Trivia Thursday

It’s time for movie trivia! Y’all ready for some fun?

Question 1: Which Pixar character is named in tribute to a Pixar animator that died prior to the movie’s creation? ~A °o°

Answer 1: Lighting McQueen is named in reference to Glenn McQueen, a Pixar animator who died in 2002. (Source)


Question 2: Whose motto is “We never fail to do what is right.”? ~S ºoº

Answer 2: Why that would be the Rescue Aid Society from “The Rescuers” and “The Rescuers: Down Under.”


Question #3: What is the official color name of Ariel’s fin in Disney’s The Little Mermaid? ~M °o°Ariel

Answer #3: The ink and paint department actually mixed and created a unique color just for Ariel’s fin and thus, named it “Ariel” in her honor!



Thursday Trivia

Are you ready for some Thursday movie trivia? Here we go!


Question 1: This actor’s last credited movie was which Disney film? Bonus points if you can name the actor! ~A °o°

Untitled picture

Answer 1: This is Bill Bixby, and his last movie was the 1975 Disney classic “The Apple Dumpling Gang.”


Question 2: Which full length animated feature was the last to use a storybook as the opening sequence? ~S ºoº

Answer 2: “Robin Hood” was the last animated feature to use that opening sequence. I’ve always loved those “storybook” openings, and I kinda wish they would bring ’em back!


Question 3: Before Mickey Mouse, who was suggested as the Sorcerer’s apprentice in “Fantasia?” ~M ºoº

Answer 3: Do you think it would have been the same kind of movie if Dopey had been the Sorcerer’s apprentice? I don’t think so either!


Thanks again for participating in our trivia today!

Trivia Thursday

It’s almost time for Halloween, which means we are nearing the end of our villainous questions for Trivia Thursday. Are you as sad as we are? Here we go with the questions for today!

Question 1: Which Disney villain is unique because they don’t have henchmen to do their dirty work?  ~A °o°

Answer 1: Stromboli from “Pinocchio” had no henchmen, making him unique in the Disney villain world. (Source)


Question 2: Who was the inspiration behind Professor Ratigan from “The Great Mouse Detective?” ~S ºoº

Answer 2: Professor Ratigan is based on the character of Professor James Moriarty from the Sherlock Holmes story “The Final Problem.”


Question #3: According to Professor Philby (Kingdom Keepers series), ___________ is the most powerful demon Walt Disney ever created and is a mix between two mythological creatures. Name the two cultures and creatures that combines to create the most evil of all Disney villains. ~M °o°


Answer #3: Although other Disney lore places Chernabog as the based on different mythical creatures, according to Professor Philby, Chernabog is part Greek Minotaur and part Mayan bat god, Camoztoz.


We hope you’ve enjoyed playing along this month as we featured trivia from the Disney villains. If you’d like us to theme more months like this, please let us know! We’d love to hear your suggestions! And thanks for always playing along 🙂

Trivia Thursday

Thanks for all the participation today! We love sharing our “Disney Villain Side” with all of you. Here are today’s answers:


Question 1: Which actress lent her voice to an animated villainness as her last credited film role? ~S ºoº

Answer 1: Having not realized that another actress who voiced a villain passed away recently, I’ll let Marcy Perdue get the “points” for this question! However, I was actually trying to get someone to answer with Martha Wentworth. She lent her voice to the character Madam Mim in The Sword and the Stone as her final credited film before her death.


Question 2: Without using Google, name the feline villains that comprise Disney’s Sinister Cats. ~A ºoº


Answer 2: Disney’s Sinister Cats are made up of Lucifer (Cinderella), Si and Am (Lady and the Tramp), Scar (Lion King), Shere Khan (Jungle Book), Felecia (The Great Mouse Detective), and the Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland).


Question 3: What Disney villain is also referred to as Lazuli, Lord Indigo, Rex, Pluto, and Prince Azure?~M °o°

Answer 3: Hades from Hercules goes by many names!

Thursday Trivia

Thanks for playing along today! We are having a blast with our Disney villains trivia for the month of October. We hope you are enjoying it as much as we are! Ready for some answers?

Question 1: Name a Disney villain that doesn’t have their own theme song. ~S ºoº

Answer 1: I’m sure there may be more, but the ones that came to my mind were Shan Yu (Mulan), The Evil Queen (Snow White), and Lady Tremaine (Cinderella).


Question #2: Who are the “Overtakers” and what is their mission? Bonus points if you can name some of them! ~M °o°


Answer #2: The Overtakers are the group of Disney villains that live within the WDW parks as told by Ridley Pearson’s book series, the Kingdom Keepers. Their mission is to de-throne Mickey himself and reside as the rulers of the magic. Although Maleficent seems to be the main villain leading this group, she works with the likes of the Evil Queen, Cruella de Vil, the pirates of the Caribbean, the test track dummies, the green army men, Tia Dalma, and together, they bring to power the most dreaded of all Disney villains, Chernabog himself!


Question 3: Which Disney villain’s name is based on a real life betrayal of Walt Disney? ~A °o°


Answer 3: Charles Muntz from Up is based on Charles Mintz, the producer who “stole” Oswald the Lucky Rabbit’s design from Walt Disney, and then signed most of Disney’s own animators up on a contract to work for Mintz’s new studio. Walt Disney started over with his loyal animator, Ub Iwerks, and Mickey Mouse was born as a result. I guess we should thank Mintz, huh? (Source)

Thursday Trivia

It’s time for Thursday Trivia. We are feeling particularly villainous this week, so see how you do!

Question 1: Which Disney villain was obsessed with something in the Black Bayou? ~A ºoº

madame-medusaAnswer 1: Madame Medusa from The Rescuers is obsessed with finding the Devil’s Eye (the world’s largest diamond). The diamond was found by Penny in a cave in the Black Bayou. (source)


Question 2: Actress Lucille La Verne was asked to make the Wicked Queen’s voice sound a “littler older and raspier.” What did she do to accomplish this task? ~S °o°

Answer 2: Lucille took out her false teeth!


Question #3: What do the Evil Queen, Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, and Dr. Facilier all have in common? ~M °o°

mac-venomous-villains-cruella-queen-at-pr mac-venomous-villains-dr-facilier-at-pr mac-venomous-villains-maleficent-at-prAnswer #3: Aside from the fact that they’re all devilishly devious Disney villains, they were all featured in a 2010 Mac cosmetics collection called Venomous Villains.

Trivia Thursday

Apparently we were too easy with our Trivia Thursday! Y’all answered those questions FAST today. We’ll try harder next week, so be prepared! *maniacal laugh* For now, here are today’s answers:

Question 1: Who said “The right path isn’t always the easiest.”? Bonus points for naming the movie and character this line was said to! ~S °o°

Answer 1: Grandmother Willow said it to Pocahontas in the movie Pocahontas.


Question 2: Which Disney villain was described by her designer as “a fiendish witch of a woman?” ~A ºoº

Answer 2: That would be Cruella De Vil, of course! I hear that if she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will! 🙂


Question 3: Name the Disney villain who’s known for his “-inators” ~M °o°

Answer 3: The evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz is known for his dastardly devilish “-inators” on Disney XD’s show Phineas and Ferb.

Trivia Thursday

Here are today’s answers from our trivia questions!

Question 1: Who said, “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.”? ~S ºoº

Answer 1: In Mulan, the Emperor of China says the line above to Li Shang in reference to Mulan herself.

Question 2: What is the name of this Disney feline, and in what movie can he be found? ~A °o°cat

Answer 2: This is Cosmic Creepers from the 1971 movie, Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

Question 3: Which agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. is also a Disney Princess? ~M ºoº

Answer 3: Ming-Na Wen, also known as Agent Melinda May, is the voice of Mulan.

Thursday Trivia

It’s time for another round of trivia, and today’s trivia is straight from this past Tuesday’s ABC special on the making of Frozen. Did you manage to watch it? And no worries! Even if you didn’t, these will be fun to guess!!


Question #1: Josh Gad is the voice talent for Olaf. In the scene where they show him ad-libbing, he says “Hi! I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs. And for an extra flower, I’m also a ____________” So, what is he for that extra flower?? ~S °o°

frozen question 1

Answer #1: Josh Gad ad-libs that for an extra flower, Olaf is also a love expert!


Question #2: Which now famous Frozen song almost didn’t make it into the movie? ~A °o°

frozen question 2Answer #2: Can you believe that “Do You Want To Build A Snowman”  wasn’t added back in until right before its release?! I couldn’t imagine Frozen without it!


Question #3: In an early script of Frozen, Anna actually traveled to the Snow Queen to ask her to do what? ~M °o°

2014-09-04 14.38.13

Answer #3: In that early version, the girls were not related and Anna actually traveled to a blue-skinned Snow Queen to ask her to freeze her broken heart!

Trivia Thursday

It’s that time of the week again! We hope you had fun playing along with our trivia questions today. Here are today’s answers!

Question 1: Disney’s latest animated feature (in theaters Nov. 7) takes place in what fictional city? ~S °o

Answer 1: Why, that would be the completely fictional (even though it sounds like two real cities we all know) city of San Fransokyo of course! Who’s excited to see this new movie??


Question 2: According to animators, which Disney Prince and Princess have the largest age gap between the two of them? ~A °o°Disney-Princess-Kida-disney-princess-30168400-2560-1117Answer 2: Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. According to Flynn’s animators, he is intended to be 26 years old, and Rapunzel is 18. Their 8 year age difference makes Flynn the “Who robbed the cradle” winner out of the Disney Princes. (source)





Question #3: We all know this is Jabba the Hutt, but as I was working on our Disney video editing, Belle asked who this little guy with Jabba is. Can you name him? ~M °o°

2014-08-21 20.12.21Answer #3: This little muppet-lookin’ guy is named Salacious B. Crumb.

Thanks for all the fun participation today!! Check back next week for more fun Disney trivia!

Trivia Thursday

Hey y’all! It’s Thursday Friday (oops, so we’re a day late….) again so that means it is time for the answers for today’s yesterday’s trivia questions. How did you do?!?

Question 1: Robin Williams as Genie was so creative when filming the role in Aladdin that they actually had too much material to use! Which impersonations didn’t make the final version of the movie? ~A ºoºjacknic1Answer 1: Impersonations for George Bush, Dr. Ruth Westheimer and John Wayne were cut from the final version of the film. (source)


Question #2: What is the name of the pup from “101 Dalmatians” that has spots on his back in the shape of a horseshoe? ~S ºoº


Answer #2: His name is Lucky! Good guesses everyone!


Question #3: What is the name of the stereophonic sound reproduction system that was used for Fantasia. Bonus points if you know how many theaters Fantasia was shown at as a result of this system! ~M ºoº

Answer #3: The system was called Fantasound and is actually a precursor to what we now know as surround sound. The film was only shown in 14 theatres, since the installation of the equipment required for Fantasound at each venue was too expensive. (source)

Trivia Thursday

It’s time for more Disney trivia!


Question #1: What was the code phrase used when Walt Disney was walking down the hallways by his employees (as a warning that the boss was around), and what Disney movie was it based on? ~A °o°

walt(source, source)

Answer: “Man is in the forest” was the phrase used when Walt Disney arrived to work, and is based on the 1942 film “Bambi.” ~A °o°


Question #2: In Disney’s first full length animated feature “Snow White,” who is the first character to speak? ~S °o°


Answer #2: The Evil queen is the first character to speak.


Question #3: Speaking of Snow White, it was the first animated feature-length movie to utilize Walt’s  own multiplane camera. It was not, however, the first animation to be shot entirely with this type of camera. Which Oscar-winning cartoon was first shot with this new technology? Bonus points if you can also state which feature-length animation was the first to fully feature this technology! (Snow White only had certain scenes shot with the multiplane).

multiplane(photo source)

Answer #3: The first cartoon shot with Walt’s multiplane camera was called the Old Mill and won an oscar in 1937. The first feature-length film to fully utilize this camera was Pinocchio.


Hope you enjoyed this week’s trivia! 🙂 Check back next week for more fun!