast charging speed. It’s also got a rugged exterior shell and although it’s certainly not light (let’s be honest it feels like a brick compared to a case-less iPhone) but it’s pretty compact!

My particular model is able to charge my iPhone 7.2 times before it needs recharging itself. That’s certainly enough to recharge our devices without having to worry about sitting somewhere in the parks and missing out on all the fun! And what made this particular model even more appealing is that it touts two usb ports. That means I can charge two devices simultaneously, all while waiting in line for Big Thunder Mountain!

Research Which Charger is Best for You

Browse the offerings for each charger as they all have different capabilities and if you’ve only got one device, you might not need quite as much as we do. There are loads of other great charger brands that people will swear by. So give yourself a little time to look through what’s out there and really pick what’s right for you.

The one thing you want to be sure to avoid is chargers that don’t contain premium battery cells.

The Anker devices have 8650 Panasonic 3400mAh lithium-ion batteries. They also have additional features, like surge protection, that cheaper and smaller charging devices like lipstick case and pocket chargers just don’t have. No matter which charger you decide to go with one thing’s for certain. You’ll definitely be having more fun than sitting around waiting on your device to charge!

Find Charging Stations within the Parks

File Jan 08, 12 30 04 AM

In case you are stuck and don’t have a portable charger, there are a limited number of charging outlets at the Rapunzel bathroom area and under the big top at Pete’s Silly Sideshow. The sideshow station is shaded and the Tangled station is outdoors and mostly in the sun. It can get brutal just sitting there waiting with the sun beating down on you. It also doesn’t bode well for charging as the devices really shouldn’t be in direct sunlight.

That said, Rapunzel’s charging station is the largest station in the MK, so it’s your best bet. Pete’s is smaller with fewer outlets. You can access the WDW map here. You can also find regular wall outlets in indoor eateries such as Cosmic Ray’s. There are outlets by the walls most table service locations. Like I said though, these are if you need to charge and can’t get by without it.

Update Your OS and Turn Off Background Apps

Finally, my last little tip comes from a friend who unfortunately had to learn the hard way while at the MK. He hadn’t updated his phone to the newest os and didn’t turn off the system preference that allows iPhones to auto update. Not only did he have battery drain from the phone trying to download the update, but he was also losing battery supply faster because of the spottier cellular service and slow/spotty wi-fi in the parks.

Seeing as he was unaware his phone was on a kamikaze mission, I’m sure it was a pretty awful moment when he unlocked the phone and realized what was going on. Don’t let this happen to you! Be sure to update all software including the latest OS. Also be sure to update apps like My Disney Experience (ios and playstore) and others that you know you’ll be using frequently while there. Additionally, turning off unneeded “auto refresh” apps that run in the background as well as features such as bluetooth and location services will help conserve your battery’s life.

M’s Favorite Disney Apps: Updated 7.16.2015

Update: July 16, 2015

Today, I’m adding one of my favorite Disney games here lately as well as updating all of the above apps featured with links to the droid version within Google’s PlayStore.

2015-07-14 23.42.44

Disney’s Inside Out Thought Bubbles (droid) game is a matching-type game. But unlike other similar games, you have to launch the memories up in order to match the colors and clear the board. The farther you go into the game, the more emotions you unlock. You can play with Joy, Sadness, and Anger and each have their own special power-up. Gotta say, after 79 levels, it’s quite an addictive game. The one criticism I’d have is that you learn the special help features available once and then unless you pay with real money, you won’t be using the extra powers. Has anyone figured out a way to earn the gems other than buying them? Other than that, it’s been a fun game overall.

2015-07-16 00.34.12

•If you enjoy the Disney quizzes you sometimes see on fb, you might like to check out their new app called Disney Inquizitive. It allows you to either create a new account, or sign-in via facebook. Once in, you’ll play the same types of quizzes you see on social, but all categorized and tidy. You can even earn points and learn what your Disney Personality is.



Original Post: July 15, 2015

Hey there!! I’m Meredith and back again today with more Disney apps. I covered just a few of the travel apps yesterday and would like to now talk about all the magic and fun Disney game apps as well as other Disney apps provide.

2015-07-15 10.10.45

We’ll start with watching Disney. Anything and everything Disney! There are quite a few apps that allow you to watch and enjoy Disney entertainment. From theatrical movies to the newest Mickey shorts to the big game, there’s definitely an app for that. The links below are for iOS since that’s what I use, but many of these apps are available within Google’s PlayStore, so please don’t miss out just because I only linked to the app store! **Edited to add: Links for Google PlayStore versions have been added for all droid versions available. If there isn’t a (droid) listed beside it, then there isn’t currently a version available.**
2015-07-14 23.53.41

Disney Movies Anywhere (droid) is an app I’ve covered before, so we won’t get too specific into its details. I would like to point out that this app works like any other movie viewing app in which you purchase the digital copy of the movie (whether through the app or included as a digital copy with a Blu-Ray). Apps like flixster and vudu work exactly the same way. Some of the reviews I read gave it one star just because they were mad that they couldn’t watch the movies for free. Really people?! You can, however, connect your DMA account to your iTunes account and unlock all of the movies you’ve previously purchased on iTunes. And subsequently, if you purchase a movie within the Disney Movies Anywhere app, it will automatically appear in your iTunes account and your other apple devices.

•The WATCH series of apps, including Watch Disney channel (droid), Watch Disney Junior (droid), and Watch Disney XD (droid) all have featured shows from each of their channels. You’ll be able to select from a few of each show much like you would with a cable service’s on-demand feature.

2015-07-15 00.01.26

•The Mickey Video app allows you to watch the newest Mickey series cartoons while the radio Disney (droid) app obviously allows you to listen to their radio station. The Disney Junior Appisodes app makes watching an episode of your kid’s favorite Disney Junior show even more fun by incorporating interactivity. Your child will have to answer, color, and select the correct choices at certain points through the episode in order to proceed so that it transforms the episode into a game. The Disney Shout! game looks to be great fun as it allows you to challenge friends and family’s Disney knowledge.

2015-07-15 02.07.28
•And if all those weren’t enough, you can actually watch the Disney family of companies other entertainment channels like ABC (droid), ABC Family (droid), and ESPN (droid). (Didn’t realize Disney owns ESPN? Check this out for a full list). Each of these apps work the same as the watch series. On these as well as the watch series of apps, you may need to provide your sign-in information for your cable provider to access certain episodes. There are, however, plenty of shows to watch on most of these apps without having to provide this information. You can also check out the selection of Disney movies that is available through the Netflix streaming service. While this is not an official Disney app, you can watch plenty of Disney movies by subscribing to the netflix monthly service. Note: up to this point, all app featured in this post have been free.
Now, to have a little fun, let’s talk fun Disney apps and games!

2015-07-14 23.44.07
Star Wars (droid). Y’all, for real though. Star Wars!! This is an official app and its got a little bit of everything. From keeping up with the latest SW news to an official countdown clock to the Force Awakens movie release date, it’s sure to make your inner geek squeal like a tauntaun. There’s gifs that auto copy when you click on them for use in text messages and a selfie feature that lets you select your character and costume to create your own SW-themed selfies. (Note, you do have to allow access to the camera to allow the app to take the picture for this feature. No biggie, just a heads up!) And lastly, just in case there’s that perfect time when conversation calls for a good sound effect, it’s got a soundboard too!

2015-07-15 01.45.01
•Another great app for use in conversations, and texts to be more precise, is the new Disney Gif app. I mentioned this a few weeks back in our Friday news post, but it deserves a little more explanation. This one allows you turn on an emoji-like Disney gif keyboard so that you can insert any of the many included (and free!) gifs to your texts. You just click on the little button to get to your emojis and select Disney gif.

2015-07-15 02.40.43


Once the keyboard pops up, it automatically shows the featured gifs, but by selecting from the categories at the bottom you can choose from your recently used gifs, a group of select emotions and categories, and from Disney characters’ main categories. Some of them fit so perfectly into a conversation, it’s almost too convenient! Yes, the above text screenshots did actually happen to me at some point! It is worth noting for as awesome as this app is, it is only currently in the App Store. I’m not sure if this one will be coming to the Google Playstore or not, but if you text a gif to a droid user, they have to actually click on the photo to see it animated. This differs from Apple to apple users because iMessages auto plays the gifs. Maybe they’ll have this in the PlayStore soon!


These next apps are for kids (for the most part).
2015-07-14 23.52.07

•Because there are just SO MANY choices, I don’t plan on going into all the details. I’ll say instead, that they offer different types of apps for kids including games, puzzles, adventures, and even licensed games that feature Disney characters. They also offer app bundles. You do not have to purchase the bundles, and tan for to know if you wish to only purchase one but decide to come back later and purchase a second app within that bundle, it adjusts your cost and only displays what you would owe to complete the bundle. These apps include jigsaw-type puzzles, word games, mathematics, reading and reading comprehension, as well as art and creativity. And though we’ll probably not own the entire lot of these storybook apps, they are fun and my girls have enjoyed the ones we do own. They’ve even purchased some of them with their own iTunes gift cards after birthdays and such. By searching Disney within Apple’s App store or Google’s PlayStore, you can access all of Disney’s apps. The App store even features the bundles for you on your search page.

•The series of “Where’s My“(droid) game apps are lots of fun and I’ve played through all three of the above pictured through their entirety. It’s a gravity-based puzzle/logic game in which you try to route the water (or similar) from one place to the end as best you can while manipulating different elements of each level in order to move the water. It’s not as easy to explain this one, but there are free levels for these apps, so go download and just check it out. You’ll pick it up easy and be craving more Swampy fast!! These games also received the editors picks in iTunes.

2015-07-15 00.17.34

If you enjoy matching games (think bejeweled and the likes) then there’s plenty to choose from!! All of these matching games have similar gameplay experiences but feature different characters and aspects from their respective movies.

2015-07-15 03.12.55

•The Marvel Puzzlequest (droid) app is an actual puzzlequest game. (Raise your hand if you love puzzlequest!!) Its a fun one and the levels are appropriately hard. You can mix and match who you play with both solo and as a team to defeat your enemies. The Disney tsum tsum (droid) app is quite addictive and is the reason we now own so many of the furry little characters. (Yes, you can buy them for real and you’ve probably already seen them in a target or Disney store at some point!) The game itself is quite fun and it’s worth playing, however it is a bit annoying that in order to play and save your game data it does not utilize iOS’s gamecenter, but rather LINE; the equivalent of gamecenter. And in order to utilize LINE, you guessed it! You have to download the LINE app (droid) first and create your account.

2015-07-15 01.32.59
•The last app I’d like to talk about today is the game called Pictopia: Disney edition (droid). I basically stumbled upon this one while looking through some of the apps above on the App Store and I’m so glad I did. I haven’t been able to let the girls play this one yet, but it looks like it’ll be fun to play as a family. That’s because it allows you to play both with the board game edition (available for purchase in stores) and within the mobile app only. Since we don’t have the board game, I played the mobile app version. You get to select a player and customize each one for each member of your family. Well, as long as your family has 4 members. As far as I can tell, there isn’t an option to add more players, so families of five like us, might have to double-up or something. Oh well. But, I will say this game was fun and while there is additional content available as an in-app purchase, the amount of free content that came with the free app download was good and sufficiently fun.
2015-07-15 01.36.12

By creating a player for each family member, you can challenge each other as well as keep up with who has the most trophies and the highest score. Each time a trophy is earned it appears on the screen and new is written on the trophy until you view it within your trophies page. Another feature that I did like was that after deciding if like to purchase a single questions pack, once it downloaded, I could toggle on and off to activate and deactivate that questions pack for each individual player. That’s nice because while I’m going to enjoy playing the parks trivia, it may not be as enjoyable for my girls who just won’t know as much. (Sorry girls, Mommy knows more in that category! 😁) Being a big fan of board games, this app has me wanting to buy and experience the board game as well. It looks as though you can select which question packs you own when playing in board game mode and that seems pretty cool. Anyone have the coordinating board game and can vouch for how it works with the app? I’d love to hear!!
So, that’s it folks!! Because the world of apps is always changing and evolving, I plan to use this post to update to, rather than creating new blog posts for new and/or other apps in the future. And if I update this page, I’ll post a link to it via our regular social media outlets so you won’t miss a beat! I’ll be back tomorrow to share even more fun Disney apps! What Disney apps are your favorite? Please comment, tweet, or comment over on our fb page and let us know. I’d love to check out your favorites and maybe even add them to this list! Can’t wait to see what new apps our Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow holds! ~M °o°



What’s ‘APPening with Disney?

Hi everyone! Today I’d like to talk about Disney apps. I shared my previous post about my favorite WDW apps I wrote back in 2014 yesterday, and I’m going to attempt to give you all an update of fun Disney apps since. My previous post focused on apps to use while at WDW, but today I’ll be talking about all Disney apps in general.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 8.44.12 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 8.47.05 PM

Let’s be honest here, I frequent the Disney games the most out of all the Disney app types.  My girls also enjoy the selection of apps that Disney offers. But that doesn’t mean it’s all fun and games. Disney offers a variety of fun and useful apps. From keeping you ADR’s at a delicious WDW restaurant updated to enjoying Mickey cartoons to enjoying puzzle-based logic games, there’s a little something for everyone. You can check out all the apps that Disney offers either on iOS or GooglePlay. I’ll be discussing our favorite Disney game apps later this week, but today I’d like to focus on some of the main travel apps to help you make the most of your Disney vacations.


Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 11.50.12 AM

The MyDisneyExperience app is now better than ever. Be sure to keep it updated on your device to keep it working properly as this will help load times, etc. You can view and plan most all of your WDW vacation needs with this app. It’s a great tool to research and find all of the attractions, shows, parades, and dining that will delight your family. A good tip if you plan to use it to remember your daily schedule while on vacation is to load the day’s schedule page within the app before you leave for the day and take a screenshot of the schedule. Then, while at the parks, all you have to do is view the screenshot in your photos. No more waiting for the page to load again only to see you’re late for your fastpass! This also helps save data as well as battery life, which we all know is important while in the parks.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 11.49.14 AM

There are other fun apps to help plan your Disney vacation trips as well! The Disney Navigator app is made specially for those who plan to set sail on a Disney cruise ship. Once on board the ship, you can connect the app to the ship’s complimentary wi-fi and keep up to date with everything that’s happening on board! From character experiences to dining to deck parties and more, you’ll have all the info you need to plan your cruise days and make the most of it!


Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 11.51.27 AM

Sarah has already mentioned the Disneyland explorer app, but it deserves a second nod. While this app doesn’t provide the same planning capabilities that MyDisney Experience does, it beautifully depicts the fun adventures that can be discovered while visiting Disneyland.



That’s all for today, but be sure to come back tomorrow for more fun and games!! ~M ºoº

Thank you! And Happy Fourth of July!

Hey howdy hey, it’s Friday! And I would just like to take today to thank you all for reading our little blog. I say that because life (and death) is hard sometimes, and it’s nice to be able to share all of my wonderful memories with you all. You see, over the last several weeks that I’ve been absent, I’ve been dealing with a whole lot death. Two funerals in one week to be exact. It’s been hard and writing about fun, happy Disney stuff was, just not happening… I’d like to say thanks first for your understanding and continued readership. We love sharing all the fun Disney stuff we possibly can and it means a lot to us knowing that you all enjoy it! I’m so glad to be able to share my little family’s Disney adventures with each and every one of you. Thankfully, finally getting back to writing about fun Disney stuff is definitely helping to restore some sense of normalcy for me. Sooooo, thank you! And you! And you! Oh, and you too! You’re all awesome and we truly appreciate you all!


Now, that I’ve gotten that out, (whew!) I’d like to just mention a little app and apparent craze in Japan that has just landed in the US called Disney’s Tsum Tsum. I saw it mentioned a few days ago and decided to download the free app (click here for both ios and android versions). I’m not gonna lie, it’s quite addictive and super cute. They’ve also got the actual plush Tsum Tsum’s available from the Disney store online as well as select stores across the US both in, and out of the parks.


I’m going to leave it at that for today since I know everyone is enjoying their Fourth! I’ll leave you all with a video I found from Epcot’s American Adventure. 🙂 Happy Fourth of July everyone! ~M °o°

Favorite Apps to Use While on a Disney Vacation

Hey howdy hey, it’s Friday! I’ve had a blast following along this week and enjoying all of our participation! You all rock!!! And if you’re not sure what I’m talking about, then check out our fb fanpage. We’ve had lots of activity as of late, and speaking for all three of us, we’re SO happy that you all are enjoying our blog and sharing your Disney memories as well. And sharing memories seems like the perfect segue into today’s post because today I’ll be talking about how to utilize those snazzy smartphones while on your Disney vacation by featuring some of my favorite apps.

There are loads of apps to choose from on several different platforms, but for the purposes of what I know and have actually used, I’ll only be talking about apps from the app store on iOS. Sorry to all my droid lovers, but I’ll work on that post for the future! 🙂 I’ve been to WDW several times now with my iPhone and couldn’t imagine going back without it. It was always not only my info center for anything and everything we had planned, but it also was the best camera. You know, because the best camera to use is always the one closest to you! From park maps to entertainment while waiting in attraction lines, there’s lots to explore and have fun with!

1. Camera+

This app is first on my list for a reason. I used this app MORE than any other app I’m featuring while at WDW. It’s only $1.99 and is worth WAY more than that! This is the app that I use to take photos no matter where I am. It’s my go-to and it can actually let you capture images that you never thought you’d be able to take with your camera phone. (There’s also one that’s called VSCO cam, and while it’s nice and pretty and does most of the same things, I started with Camera+ and once you get used to something, well you know.) Camera+ also has loads of presets, filters, and and other settings that makes this app totally worth it. The best feature by far though, is the ability to set your focal point and exposure points independently. What does that mean? It means that when you’re in situations where your sweet little Princess is doing the cutest little dance but it’s right in front of that really bright restaurant window, YOU will still capture that precious moment! You simply place one finger down on whatever you want in focus and while holding it down, place a second finger where you’d like the exposure to come from. Once you have your two markers, (one will be square for your focal point and one circle for your exposure) you can let go and move each marker around independently until you achieve the look you like. And be sure to practice this a bit before you go because it’s amazingly handy to know, but not exactly something you want to learn while on an attraction. This feature also means that you’ll be able to turn OFF (oh dear heavens, this must be the most awful thing and ever and my camera most surely won’t get a good pic if it’s not on!) for most all of your photos!! Being able to turn the flash off has loads of benefits. First, it saves batteries!! That’s a HUGE deal when on vacay and you want to make the most of your phone’s battery life. It also, eliminates those pesky red-eyed demons that most everyone has encountered. Let’s just not go there. And my favorite reason (and one of my biggest pet peeves at WDW) is that by turning the flash off, you’re being kind to everyone around you! This is most important because you can still take photos of the amazing dark rides while refraining from ruining the experience with momentary pops of bright light that tend to reveal things on the rides that the imagineers never intended you to see. The lighting on the rides is VERY deliberate and it’s not fair to everyone enjoying the ride to have it ruined because you just HAD to have a photo of Hook teetering in tic-toc’s jaws. And worse yet? The photos that have the flash on during dark rides are terrible anyway because the light you’re seeing while riding is changed once the flash light hits it. Let’s just suffice it say, you’ll be happy you turned it off!! (There’s only ONE exception to this rule and it occurs towards the beginning of a dark ride in Epcot. Anyone know what I’m talking about???)



2. My DisneyExperience

This app has gotten SO. MUCH. BETTER. Seriously, within the last several years Disney has greatly improved this app and it’s now loaded with features! Even if you’re not planning a trip currently, it’s a fun app to use to explore everything that WDW has to offer. From attractions, characters, and dining, to trip planning and ticket linking, this app is brimming with fun features. This is another to download and use BEFORE you leave for your trip. It’s always nice to know how an app works and where to find important bits of into before you’re there because any new app can be frustrating if you’re looking for info like times or menus while you’re whole party is waiting on you to “play” on your phone.



3. Touring Plan’s Lines

If you’ve been reading along with me, you all know that I’m a big Touring plans fan and highly recommend it to anyone who’s traveling to Disney Parks. (And yes, they even have Disneyland and the parks-that-must-not-be-named!) This app is great because you can pretty much do anything that you can on their website right from your phone/device. It stores any touring plans you make and gives you real-time info on park wait times based on their own unique algorithm that factors in Disney’s own posted wait times with the wait times from users submitted from within the app. Which means that you get a more realistic idea of how long the wait should be! And you can submit your own wait times too! It’s also great if you’re looking for something yummy to eat that’s close to you because you can search dining by locations and even check out their prices and menus! The best part however, is the Crowd Tracker and crowd levels estimates. Those will help you plan which days to be in which parks and can even help you nail down which week to book. This app rounds out my top 3 must-have apps.


There are loads of other apps to use too, both by Disney and third-parties. Here’s a few notable ones:

Instagram, because duh! If you’re at WDW and want to share that precious photo of baby kissing Mickey’s nose, that’s the way to go! Tag yourself with #disneyside and your photo may even be featured on Disney’s website!

DisneyMoviesAnywhere, because you’ll totally want to download your kids’ favorite Disney movies to watch while waiting in lines, etc. Trust me.

DisneyGiftCard. I’ve added this one because I just happened to find it while looking for fun Disney apps. I’ve havent gotten to try it yet, but it looks like a great way to add all of your Disney gift cards (you know, the ones that you purchased to pay for your trip with at Target to get your 5% back with the red card!) into one card. Anyone want to try it out and let us know how it works?

Memories HD. This is a Disney app that allows you to do fun things with your photos! It’s free, so check it out.

Story, this is another Disney app for photos. This one, however, is for those Moms who can’t just pick one photo. It allows you create “stories” with multiple photos and videos and add text to create a special memory. Definitely one to use AFTER your Disney trip.

HiddenMickeys, (Disneyland and Walt Disney World) and before you have a heart-attack at the price, let me just say that you’ll see the very same books sold throughout the resorts and parks and by not purchasing the physical copy you’re not only saving paper, but you’re giving yourself an opportunity to play along! Because with this app, it allows you to track and mark each and every hidden Mickey you find and when! Boo and I loved playing along on our last trip. This is an app that would be fun for kids to play while there because when they’re searching for hidden Mickeys, running around the parks is truly a blast!

Lots To Do In Line. (Disneyland and Walt Disney World) This app is made for those who want to play Disney trivia that’s specific to the ride or attraction that you’re currently waiting in line for! Yep! Gotta wait 90 mins for test track?? It’s cool. Just open it up and impress your friends with your impressive knowledge of why test track originally featured red and yellow colors!

Ride Counter. This is for those who just wanna show how many times they can stomach the Yeti’s vengeance on Everest because it lets you create multiple riders and track ride counts for each.


So, there you have it. My favorites, but I’d love to what I’ve missed. So please comment and share and let us know your favorite apps for traveling to Disney. And thanks for reading along. TTFN! ~M °o°

M’s Top Ten Reasons You’ll Want to Download Disney’s new app

Hey howdy hey! Meredith back with this Friday’s dose of Disney tech. And today’s is a doozie! So just what am I talking about exactly? The nifty little addition to your Disney digital library called Disney Movies Anywhere. I just happened upon this yesterday and have to say I am so impressed I just had to post about it today! So here we go. The top ten reasons you’re going to want to go connect to and download Disney’s new Disney Movies Anywhere.

2014-03-07 10.56.01


1) It’s Free! Walt Disney himself was always about not only storytelling, but (as he put it) “plussing” the experience. And I think they’ve done just that to the way we experience Disney movies now. I like the idea because they’ve combined both the sorts of clips and fun videos that you’d find on their website with your own personal Disney movie collection into one easy-to-use app. Okay, so maybe not as easy to use for a 2yo (I did test it on Belle and she did okay; not great) but my 5yo got around just fine.


2014-02-28 02.43.26


2) Parental Controls. This has been a big pet peeve of mine when using the videos app on our iPad with the girls. Currently all of our digital copies show in the movies tab and we haven’t been able to find a way to filter the results to show only certain movies. But worry no more!! All of our fun Disney movies (the same ones that we were watching over in the videos app) are now happily situated within the the new DME app. That means, that we no longer have to worry about the girls seeing the other movies that are linked to our account. And don’t get me wrong, we’re not purchasing outrageous stuff, but I’m glad that I don’t have to worry about her getting curious and watching a few minutes of the Hunger Games! ^_^ And it gets even better because you can actually go into the settings in the DME app and select which parental settings are acceptable to view. And you don’t have to worry about the kiddos changing the setting either because it requires you to sign-in using your login info to make those changes. Love that!!


Love the parental controls!
Eh! Eh kiddos! Mom and Dad have to sign-in to make these changes!


3) Free Digital Copy of The Incredibles! When you link your Disney account to your iTunes account, you’ll automatically be rewarded with a free digital copy of The Incredibles and it becomes immediately available in both iTunes (so yes, you can still watch it from your Apple tv) and the DME app and website. Who doesn’t love free movies??


Screenshot of the Disney Movie Everywhere website
Screenshot of the Disney Movie Everywhere website


4) Stream OR Download your Collection’s Movies within the app. This new approach allows you to have your favorite Disney titles with you wherever you are because you can simply go to your collection and hit play on any movie you own. No more worrying about having enough space on your device for the download! However, should you want to download your owned movies, you can download them directly from and play them with the app as well. This is great for things like car rides because if you’re like us, we don’t have cell service on our iPad.


2014-02-28 02.01.55
All your Disney movies in one conveniently streamable place


5) Stream your movies on two devices at the same time! This is great for those who might have kiddos with different opinions about what’s best to watch at that moment. It’ll also come in handy when you want to watch something while the kids are watching too. I’m not gonna lie, I like watching our movie collection as much as they do!


6) Download new titles directly from the app. Now, I know I’ve been saying “directly from the app” way too much already, but this is pretty cool. It does NOT redirect you to iTunes to make your purchase! A little iTunes window pops up within the app and allows you to purchase right there! And the points that are available for purchasing that title will be immediately added to your DMR account! And no worries! Your title also becomes available on your iTunes account.

2014-02-28 01.42.23
Before and After screenshots from my iPad of my Enchanted purchase within the DME app. And yes, I proceeded to hum “True Love’s Kiss” as I created this little collage ^_^


7) Apply DMR codes easier than ever. If you don’t already have a Disney Movie Rewards account and own any Disney titles at all, well the you could be earning cool rewards and products! Just click rewards from the bottom menu and enter your codes. So much easier when you’re a Mom and just can’t be bothered with stacking up all those movies to take to the computer to enter in all of them. (And yes, that was me two years ago). Linking your DMR account is important too because I found that two titles (Robin Hood and The Sword in the Stone) were both right there in my collection because I had purchased copies with the digital copy and the code I entered way back when reflected that. The digital copy however, was NOT through iTunes and we’d never been much for watching with the amazon streaming app, so we just never used those digital copies. Now, with Disney Movies Everywhere, we can stream those too!


Screenshot of where you add in your movie codes
Use the app’s Enter Code page to redeem your DMR’s


8) The Discover tab. Not only can you stream your own collection, and browse the archives (which yes, it will tell you if the title is currently in the vault or not), but it also has a wonderful little section called Discover. We watched several of the random videos covering all sorts of Disney topics from the most current Frozen clips to classic Goofy cartoons and really enjoyed the variety. There’s loads to explore and I can’t wait to watch more of their behind-the-scenes clips! I watched one earlier today and man, I just love hearing the history behind the characters well all know and love so well and am so happy they’ve added this little gem.

 2014-02-28 02.17.43

Don’t skip out on the Discover portion of the app too!

9) Favorites. Not only can you browse and discover both new and timeless titles, features, and clips, but you can save them all in one convenient place too! Like other social apps, you can “heart” your favorite clips and videos and know that they’ll always be right where you left them. And believe me, as a Mom who knows all too well how a 2yo’s temper-tamtrum can escalate quickly if Mommy can’t find what what she wants fast enough.

What would you heart in your collection?
What would you heart in your collection?


10) Bonus Features. Confession: I’ve always hated that the animated shorts that accompany the Pixar titles never accompanied the digital copies. But now, I’m so happy to see that they’re finally back with their movies and located on the same page as the movie title within your collection. And this includes not only the animated shorts, but any and all bonus features that accompanied your original purchased disc.



So what are you waiting for?! Give it and go and then let me know what you think. Have I forgotten something? What would you add to the list? Let us know by commenting below or chatting with us over on fb!

Have a great weekend and remember, there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day! ~M °o°