5 Things to Know About Hurricanes and Disney Travel

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Traveling during the Atlantic hurricane season, typically June 1 to Nov 30, can be tricky. The odds of traveling during a major hurricane at Walt Disney World are extremely low. However, it’s always a good idea to know what you’re getting yourself into when planning a vacation during this time. Even more so, if you’re traveling during the season peak month of September! We have you covered though!

Closures Due to Hurricanes are Rare


Orlando’s central location within the state of Florida makes it a much safer place to ride out a larger storm. Did you know the structures throughout Walt Disney World were designed to withstand gale force winds? It’s no wonder that since its opening in 1971, Walt Disney World has only ever closed for hurricane weather a total of 4 times!! The most recent was almost two years ago for Hurricane Irma. While a closure can be frustrating, it’s better to know that things are closed and everyone is safe.

You Can Change Your Travel Dates Without Penalty if a Hurricane Warning is Issued

According to Walt Disney World’s official hurricane policy,

“If a hurricane warning is issued by the National Hurricane Center for the Orlando area—or for your place of residence—within 7 days of your scheduled arrival date, you may call in advance to reschedule or cancel your Walt Disney Travel Company Magic Your Way vacation package and most room only reservations (booked directly with Disney) without any cancellation or change fees imposed by Disney.

If you have products and services provided by third-party suppliers included in your vacation—such as airlines, hotels, car rental agencies or vacation insurance companies—you will continue to be responsible for any non-refundable payments, as well as cancellation or change fees assessed by those suppliers. The policy does not apply to certain special events or dining experiences.


This policy also applies to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort or Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort in the event a hurricane warning is issued for those destinations.”

Travel Insurance is Key

Whether you’re planning to travel during the hurricane season or not, travel insurance is always a good idea. One of the many things it can cover is the ever-unpredictable weather situations that can and do affect travel. It’s good to remember that each travel insurance plan is different. Your travel agent can explain more about what’s covered. Unfortunately, most insurance plans can’t be added onto a paid in full vacation package.


Be thinking of the potential for hurricanes and whether you should select travel insurance when you first book your trip. Furthermore, most insurance plans will help cover costs associated with travel such as airfare to and from your destination. Remember: Even though Disney may reschedule your vacation without penalty, other third-party vendors that you have bookings with may not allow a reschedule. For more information on Walt Disney World’s travel insurance, click here. For more information on Disney Cruise Line’s insurance policy, click here.

Disney Has Safety Protocols In Place for Guests On-Site


While it’s no secret that Florida gets its fair share of hurricanes, it may be surprising to some that Walt Disney World is designed to withstand gale force winds. In the event that Orlando sees a direct, or even near-direct, hit from a hurricane, guests staying on property will be protected and even entertained! Many guests who’ve ridden out recent storms like Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Irma have reported that they’ve participated in games, movie marathons, and even unannounced character meet and greets within their resorts’ lobbies and food courts! Additionally, most resorts will allow guests to ride out the storm in their rooms. However, should the storm become more intense, each resort has an interior space to relocate everyone.

Disney Cruises Are Subject to Change

While Disney Cruise Line makes every effort to maintain its fleet’s schedule, safety is always paramount. Unfortunately that means that sometimes Disney has to make tough decisions. If the safety of any of Disney’s ships is in jeopardy, Disney Cruise Line assesses that risk and plans accordingly. This can often be as little as diverting around a storm or mixing up the port days during each sailing. Sometimes though, the risk is too great and Disney will make the call to cancel sailings. As of August 28th, Disney Cruise Line has posted a tropical weather update that states, “We are closely monitoring the path and progress of Hurricane Dorian to ensure our Guests enjoy safe and comfortable cruises, and to make certain our ships steer clear of the storm. The safety of our Guests and crew is always our foremost concern.

At this time, based on the current predicted storm timing and path, we do not anticipate any changes to the Disney Fantasy sailing on Saturday, Aug. 31. We are closely monitoring potential implications for the Disney Dream sailings on Friday, Aug. 30 and Monday, Sept. 2. We encourage Guests to monitor our website for updates.”


If you are considering a trip to Walt Disney World or a Disney Cruise during hurricane season, just remember to stay prepared and flexible. Safety is the most important thing! Stay weather prepared and keep an eye on Disney’s official sites for the latest information. Additionally, for more information on rainy days at Disney, be sure to check out our other blog post here.

Episode 52: Weather at WDW


Hey everyone! With Hurricane Matthew still threatening to cause trouble for Florida, we figured today would be a good time to talk more about weather in general. From heat and cold to torrential downpours and even hurricanes, Walt Disney World has its fair share of crazy weather. And that means that you need to be prepared! So join us in discussing the potential weather situations for Walt Disney World! Have a crazy WDW weather story? Please share it with us! Come like our fb page or tweet us!


To those who who were or are in Matthew’s path–our thoughts and prayers are with you. ~Meredith ºoº

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What to Do on a Rainy Day at Disney World

What to Do on a Rainy Day at Disney World

Did y’all know it rains a lot in Florida? Crazy, huh? Even crazier, the rain might only last a few steamy minutes, and then it is done for the day. I wanted to share a few weather related tips with y’all today to help you weather the storms in our favorite place in the world.What to Do When it Rains at Disney

.1. Anticipate It.


It’s not a matter of “if” it’s going to rain, but “when.” Do not leave your hotel room without being fully prepared for the pop up showers that occur year round in Orlando. Before you head on your trip stop by the dollar tree at stock up on $1 ponchos. I buy enough for our family (4), for each day. Throw them in  your backpack and you are good to go for any showers that may head your way. After the storm, I throw the ponchos away and keep trucking. The ponchos in the park are cute as can be, but at $12+ a pop, they really add up. It’s so much cheaper to bring your own!


If you are pushing a stroller around the park, here is another great tip for you: Buy a cheap clear plastic shower curtain liner and keep it in your stroller. When the rain came, we pulled it out, threw it over the stroller and kept on going. It served as a great rain shield for Roo, and he could still see everything that was around us. It was wonderful knowing that our stroller was going to be dry for the rest of the day. I felt like a genius and super mom when I saw all those other soaking wet strollers. The rain never slowed us up.


Throw some waterproof bags or ziplock bags into your backpack. At the first sign of sprinkles, load up your cell phone, wallets and cameras into the bags and you won’t have to worry about any damage. This tip also works great for Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids.


Pack an extra set of clothes into a bag for any toddlers (or adult) that may not enjoy wet clothes. A grumpy toddler  (or adult) can ruin a good day much faster than a quick rain shower can.


2. Avoid It.


Showers are the perfect time to pop into a quick service restaurant for a snack or dessert, or head to an inside show like Mickey’s Philharmagic. Chances are by the time you are done eating or watching the show, the shower will have passed and you can go about your merry way. Unless it is forecasted to rain the entire day, I wouldn’t head to the hotel room. More often than not, by the time you make it back to the bus or car the rain will be gone.


3. Enjoy It.


It’s Disney World. A rainy day at Disney World is better than a rainy day at home. Go to the parks. Splash in the puddles on Main Street with your kids. Ride the carousel in the rain. Check out Big Thunder Mountain during an afternoon shower. Have fun.


Remember, you are at Disney to make memories. A rainy day might do just that!