Top 10 Disney Movies In Our House (This Week)

We have two boys in our house, so the amount of princess time I get is very limited. I’ve been very excited in the past few years that Disney has made the princess world boy friendly by featuring lead male characters such as Eugene in Tangled and Kristoff  in Frozen. It definitely makes surviving as the solo female in the house a little easier!  With the boys ranging from 2 ½ to 7 ½ , I always like to have movies playing that are age appropriate for both kiddos, not too old for Roo to enjoy, and not too babyish for Tigger to enjoy. I also like for them to watch movies that I watched as a kid, and even have Tigger liking The Little Mermaid, (though he will deny it all day long!)

 So with that in mind, I came up with our current Top 10 list for Disney movies in our house.  Here we go….in no particular order, mostly because I can’t rate Disney movies. I love them all!



Lion KIng

Monsters Inc




Robin Hood


toy story

After reviewing my selections, it seems like Pixar and I have a thing. Gotta love ‘em! Did I miss any of the favorites in your house? Leave me a comment below letting me know the favorite Disney movies in your house. Toodles! °o° ~A